UPDATE: Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be revealed at this event.

Microsoft has just sent out invites confirming the new Xbox will be revealed May 21st. There’s a good chance that Call of Duty might make an appearance there so make sure you tune in..

On Tuesday May 21st, we’ll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment. On that day, we’ll be holding a special press event on the Xbox campus and we invite you to join us via the live global stream that will be available on Xbox.com, Xbox LIVE and broadcast on Spike TV if you are in the US or Canada.

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has also confirmed that they will continue the “conversation” at E3 and reveal a line up of blockbuster games.

Then, 19-days later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, we’ll continue the conversation and showcase our full lineup of blockbuster games.


SOURCE: Major Nelson

  • Xbox4life

    O.M.G :O

  • TheLemonSnatchingLemonOfLemons


    • i dont like that lemonsnatchin

      LOL, thats exactly what i think…

    • TheLemonSnatchingLemonOfLemons

      What I meant to say is, before the comment got all fudged up for some reason, is that some people will think that the next Xbox will be shit because the PS4 is better, full stop. I mean some people never even seen the console and they already bitch about it and say that PS4 will outsell it.

      • Singh

        What makes me laugh both consoles are shit, a pc out does them easily and parts are cheap now. The advantage with games for pc players are they can be ported straight over with minor changes needed. There won’t a big console battle

        • Sol Malus

          To build a computer better than the PS4 is over 1000 dollars. Today. Period.

  • Dean

    The big selling point for me is if this one actually provides free multiplayer this time around.

    • Yeah that will happen
      How do you think MS pays for all (timed) exclusive deals like CoD DLC and all other BS you can watch on your Xbox 360? Holy shit it must feel bad spending money on XBL Gold just to see a Pizza Hut app #DealWithIt

      • Concerned Citizen

        Actually I don’t mind having good connections, voice chat that doesn’t blow, and not getting hacked. The only bad thing about Xbox is not getting all of its potential because of the way PS3 locked up its RAM!

        • Lol your such a ignorant kid. Connections are based on your own WiFi not the console. And the PS3’s is FREE. Next voice chat is EXACTLY the same. It depends on the game not console. Next We got hacked for a couple weeks by anonymous. They can hack anyone they want… Not sonys fault, and we got free games for it. I could go on to talk about PS3’s better controller and more exclusives, or even the Blu ray player allowing 10 times for Data to be compacted into the disc. But I don’t feel like it. #Livewithitkid

          • fleabag323

            The point is that on PS3 voice chat depends on the game, not the console. On Xbox, you get voice chat independent from games. This will almost definitely change next gen, but it’s still a pretty big selling point this gen.

          • theTruth

            Xbox did get hacked, credit card details lost. love listening to kids bicker.

          • Jake

            PS4 has party chat lol

          • fleabag323

            I know, that’s why I said it will almost definitely change next gen. “Almost” because there may be features present on the next Xbox that aren’t on the PS4.

        • Chris

          Wow that hacking incident again. PS3 only got hacked once, and we never got hacked since. Get over it Xbox fanboys, that was 2 years ago!

        • xx420xx

          >not getting hacked
          >no hacks
          ruse of the century 10/10 u fooled me so hard

      • Dean

        I’m a PS3 owner, actually. :3

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    We should already have new Call of Duty trailers before this. the Black Ops 2 reveal trailer was released May 1st

  • BHCMax

    Ominous that yet again , the PC version is omitted, even for this “leak”,
    PC gamers should avoid wasting their money on a product that is inferior in experience ,and without any kind of support, to their xbox counterpart.
    The last 4 PC releases have been plagued with LAG/HAXORS/ and various other connectivity issues, with no support or fixes from the devs. BEST AVOIDED..
    ps if you want to experience a “TRUE” PC cod ? try cod4 or waw or cod2 on PC, they are far superior to their sequels.

    • theTruth

      Or just stop playing COD on a PC and Man Up and Get an XBOX!………….no need to go into a rant about PC being better zzzzzzzz

      • LordPopo95

        Man up and get an Xbox? You’re a laugh XD

  • rainman55343

    New Xbox 720 is supposed to be download only games. No thx everyone will get ps4.

    • onebar

      hahah im weak.

  • Harry Potter

    call of duty ghosts trailer is going to come out may 1st

    • Keshav Bhat

      Thanks for that “info” Harry Potter!

  • Dontbe Retarted

    children please shut up

  • icecreamandmilk

    I like both consoles and stop make console wars debating on which is better they are both good

  • LordPopo95

    Oh but isn’t it funny? Xbox 720 (or whatever the hell they are calling it) will have that stupid always online shit and you can’t play used games. Fuck microsoft, if you make people pay for online as well? Well… you’re basically fucking yourself aren’t you?

    • The Fanboy

      It is just a rumor, don’t get ahead of yourself. MmmKAY

      • LordPopo95

        No it’s not a rumor. Multiple Microsoft employees has hinted it and former creative director also confirmed it. And you can bet on your life that they will make you pay for online. They’re are money hungry

  • BFplayer

    let the console war begin!

  • cameron jones

    Hahahahaha whole conversation is funny! Why don’t we just say that they both have their pros and cons conversation closed…

  • The Fanboy

    The only PC Gamer who will always win a debate

  • cameron jones

    I thought this was all about Xbox 720 or whatever so why ps3 and ps4 comments? Or Xbox 360

  • Crazybullet919

    So a big question I’m ask here is… are the Xbox 360 games gonna play on the new Xbox. Also, will we be able to use our current Xbox Live Accounts on the new Xbox or have to buy new ones.