ProSyndicate has just uploaded a new YouTube video showing how to do Step 1 of the Mob of the Dead Easter Egg, called “Hells Retriever and Poster.” We’ll update this post if more is revealed..

Watch here:

SOURCE: ProSyndicate

  • Ross Neilson

    Go Syndicate !!!!

  • Lorhelm

    Man do i Love Syndicate..i swear he is the ABSOLUTE BEST at Zombies 😀 keep it up

  • Emre

    I done this with 2 people first try.

  • SyndicateLovers=Failures

    I really dont see why Syndicate deserves so much “fame” if all he does it is for money and shit. I dont see him being happy and shit and his information isnt always the truth. Like when First Strike from BO was leaked. Syndicate is pure s*** and obviously people above me and below me will dislike me cause they LOVE this Syndicate guy that doesnt even care about fans from what I hear.

    • Lorhelm

      if this is “From what you hear” then how can you judge him? i’ve seen PLENTY of his videos and he is very happy to be playing games and such. I would love to as well just to know that people are watching and enjoying my videos. Watch his Nuketown Zombies videos. he is awesome at the game and very excited to take part in it.

    • xx420xx

      syndicate is the worst filthy casual player
      the only people people that watch his videos are shit kids

      • CurbStomp

        LOL i watch his videos im a 5.11 kd player 11th prestige in 3 days 19 hours game play.I would destroy you druggie cunt ,oh and im not aa casual player a play comp for money just saying.Jelly of syndicate much bro ?


        • 123456789!!!

          You sound like a major ass hole at least link your GT, PSN, or steam acount if your going to talk shit. BTW there is no 11th prestige

        • xx420xx

          ur probably on xbox then lmao u shit casual
          try playing against good players

    • i hate syndicate , but you just sound like a jealous hater, hes obviously smarter than you if hes making money playing video games and uploading to youtube
      ? i bet ten bucks you have a shitty youtube channel and you are just mad it isnt succesful, syndicate is junk but that means your just pathetic.

  • Victor

    what a pity 🙁 i can’t play today

  • lolski

    Play the Game have finished the easter egg

  • disqus_zgSz3JS6Yz

    Spider bite (or ngt zombies) already did that


    ngtzombies actually did the full easter egg…

  • Hunter

    im not a kid syndicate is very good at zombies and other things he also cares about his fans or else he wouldn’t be giving tips on how to do things he could just post videos of him training shut up please stop being so ignorant just because you not as good
    -Rant Over