The exclusive Xbox LIVE Event Player Mob of the Dead video has been uploaded to YouTube thanks to fan @Chris552299. Watch now to see what Mob of the Dead is all about.

  • New updated HUD for Mob of the Dead
  • Civil War weaponry
  • Big sized zombie comes storming through map randomly
  • Different sounds for different parts of the maps
  • Actual artists went to real prison and designed map with real feeling.
  • Perk: Electric Cherry – when you reload you electrocute the zombies around you

Update: Xbox’s MajorNelson has officially uploaded the video to his channel:











  • CoolGuy69

    Best zombies map ever.Also first time as first comment 😀

  • Vik

    Looks amazing!

  • phd flopper?

    • AnonymousuomynonA

      ElectroCherry might be replacing it. IMO Electro is way better than phd, but who gives a crap about PHD now, THIS MAP ROCKS

      • Cameron Graham

        If it has a secondary effect of some kind.. I’d agree, but we haven’t played with it yet. – I wouldn’t be so quick to forget PHD.. It’s a little OP in terms of not taking splash damage. (Ray Gun/Mustang & Sally)

        If I prefer one, It’s because ElectroCherry still makes certain weapons have tradeoff.

  • PERson


    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      jizzed in my pants

      • YOLO


  • :p

    Omfg this is gonna be sick can’t wait

  • AnonymousZombie

    Anyone else think the 3rd guy looks like Sonny from the Bronx Tale? Nonetheless, best zombie map to be created in the black ops series besides ascension and moon.

    • Cameron Graham

      I was never really a fan of ascension… It wasn’t a bad map by any means, but when I compare it to Call Of The Dead, I can’t play it. The training area makes it a little mundane. (for me)

      Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent dozens of hours on that map, but nothing beats the discovery of something new. This map makes me really excited. I’m glad Treyarch is growing some balls, and deciding to say “Fuck You’ to people that have come to expect certain things in Zombies.

      If they could do that with MP now, we probably wouldn’t have a terrible knifing system, or a range of weapons that seem to have an infinite advantage over one another.

      • The knifing system isn’t broken. Its balanced. Its more realistic and you actually have to be touching the person to knife them. Its what the community wanted. So stop whining about it.

        • Cameron Graham

          I would see it go one step further. I’ve met Vahn, I’ve discussed this over and over again with Pros, and noobs alike, and Vahn’s point about the situation is that “one hit kill knifing is a staple of call of duty’. It’s something that they can’t change if they wanted to.. because people would bitch about it!

          You talk about realism? Yes, it might have improved the gameplay by making knifing worse (Zero lunge, and minimal auto aim.. I believe it’s 45 degree hit.)

          But have you ever heard the term don’t bring a knife to a gun fight? Who is really meant to win at 5 ft, the guy with a full clip of fully automatic 5.56? Or the guy jogging towards you with a 6 inch blade? Realism would be weapon butt Melee, Equipable Knives only, correct lethal animations.. (none of this swiping bull shit.. maybe even an assassination)

          If it’s going to be one hit kill, the animations need to be penetrating stabs only. Who the hell is swiping from left to right, and expecting a kill.. especially a kill that causes instant death, where the gun can’t be fired or sustained. Stab wounds are serious, but If i’m aiming a weapon.. And shooting a weapon, and the said knifing person is being shot by the weapon.. why is he allowed to instantly kill me? Especially not as a panic button press! (Yes it still happens)

          You can’t call it balanced. The r870 is OP at close range, but I still see it get beaten by a stab, because it’s an instantaneous death! It’s bullshit! (and don’t flame at me for saying it’s OP.. It’s meant to be.. It’s a 12 gauge shotgun! / I do however agree that it’s 1 hit kill range needs to be reduced about 2 meters.

          And on offence, the premise is even more bizarre. I’m holding an AR. and looking at someone coming towards me, they’re close.. but the gun is already in my hand. Which is going to kill faster? Pulling the trigger of the gun I have aimed at the enemy? Or dropping my weapon to a sling, and removing my knife from it’s sheath, and then adjusting my stance for a powerful knifing action?

          It’s not what the community wanted either.. The amount of people still complaining about the system is crazy!

          And last but not least.. let me elaborate on how insanely annoying an instant kill 1 hit saves all knifing mechanism is.. To a connection based game.

          If you’ve played Sharpshooter, and witnessed the mayhem that occurs when everyone has to use a combat knife.. 75% of stabs miss.. Because you stab the person you see on the screen, but in reality the connection and ping compensation is so apparent, that you completely miss the person..

          I’ve seen two guys in one in the chamber, with no bullets.. take 30 seconds to knife each other with more than 10 failed attempts each!

          So yes.. It’s not broken, it’s just not right!

  • ZombiesAddict

    I wish they would make a map with all of the perks ever made in CoD Zombies

    • The Flash

      they did that up until moon, then they became stupid, and despite Tranzits massive size, they still only included 6 perks, 5 if solo

  • TachyonicPack

    So now there’s 11 perks in total.

    • except that they will take out, Deadshot Daiquiri, Tombstone, PHD Flopper, Whos Who, and Stamin-Up

      • TachyonicPack

        I’m not saying that there will be 11 perks in Mob of the Dead. It would awesome if they did had all 11, but I don’t know how its gonna work out with Who who’s, Tombstone, and the afterlife mode.

