The first Call of Duty Championship has come to an end in Hollywood, CA. 32 teams started off, and we end up with 1 team winning $400,000.

Big congratulations to Fariko.Impact

Other placements:

  • 1st Place ($400,000): Fariko.Impact
  • 2nd Place ($200,000): Team EnVyUs
  • 3rd Place ($120,000): OpTic Gaming
  • 4th Place ($100,000): compLexity
  • 5th Place (70,000): FeaR
  • 6th Place ($50,000): Epsilon
  • 7th Place ($35,000): vVv Gaming
  • 8th Place ($25,000): InFerno
  • Amazing. The only way it could have been better if the last SnD match went to 5-5 for a final round.

    • Sarino

      True dat

  • Dean

    Dat ass crack.

  • Yatyas08

    dam Optic in 3rd >.<

  • Scotty Le

    There are hates for Fariko all over the places.
    Most of them are straight jealous, but i don’t like them just because they abuse Killstreaks and Trophy Systems like spoiled brats.
    1 dude, 1 Sentry, 2 Trophy Systems (in the same class!) = Flag Guarded.
    And whoever picked Hijack for that Hardpoint game is an a$$#ole, it is like playing Drop Zone on Rust.

    • Michael

      It is CoD at the highest level, the teams play for hundred thousands of dollars. Any advantage you can get, you should use. I’m pretty sure you would also play like a spoilt brat (your explanation is completely irrelevant) if it was for $400 000.

      • Scotty Le

        I don’t know, but i just feel as soon as they lay back a little bit, build up streaks , after that, either OpTic or vVv weren’t able to get in.
        As soon as somebody in Fariko get all the streaks, it is nearly game over, which is not the case with any CoD Tournament before.
        The idea of allowing 2 trophy systems is somewhat overkilled this tournament. eNVy were good enough to force Fariko out of the camping spot to build up streaks, the evidence is how they took away that Hardpoint game. The SnD match, it was even, eNVy got the upper hand but somehow that Semtex just fly on the lucky path to take down the bomb defuser.

        And then again, the ceremony at the end was the weirdest thing i have ever seen, no one were even bother to cheer, lol.

  • Moneybagz

    all teams played well…i really thought Envyus had them. SnD is their gametype. Fariko was proving that they were the best the whole tournament…they did smack optic twice…it was insane.

  • Nick

    Hey Victor can you upload the Mob of the Dead Behind the Scenes?

  • Daniel

    That reward ceremony was one of the most embarrassing things I have ever witnessed…

    • smjpl

      Totally agree. Mark Lamia (winner announcer) seemed especially dreadful. It seemed as if he was bored and just wanted to go home as fast as he could. The whole presentation of the competition was a little embarrassing too. Looking at the intro to the second optic v fariko match was the same (just awkward for us and the teams). The gameplay from all the teams was the only thing that kept some class in the show. Anyway it was the gameplay that I wanted to see and I wasn’t disappointed. Well actually I was; I was up for optic 🙁 but who could fault fariko. They deserved the win.

  • Gage Horne

    I thought it was one million dollars!?

    • mike

      No, it was just one million with all of the winnings put together. They gave a total of one million dollars to the 1st-8th place teams

      • john

        Nice math

  • thebulky1cometh

    Thank God this is over. So sick of seeing it everywhere on Twitter.

  • I feelt like they were gonna win this, cuz they beat OpTic then all is easy 😀 new fanboy of Fariko

  • JoMo9889

    i wanted envy to win from the begining and then fariko just won that close SnD game and i was mad