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It appears the Call of Duty ELiTE web site received an update recently which revealed the partial loading screen for the new Uprising MP maps. The in-game loading screens will have the name of the map with the same image in full size.

The four MP maps are: Magma, Encore, Vertigo, and Studio.

Uprising will be available April 16th, first on Xbox LIVE.

  • Dean

    The lava brings me back to the good ol’ Quake/Unreal Tournament days. :3

    • Nick

      That how Vonderhaar got his idea since he’s a fan of Quake.

      • Afro Zak

        we all love quake dude

        • Nick

          Except the typical 12 & under cod kids who disses other games and say cod is the best like a ethnocentric person saying his race is superior than all the other races.


    Firing range loading screen doesn’t look too good. Hope they change it.

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      Agreed. No reason why they shouldn’t have it just like it was in BO1

  • 123456789!!!

    magma and encore could be amazing or complete crap, they both seem to have weird layouts.

    • George

      Encore reminds me of drive-in in some ways, the big front part where campers will camp there with a ton of routes to avoid that zone and to flank, by the looks atleast…

      • thebulky1cometh

        Doesn’t encore look absurdly small?

        • Mr. Thuggins

          Not any smaller than the Cracker Jack box known as Hijacked.

          • thebulky1cometh

            Yeah I don’t like Hijacked too much either, but at least you can go underground to flank if necessary…Encore looks like it’s a semi-circled shaped map with two halves: the stage and then the amphitheater area above it…where’s the cover? Where’s the flanking positions? Feel like Lodestar would be a beast on this map…

  • Adam

    Imagine if you could climb up the big tower on Vertigo for a sniper spot. But you’d be really exposed climbing the ladder.

  • Ascending Legend

    Hey guys heads up, the micro dlc thing has dropped for ps3

  • Afro Zak

    thank god there aren`t any codhaters here

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      If they were, I’m sure they wouldn’t last too long.

  • IThink

    I guess vertigo will in a way be like die rise, with the awkward twist and turns and you not knowing if you have fallen off the map or are you just going on to the lower level at the start but it bring back good old memories of Highrise from MWw

  • Noah

    Anybody else wana see something added to the specials category so the assault shield isnt so lonely? Perhaps a flamethrower?

  • they look like they are going to be the images when the game ends and it shows the scoreboard

  • I want the Loading Screen of MotD

    • Look on the Xbox LIVE BO2 Zombies Leaderboards, shows it there in the new update.

  • Lorhelm

    I wonder if you could get on top of a care package in the lava and stay in there where no one can knife you..Just an idea

  • Victor


  • Stephen

    shit when is the map pack being released ist 2.00 here in the UK and still nothing i cant find the exact time on the internet anyone plz help
    thanks if you are kind enough toreply