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Check out these (40) Hi-Res Theater Mode IMAGES of the four MP Uprising maps. Uprising is available now on Xbox 360! Have you downloaded the maps yet?!?

  • Mazthoril

    I bet this is on PC 😉

    • Steve

      I bet is not because its not even out for PC

      • 2HitPlasma

        Images might have come from the treyarch devs themselves. Lemme ask you this, on what platform do they program games? PC.

        Don’t rule out the assumption that this wasn’t made to promote how “high quality” the maps are; and the only way to do that is on PC.

        And by the way, they might have already developed the maps on ALL platforms, but cannot release them to the general public because of treyarch’s contract with microsoft.

        Both sides of the coin, buddy.