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If you remember, the source code of Call of Duty site revealed that there was some kind of “premium” theme coming with Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC pack. Now, GameStop has confirmed this and stated that if you preorder Uprising, you’ll get a download code for this new theme.

We don’t know if this will be available for everyone, or if it is a GameStop exclusive as of now. We’ll let you know when Activision says something official.

This will be the first time an official Call of Duty theme is coming to Xbox since Black Ops 1.

Everyone is asking us “What about Season Pass owners?”  – we stated that Activision has not announced anything yet. This is just a spotting on the GameStop site.

SOURCE: GameStop

  • Andrew G

    So.. Season Pass Holders will get the shaft I suppose?

    • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

      i agree thats f*cking bullshit if we do wow treyarch if you do shaft us you are pricks and a big go f*ck yourself from me

      • The Flash

        it aint treyarch, it activision

        • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

          well it is lol its both. treyarch decide as its there product they have a mutual agreement with activision there just publishing it its what activision says goes i guess. but treyarch could just say no lol.

    • No official answer – Season Pass stated you will get 4 DLC packs. You will get 4 DLC packs.

  • Anthony

    That’s bull, so season pass holders get screwed over again? I’m done

    • Jose Gaytan

      exactly, I am NOT buying the next IW COD game but I might buy treyarchs COD game is CODs around anymore 🙂 haha.

      • Danny Hargreaves Kernot

        what are you on about?? lol. your not buying the next iw cod game? but you will buy treyarchs abit of backwards logic dont you think lol

        • The Flash

          it aint treyarch, its activision

          • its treyarch. activision is call of duty you are the kind of people that ruin the community

      • u wot m8? Black Ops 2 is Treyarch’s game…. IW made MW3 with the ELITE Content Season.

  • COD

    Read the last sentence.

  • Jose Gaytan

    You shouldnt of bought the season pass-Activision

  • The Flash

    surely it should just come with the dlc like the moon one did

  • Assdivision..

  • Lots of people: “Not part of Season Pass?” I don’t see where in my post I 100% confirmed that. We just do not have an official answer because ATVI/Treyarch haven’t even confirmed that this theme is available.

  • If season pass holders don’t get it at the end of the DLC season there better be some real cool EXCLUSIVE stuff for us holders

  • MrHotShot118

    It will probably come with the uprising DLC for those that have season pass like me hopefully 🙂

  • Shardlotte

    Who cares about some stupid theme? I got the Season Pass for the map packs. There was nothing in there about anything else. Get over it.

  • Emre

    fuck them i pay 4000points i do not get extra camos nor this theme.
    Last time i pay for this rubbish trash deals.

  • ccrows

    Yes I’m a season pass holder, but it’s a “theme” that I would never use even if it came with the season pass.

    I get the “principle of why some of you are mad”, but it’s still a theme that most here would never use…

  • MooCow

    what’s so good about the theme anyway? i just want to play the awesome looking new maps

  • Seven
  • lol its just a theme, if people are so bothered about having it then why don’t you just save a picture off Google and just put it on your Xbox console and set as background problem solved you now have the theme lol

  • Lorhelm

    If any season pass holder find out if we get this theme please tell me ASAP. Thanks 🙂