The official Xbox YouTube channel has confirmed that watching the CoD Championship Finals will let you see a sneak peak at Mob of the Dead, the new zombies map part of Uprising.

Thousands of teams.
32 finalists.
6 continents.
One champion.

This weekend, 32 of the best teams in the world will battle for their share of the $1 million in prize at the Call of Duty® Championship, presented by Xbox. Watch the live championship finals on Xbox LIVE and get a behind-the-scenes look at “Mob of the Dead” – from the forthcoming “Call of Duty: Black Ops II Uprising” map pack available April 16. It all starts at 3pm PT/6pm ET. Visit for more information.

Watch the Xbox LIVE Promo here:

  • BananaNZO3


    • Krystal

      No one gives a damn if you’re first.

      • CareBear

        I do

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    at the bottom you can see the new woner weapon

    • Mr. Thuggins

      Is that a wonder weapon that gives you a boner?

  • incubusman421

    Why not make the game an Xbox exclusive… that way the Playstation, PC and Nintendo owners don’t get their hopes too high…

    • WTFYouTalkinAbout

      Hopes too high for what?

      • incubusman421

        Just because Activision makes games for WiiU and PS3 doesn’t mean that it was designed for them. The PS3, PC and WiiU all get a port that was originally designed for the Xbox 360. This is one of the reasons that the game freezes a lot on PS3. There are also frame rate issues from time to time in the campaign and multiplayer on the PS3 side, Idk if its the same for PC and WiiU. Activision has yet to release a single drop of DLC for the Wii or WiiU. PC gets a good version of the game but they have to wait a month later for DLC like PS3. When you watch a trailer for any CoD game it always has the xbox logo at the end… When you watch official video of people playing a CoD game like the cod championship you will notice that they only play on xbox. Activision treats PC, PS3 and Wii as second class. Why not just make the game for Xbox only?

        • DiscussionOver

          Because it would not be fair. Besides, what’s the point in that? You just don’t like the PS3, which is why you don’t want PS3 owners to have it.

          • incubusman421

            I am a PS3 gamer! Its just that I don’t think that Activison cares about Sony enough. A lot of people say that Microsoft has been paying Activision extra to get preferential treatment and this would explain why they give xbox everything first. Also game developers typically develop for the xbox because it’s uses a traditional processor unlike the cell processor in the ps3. This may explain some of the issues that the PS3 has with some ports like call of duty. Maybe it will change with the PS4.

          • Scotty Le

            Because you don’t know a single thing about PS3 development.
            PS3 is like a kid on a different playground than PC and XBOX 360 when developing for it.
            The System use the entire different structure so therefore it is different to code for it than PC and XBOX 360 (The structure of the 360 is closely to the PC. So when they make a game for the 360, it is more than easy to make it work for PC. With PS3, they have to go different route. That is why almost all CoD Sucks on PS3.
            Get over it, Sony is changing the system structure on PS4 to be closer to PC.

          • incubusman421

            True but they could actually take the time to rewrite the code to actually make it work for PS3 as well as it does for Xbox.

          • Scotty Le

            They don’t have time.

            Finishing up the game and then polish it until the day of release are more than enough, after that, focus on DLCs to make the game fresh and patch all the errors are also time consuming.

            You guys should feel lucky that they are still care to port the thing to PS3 and support it more than what we have on PC.

        • .

          The game freezes on Xbox 360 too.

          • Grep

            That’s mostly because of 6 year old hardware

        • Faggot

          Activision doesn’t make games. They are publishers. What they do is market, brand, and fund the games. Beyond that is left on the shoulders of the developers. Also, after the mediocre sales of CoD 3, Sony didn’t have high hopes for Call of Duty, while Xbox did.

          • Keshav Bhat

            The reason they only play on Xbox at the CoD Championship is because Microsoft is the only people willing to sponsor ATVI at these events. Sony isn’t willing to provide 100s of PS3 for such events, so MS gives them Xboxs, thats why everywhere it says “Presented by Xbox”

  • ImSimplyJames

    I just made a video about the new wonder weapon in black ops 2! Its in The Mob Of The Dead DLC! I have details and Images!

  • Cell

    Zombies are boring.

  • ARRE


    • Batman

      don´t worry

  • Callum2222

    Red eyes are maxis or Samuel or just the zombies

  • Callum2222

    The red eyes could be maxis or Samuel or just the zombies