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There are tons of questions and discussions currently happening on every Call of Duty forum/site as to what to make of this supposed leak for the next Call of Duty. We thought we’d share our opinions with you since the hype train has already left the station. Here’s what we think..

Is it real:
We think it is… Based on how many sites picked it up yesterday and the quality of the hi-res image we feel its authentic. Timing is about right for a leak to happen not to mention we’ve never seen the background image on the box art before.

Skull Balaclava (mask):
Any Modern Warfare 2 fan should instantly recognize the man is pulling down (or up) a skull balaclava which is signature of MW2’s iconic character “Ghost”.

The title is plural as in multiple “Ghost”. We can asume 2 scenarios, this is a sequal to MW3 in which someone or some new team dawns the famous Ghost mask in honor of their fallen brother, OR it’s a prequel of some kind which might be a back story for the original Ghost and possibly his “squad of Ghosts”. Although, as @_N7_ pointed out, Simon “Ghost” Riley’s backstory was already covered in the MW2 comic books.

The most common question asked was “I thought Neversoft was developing the next Call of Duty?”. This was an old rumor and people assumed they were because of how the Call of Duty logo is featured on the Neversoft web site. Again, we can assume 2 possible scenarios, either they are but this game isnt it, or they’re only assisting in a supporting role like Ravensoft did for MW3. It should also be noted that the Infinity Ward logo on the box is their brand new and redesigned logo…

This one is up in the air. The leak that began with Drift0r suggest Ghosts will be set in the future with modern weapons. The box art doesnt include weapons, only a common used type of military glove so it’s impossible to tell. It’s very possible it’s set in the future just like MW3 was, most people forget that the MW3’s story takes place in 2017.

We all know how Call of Duty is multiplatform. It’s almost a sure bet that Ghosts will release on PC, portables, and or mobile devices. The million dollar question is “will Ghosts make an appearence on Xbox 720 or PS4?”. We have no clue, just because only 2 box art images leaked doesnt mean it wont. Theres a good bet we might find out on May 21st when the next-gen Xbox is revealed OR durring the Microsoft E3 press conference on June 10th.

  • Gene Edgar

    Rumors..and I stress Rumors are that IW is developing the Single Player and Neversoft is developing the multiplayer.

    • Keshav Bhat

      That wouldn’t be right at all, because MP is big part of CoD. As such, you’d expect Neversoft’s logo on the box.

      • Gene Edgar

        Thats why I said rumors. lol

    • Batman

      No, IW is alone(Im glad)

      • Gene Edgar

        I’m sceptical, I didn’t not like MW3 one bit.

  • What i want

    I hope there are modern warfare 2 red dot sights in callofduty ghosts!

    • david

      I hope they give us a choice of at least 4-5 different styles

  • Batman

    I think IW is alone this time.

    Maybe Sledgehammer and Neversoft are doing the PS4/X720 versions of it OR they´re doing the next COD

    • Batman

      Im the true Batman, impostor

  • One of the reasons why I think it’s fake is that it’s already rated. Usually games don’t get rated this early, especially by seven months before the release date.

    • mos

      But it does say “Provisional”

    • Batman

      CharlieIntel knows the truth because they have visited IW a while ago. And they confirmed that this is real

      • Lorhelm

        Plus it’s a shooting game…duh it’s gonna be 18+

    • iCookstar

      tesco wouldn’t put up a fake listing lol………………..

  • .

    Assuming that the Xbox 360 and the PS3 box arts have been the only ones leaked, we could expect this as a current gen consoles only CoD, and another one (MW4?) as the CoD for next gen consoles, PC and Wii U. It could be a viable option, I think.

    • Batman

      No, Next gen COD might be other game, or even the same

  • Maverick

    I like the idea of it being a sequel with a squad wearing the Ghost mask…of course the Ghost Recon community will then call foul if the squad is referred to as Ghosts.

    If I was betting, I would say its mostly set in the current time but has many sections of the story that play out in the past through some of the now deceased characters.

    Looking more closely at the guy on the cover, as first I thought it was a photo. Now he looks like he his modeled in the same engine as that Activision tech demo from a few weeks ago.

  • aefven

    It’s quite literally Ghosts… every central character from the CoD series that’s ever died makes an apperance in this wacky afterlife adventure extraveganza !

  • dan

    My guess is that the name is a placeholder. I mean, remember when Black Ops 2 was Call of Duty: Eclipse?

    • Obama

      But dude the name “ghosts” is on the box art

  • lMattW

    The rumors about Neversoft are also a result of them tweeting that they are working on a shooter https://twitter.com/neversoft/status/277875472359120896

    • Keshav Bhat

      But, as the tweet says, “we think.”

      • What i want

        Guys can you give us more call of duty ghosts news please?

  • Fukmipls

    I bet that in the Microsoft “Xbox reveal” event they will reveal the actual game and possibly show a trailer and talk about it. But they won’t show any game play or anything until E3…

    • Batman

      No. The game itself will be revealed may 1st-10th
      They will show gameplay on Xbox event
      And maybe MP or something else in E3

      • david

        Just gonna put this out there Call of duty’s mp has never been revealed at E3since i started following it at mw2 It has it’s own events. At e3 They start of with a level from cod single player and then there will be lots of little vids of levels being played through out the event.

  • KevinELITEGamer

    I think that it will be something like Ghost and Pvt. Allen as well as Gaz were the same person

  • Blessdor

    Unless this is a prequel, ghost better not miraculously come back to life, like Woods did in Black Ops 2, if so I am going to be unimpressed.

    • K

      No one cares if your gonna be unimpressed

    • Batman

      Your idiot, Woods was alive even in Black ops 1 already, just search the terminal computer. Also Reznov is too

    • Crazybullet919

      I dont care what you think, but Ghost was bad ass like woods and should be revived.

  • incubusman421

    I call BS. This looks like something a hyped up fanboy made in GIMP.

    • LordPopo95

      This is real. I saw the website and then it got taken down

      • cowboy

        Aren’t you one jump ahead of the breadline?
        One swing ahead of the sword?
        Only steal what you can’t afford?
        (and that’s everything)

        • LordPopo95

          Haha! That made my day! 😀

  • smayo

    Hope the rumours in drift0rs video from a month ago will not be true, don’t want a cod where sliders and corner peekers roll left and right through the map, he got the name right so far so I worry, did not like the way treyarch went with bo2 and sure hope iw don’t continue to follow that path

  • theTruth

    cod needs a new direction, they should do a Game of Thrones COD game!

    • NOOOO

      no, that will sucks

    • Batman

      No, CoD needs to be set in 2755 or in WW2 again

      • thebulky1cometh

        You really want another Halo? And WW2 is kinda old too…what about recent history like Desert Storm?

  • booooooris

    They won’t show it at microsoft’s press conference,Sony has a deal with activision and EA has a deal with microsoft now.

  • Stephen

    You’ve got to be kidding me right? If this is the best cover art design the people at activision and infinity ward can come up with, there is seriously going to be a problem.

  • FullerxspectruM

    Remember CoD 2 and BR1? Could be pulling one of those again.

  • Ascending Legend

    All I want is for it to be in the future nothing more

    • BO1BestBO2Worst

      Hopefully it is in the past, I hate the future type. Everything so boring with freaking unbelieveable roboters and no badass guys anymore.

  • mrdougan

    dick move i know but here is a more detailed dissection