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In the gallery above, we have posted images (via Kjcah) of a side by side comparison of Firing Range and the new map coming in Uprising, Studio.

Firing Range was a fan favorite map from Black Ops 1, and now Treyarch has re-imagined it for the future with Studio.

Uprising DLC will be available April 16th, first on Xbox LIVE.

SOURCE: Kjcah via @Call0fDutyWiki

  • I’m so happy they are bringing this map back. Summit maybe in the next DLC?

    • all black ops 1 maps where perfect i want thee to bring Jungle

      • ccrows

        Crisis and Cracked were perfect? Really?…

  • Chris Ilott

    What about the skeletal pirates? 😛 I hope they do this for more DLCs, Hazard, Nuketown 2025 and as it’s looking Studio are all really creative and amazing maps. Treyarch are so much better at this than IW when they just re-released Cod4 Maps for MW2 and just re-released Terminal for MW3; Treyarch are actually innovative and care about their games rather than IW who just re-hash their old games because they care about nothing but the money.

    • disqus_aOlyrQIXyW

      i think the skeletal pirates is outside the map at the back of the map or spawn in picture #11. you can see a dock in the pic, so most likely that’s where the water is. i was wondering what the tiny little buildings were and im surprised that they were actually the tires in the back of the map lol 😀

    • $37366391

      Lag comp, snipers, op pistols, long barrell remington, target finder lmg campers, bad camera angles, hackers, lag switchers, boosters, 900 head glitches in every map, 15% of full game price for crap dlc all called and said this game is a steaming pile of shit. Hit prestige master, waited a couple weeks and traded it in for Bioshock Infinite. BLOPS2 IS THE WORST COD EVER MADE.

      • Chris Ilott

        1. Lag comp (in MW3 also) 2. Snipers (in just about every game ever) 3. OP pistols (G18 MW2, fafficas also) 4. Long barrel remington (okay I accept that) 5. Target finder lmg campers (target finder yes but lmg campers, you get campers in every game ever) 6. Bad camera angles (wtf does this even mean? fps means first person shooter dumbass, there’s 1 camera angle) 7. Hackers (every game ever and barely any in BO2) 8. Lag switchers (in every game and barely in BO2 too) 9. Boosters (also non-exclusive to BO2) 10. 900 head glitches in every map (every other cod especially MW2 as I recall) 11. Crap DLC (relative but most think the first map pack was good especially better than crappy re-hashed maps from a previous game cough infinity ward cough) Thank you for your argument sadly with the use of curse words but I think I have sophisticatedly put your argument aside and as some people may say, you got ‘owned’

      • Michel

        1. Lag comp is in mw3 to and it sucks

        2. Sniping needs skill to do.

        3. Kap-40 is the only OP pistol

        3. Remington is just overpowered

        4. LMG’s are very slow to walk with so that balances it.

        5. Campers are in all games and treyarch can’t really do much with it.

        6. Bad Camera Angles is connection

        7. Hackers are in all cods

        8. Lag switchers are in all cods

        9. boosters are in all cods

        10. Head glitches are in all cods but i don’t believe black ops 2 has to many of them

        11. DLC’s are way better then all other cods

  • mr pro

    on callofduty.com homepage look at the DLC promo guys hemet

    • tha_online_gamertz

      what about it?

  • The Flash

    Studio looks epic

  • Korflock

    Definitely not your work, posted to reddit.com first. Unless you are the original submitter on reddit.


    • We never claimed it was ours, “SOURCE:” is at the bottom of every one of our articles which links to where it came from. 😉

      • ccrows

        lol Owned…

      • Korflock

        My bad. Figured it was one of your mods,

    • xx420xx

      epic funny reddit memes 🙂

  • I gotta, say this looks a lot alike..

  • Kristian Bonds-Davis

    So will top/bottom wood be top/bottom castle now???

  • Michel

    Intresting, when i first saw the map i thought that looks nothing like firing range.
    Now that i see it this way.
    It is the same map they just replaced all objects.
    But the basic is the same.