Black Ops 2 is set to become the best selling Call of Duty game in franchise history, according to a new analyst report.

Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz said post-holiday sales trends for Black Ops II have been “significantly better” than those for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The analyst states that Black Ops 2 will pass it’s predecessor, Black Ops 1, sales number very soon. Black Ops 1 is estimated is have sold over 25M copies to date.

Activision confirmed that a new Call of Duty game will be released this year, but they haven’t said anything else.

SOURCE: GameSpot

  • iTRYsoHARD

    the greatest COD of all time!

  • lMattW

    Look at VGChartz’s aggregated data on CoD sales and let me know what you think:

    The only way Black Ops and BO2 could have sold more units than MW3 is if Steam sales (not tracked by VGChartz) for MW3 were significantly lower compared to Xbox and PS3 sales. As in ~2 million units lower.

    • IW is for Idiots

      How disgusting that youre trying to say that the MW series is better! Gtfo!

      • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

        i agree.. mw1 to mw2 were great but mw3 i belive the only thing the changed was the way you sprint in the game…

        • I still don’t get how people can like MW2. You can’t play it without dying at least 10 times a game because of OMA DC, Commando, QS, Last Stand or Deathstreaks…

          • Drift

            Besides all that however, the game is surprisingly addictive and has good maps. MW2 is the only cod I could play for a week straight, despite the balance issues. And if you come up against noobtubers or tac knifers, fight fire with fire and join them and try to beat them using their own tactic.

          • Jeevin Pabla

            you should play MW2 now there are a lot less douche bags on it. Also put cold blooded pro on makes the game a lot more playable trust and if you do that you will start to like it.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Can’t say “Good for them” when I feel like they’ve regressed in terms of matchmaking, lag, and hit detection.

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      lan network denies this statement.. blame your internet provider or router or modem…

      • Jeevin Pabla

        we are talking about lag compensation.

    • I think it’s good for Treyarch since they truly changed something since CoD4. Pick 10, Scorestreaks and Perks are much better in terms of no pro perks and things like Quickdraw are now attachments.

      • I agree with that, but who cares about the pick 10 system when you are being shot by people not even on your screen?

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    tbh this game is fun… i love this style than mw3… im the guy who like the new cod, gets good, then sucks on the previous game.. i dont get why ppl says cod sucks when they still play it.. im pretty sure the hate the players not the game idk

  • TheTruth

    the only reason BO games sell is more is off the back of the MW games, then BO games are usually much worse which then effects MW next game. i bet the map pack sales of MW2 and COD4 is much higher than that of BO’s.

    • Doubt it. BO has zombies in the map packs, which will bring even more people.

  • sonny

    I’m glad this CoD is set to be the best selling, it deserves all of its success, brilliant game in terms of MP, campaign and Zombies. The post launch support and emphasise on Esports has also been amazing. 10/10 for me.

    • The emphasis on esports ruined this game. They spend more time on eSports than public problems. Lag should always be priority #1.

  • It’sTrue!TryIt

    A lot of people hate on the game and the lag but the fact it, if you go back to any other CoD, it will feel as if you are playing something that was released before the caveman. Yeah sure a little entertaining to own the noobs but the graphics, lag, guns , OP stuff and everything else will seem like a nightmare. If you don’t believe me than try it yourself.

    • I go back and play every CoD once in a while, WaW and CoD4 are the only ones that feel dated, MW2 feels the best when it comes to lag and hit detection, the only flaw is balance issues. MW3 is just pure trash, and BO2 had the right idea but is just unplayable for me because of lag compensation.

  • smayo

    Zombies is what saved this game, mp wise the worst cod ever. small maps, bs spawns, lag, hit detection, OP guns its all still here, at least IW patched ( or tried to ) most of the BS in mw3, hope this IW cod is good so I can play cod again without cursing every 2 seconds

    • 123456789!!!

      what op guns?

      • Deepak Singh

        Mw2 is the most thrilling cod of all times I LOVE MW2

  • Jeevin Pabla

    I am amazed that Black Ops 2 will be the best selling. I’m not enjoying it as much as Black Ops 1. Reasons are: poor matchmaking, slow hit detection, and painful lag compensation! host advantage more like host disadvantage.

  • ed

    not surprising. there’s another sucker born every second.