The Uprising DLC Map Pack will soon take you away from life’s responsibilities again. Don’t worry though, the Replacer has found some extra help.
Uprising includes four new Multiplayer maps (Magma, Encore, Vertigo, and Studio), as well as the frightening new Zombies adventure, “Mob of the Dead.

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  • Ross Neilson

    anyone notice the last zombie scene with the new elevator thing ?

    • Jacol

      No, I’m blind…

  • Guest

    Can’t wait!

  • Joe

    These Replacer videos are just getting better and better!

  • Guest

    Can’t wait

  • Guest


  • ZombiesAddict

    Did anyone hea

  • ZombiesAddict

    Did anyone hear the denizon (the things that jumped on your face in tranzit) near the end when they showed Mob of the Dead?

  • ccrows

    lol @ “boyfriend duty”. Good Trailer, and looking forward to the new maps!…

  • sam

    Heard a denizen

  • incubusman421

    So they can afford to have celebrities advertise the game in a commercial but they can’t afford dedicated servers?