  • Red1320

    I believe that the Denizens are making a come back… Fuck my life

    • Cameron Graham

      Haha, I’m not a fan of them.. But they’re a far more interesting way to block off certain areas of the map than simply barricading them.. And definitely an awesome way to hide secrets. 😉

      • ZombieSlayer

        Everyone needs to go around the edges of where the denizens are and try to find a secret path to an area or lead to help on the easter egg.

      • DanDustEmOff

        Galvaknuckles make light work out of those annoying little bastards

  • What is with the stupid flaming dog. I can understand adding new perks and guns but putting in really unrealistic things? Yeah zombies isn’t realistic but the least they could do is not make it worse. They should never have changed the boss rounds from dogs and they should never have removed any perks. If they are going to add some, they better keep all the others too. This is becoming worse and worse. From the bosses like dogs, nova crawlers, George Romero, teleporting crawlers, screamers, flame zombies, jumping crawlers, the scientist and monkeys and now to this stupid boss zombie that disables machines?!?! They have failed even further.

    • Cameron Graham

      Try not to judge something that you haven’t played.

      If Zombies hadn’t evolved, there wouldn’t be perks. There wouldn’t be Dogs. There wouldn’t be PaP.

      You sound Amish. You believe the evolution of technology was great up until a certain point, but everything after that point IS THE DEVIL!

      Zombies may be evolving, but it’s still zombies. And After Call Of The Dead (Which you seem to have issues with) came 2 other great maps, that had completely different approaches. New enemies, perks, weapons.. Why is this evolution any different?

      And is it even an evolution? Or is this simply another iteration of a wildly diverse game type? – It’s not like this is now the future of Zombies, all zombies maps will have these things and will never return to a Kino Simplicity.

      And ANOTHER THING! This iteration (to me) seems to be focussing on immersion. Flaming dogs already exist, so why not make them look more badass? Why not make them scarier? Why not make the music reflect the tone and emotion of an apocalypse. If it’s realism you want, I would stop comparing a quad barrel shotgun, (perfectly plausible if not a little steampunk) to a gun that can shrink zombies to a drop kicking size, or a horde of crawling fart zombies that stun you, or a machine that doubles the strength of your weapons, and increases the capacity of guns like revolvers!? Or how about the premise that drinking a special cola can make you impenetrable to explosives, or have your weapon fire twice as fast.

      • Even though I disagree with what he said, I’m pretty sure he can form an opinion about the map just by looking at the video. He can judge it. That’s like saying you can’t judge a car you’re about to buy because you have not drove it yet.

        • Cameron Graham

          You can formulate an opinion based on a teaser trailer, but you can’t review the film.

          At least when you’re buying a car, you have all of the information at your disposal. Statistics, Measurements, Sounds, Images, Videos, the only thing left is to drive it… whereas here, there is still so much information we don’t know.

          It’s not that i’m trying to say he’s wrong, it’s just his form of the argument is not the best one. Which is my main nitpick.

          Like saying you don’t like a song, because of what that artist did (or may have done) in a magazine, is useless.. If you don’t like something, ensure you know why you don’t like it, and that it’s a fair judgement of all of the available information. If you don’t like the song.. say so.. don’t tell me you don’t like it because of factors that don’t mean anything.

          Right now, (considering most of us here will have bought all of the previous Zombies maps) you cannot decide not to buy this, based on the new information.

          He’s allowed to say he’s not going to buy it, but more than likely it’s not because of the specificities of this map, or this trailer, but because of how he has felt with the previous few maps.

          All i’m doing is challenging someone to put up a fight. Fight for their decision, and formulate the best possible reasoning.

          To further elaborate. You can’t base your argument on your own contradiction. “What is with the stupid flaming dog.” / “They should never have changed the boss rounds from dogs”

          The dogs in Kino ARE FLAMING DOGS! – If they were to come back, don’t you think that they would look (and represent) the change in graphics? The new Lighting and Shadow effects in Black Ops 2?

          • I agree with what you said, but he can still say whatever he wants about what he saw in the trailer even if it just a little bit of the information.

  • Quoasis

    Remember when Zombies was just about survival? I’d love a back-to-basics Zombies map, no building stuff, no discovering a million secrets, just you and your mates in a corner trying to survive for as long as possible.

    • Just saying

      Yeah that’s called bus depot in black ops 2 or go back on world at war or black ops 1 and play nacht der untoten or whatever it’s called, must admit I did like just survival aswell

    • Jacol

      Nobody is forcing you to complete tasks, you can just grab a weapon and try to survive as long as you can without this sexy stuff, is that really a problem? -.-

  • Sonic

    lol wut Reznov’s Revenge?

    • RdJokr

      The Pack-a-Punched AK47, I believe.

  • Cuziwanto

    Treyarch, thank you for making zombies fun again

  • Jaames

    PLACE NOW!!!

  • Victor Bianconi


    • Nathaniel Perez

      mob of the dead is so easy i did the easter egg like 20 times but it is still super fun to play it’s one of the best maps in call of duty black ops

  • Lorhelm

    So in Mob of the Dead the zombies eyes are red? and also in the picture like the 2nd or 3rd from the bottom there is a big fire demon 😀

  • Lorhelm

    This map is also the biggest map in Call of Duty History. Even bigger than Green Run Tranzit

  • Guest

    Does anyone know what the Black Ops 2 Uprising producers could be hiding from us? When he says at this minute 5:27 onwards?

  • severiano martinez

    so sik cant wait who wants to play 1st time wit me psn wiz_kid187