Sunday we were invited out to Treyarch to get a sneak peak on all 4 new DLC maps plus the all new zombie map “Mob of the Dead”. Check out our footage below and dont forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Map: Studio
Mode: Free for All

Map: Magma
Mode: Gun Game

Map: Vertigo
Mode: Gun Game

Map: Encore
Mode: Domination

Zombies: Mob of the Dead
*We took the vid down because of a problem rendering it (2nd half was black), it’ll be up soon…*

SOURCE: Charlie INTEL YouTube Channel

  • Himsern

    Nice 😀

  • Himsern

    And first 😀

  • Cameron Graham

    It’s available to download as of 3 minutes ago, (I’m 47% downloaded)

  • Haven’t played this game in two weeks.. Jumped on today, Played one match of domination on Encore.. I really dont care about the “BEAST players” running around with targetfinder LMG´s and the overpowered one-hit-kill-to-the-toe sniper rifles..

    The horrible coding in this piece of shit is what totally kills the fun factor.. I just cant stand those god damn broken camera angles anymore, It´s BS!

  • tyler

    when will it come out on ps3?

    • Keshav Bhat

      One month from today.

  • Lorhelm

    Does anyone know if season pass holders get the Theme?

  • Freppy

    Nice! I can’t wait to play Studio aka Firing Range in a month when it releases on PC! Glad I’m a season pass holder 🙂

  • thebulky1cometh

    Gee, the spawns on Studio look AWESOME (said no one ever).

  • thebulky1cometh

    Anybody else see similarities between Encore and Stadium from Blops1?

  • Dean

    Spawns are God-awful as usual. :c

    • thebulky1cometh

      I was cringing by the end of that video of FFA on Studio…that guy just kept continually getting shot in the back…

    • Jake

      Well there was 12 people playing so it is going to be hectic. I’ve played FFA on these and the spawns aren’t that bad. Not fantastic but not “god-awful”

  • Mckaide


  • Allen

    Anybody else notice that whoever was playing looked like it was there first time playing a cod. AND THEY DIDNT EVEN REALIZE YOU NEED TO AIM DOWN THE SIGHTS WITH THE KSG.

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