Before you get too excited, let me tell you that everything we saw was classified. Im not even sure we can say that, what I can share is the fact that we were there and that the visit was amazing.

Photos of the studio don’t do it justice. Infinity Ward’s new place is high tech, brand new, and designed so that people don’t want to leave. Once you step off the elevator, the “mood lighting” let’s you know you’re somewhere special.

We had a chance to talk one on one with IW’s Mark Rubin, Tina Palacios , Candice Capen and along with a few other devs and we are now 100% confident that the studio is in good hands. Their passion for Call of Duty and it’s community is clear and they promised us that they will be VERY active with the community once their next project is announced…


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PHOTO CREDIT: @CharlieINTEL, @MP1st, @CODBlackIce, @WillyrexYT, @TmarTn, @MrErnestLe, @candyslexia

  • Anthony

    Oh yea, they love the community alright… Adds that new buff to dead silence and makes the game unplayable. Great job guys that’s what the CoD series needed.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Don’t you mean sit rep

  • moriarty_1975

    “….they promised us that they will be VERY active with the community once their next project is announced”

    They said that last year too.

    Doesn’t really mean anything. New CoD title/same old CoD problems.

    • They were very active for MW3, not sure where you were πŸ˜‰

      And don’t forget 402 left right after launch and they had to recover quick, which they did thanks to Candace and Mark Rubin.

      • moriarty_1975

        Didn’t say they weren’t active with the community last year! But that dropped off a lot once the last map pack was released.

        What I mean is the most important thing is the game which will have the same problems as the other CoD titles.

        • DanDustEmOff

          I found them very active in the community mark rubin responded to me in a tweet about the lag comp in the game tina replied to one about the 16 player face off lobbies and they were fixed try getting that from vauhn see how well you, do if you aint scumpy they don’t wanna know

          • nope

            Have to agree. It is nigh on impossible to get a reply from Treyarch because it is mainly only Vahn that talks to the community and he is more interested in only replying to his select esports pals.

            IW does a very good job of interacting with the community.

  • Ascending Legend

    So do you guys know what the name of the next game is?

    • billybob

      infinity wards next game is scheduled for 2014 2013 is gonna be sledgehammer

      • lMattW

        That’s what I thought as well until CI said they were invited to visit IW. To me it seems very unlikely this kind of an event would happen for a game that is more than 12 months away from its reveal, and very likely for a game that will be revealed in about a month.

      • Guest

        Sorry, but your wrong. 2013 is the game of infinity ward/ sledgehammer games, 2014 is treyarch’s turn.

      • You are wrong, infinity ward worked too on mw3. And mw3 was already created by: sledgehammer games,infinity ward.

    • i’ll be happy if it is a modern war, i really dont like sci-fi

    • Ben Clark

      “Call of Duty: Ghosts” Was leaked by one of the devs for Activision to Drift0r

  • lMattW

    CharlieIntel used to be all about info leaks, but now they’re all official. Only ATVI sanctioned news from here on out. That’s a good thing for the people running CI, but less so for us readers.

  • Pro

    Victor, do you know how many employees they have?

    I am really curious about it.

    • sledgehammer games are like 140+ employees, but your question can’t answer on that. I dont know with how many infinity ward are.

    • lMattW

      MW3’s end credits show 219 names as being IW and SHGames together, and they’ve both been hiring since the release of MW3 so I assume it’s more than that now.

  • Ascending Legend

    hey Victor i hope this doesnt break the contract but did you get to play an early build of the next cod?

  • I like mark rubin πŸ˜€

  • ccrows

    IDC which team makes the next COD game, just as long as there will be a version available for the 360.

    We all know that the new consoles are dropping in the fall, and IMO buying a console at launch is a waste of money…

  • ssa


    • Scotty Le

      Tina was the first girl in the mask dancing in the first few secs of the vid πŸ™‚

  • there used to display for gaming?
    Que monitor usan para jugar allΓ­?
    Sorry for my english.

  • CallatePendeja

    What the hell is Ali-A doing there?

    • TheKnower

      Tmartn, Driftor, and iiJerichoii are there so I guess all of them were invited to see the new office.

      • CallatePendeja

        I respect Drift0r so he’s cool.

    • nope

      Making himself seem important. At least being there this time he will have some first hand information rather than taking news from other people (including very often this website) and then making it seem like he was the first one to break the story.

      Hell I leaked some shit before and put a watermark on it because of douchebags like him – he made a video with my leak but had tried hard to remove my watermark.

      The guy doesn’t give anyone any credit, or if he does it is just tucked away in the description that no one reads.

      He is a major jerk who thinks he is better than he is.

      He just wants that YouTube money. Can’t say I blame him for that – but making a video that is just a direct re-post of the official trailer for something? Come on now. No point in that.

      One of the most unoriginal YouTubers out there.

  • Guest