UPDATE: The listings for Ghosts has been removed from the site.

A Spanish retailer called “Xtralife.es” has just posted listings for Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U. So far, Tesco Direct has only showed PS3/Xbox 360. The release date shown on this is most likely a placeholder till further notice. The retailer is taking preorders now for the game, though Activison has not officially announced it.

The box arts of all four version can be seen here:

[nggallery id=475]

UPDATE 2: A new Dutch Retailer called “Intertoys” has put listings for “Ghosts” for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

[nggallery id=478]

We’re expecting to hear something official in the coming days.

SOURCE: Xtralife.es via @C4bbageface

  • Batman

    So I can buy a game before its even announced? This is what I call a true fan

    • Keshav Bhat

      *Preorder, yes.

      • Batman

        That´s what I meant

      • R u retarted?

        You can’t preorder before announcement, because nobody knows that there is something coming out yet! Preorder is before the game comes out, AFTER announcement!

        • Batman

          NO, you can pre order it before the announcement sometimes

    • James K

      Yeah a giant leap of faith for fan loyalty.

    • MeisseN

      Nope, there were only listings and were all taken down pretty soon.

  • What i want

    I’m really excited, Modern war right! 🙂

  • Share your ideas!!

    I want more customization, unlock different clothing items, have clothing slots: more ammo- less mobility, more armor- slower movement, etc. That would be awesome! Custom Forza-esque custom camos and facepaints, attachment swapping, new killstreak system, outside the box game modes. How about a knifing slot in create a class? Combat knife, throwing knife, tomahawks, ballistic knife, etc. There could be different types combat knives too; a faster one with less damage, or a slower one that is always a one-hit kill. They just need to add stuff like that, CoD needs a change

    • .

      Unfortunately the only idea which i wouldn’t mind there was outside the box game modes, infected was a nice change from all the other modes and i hope to see it again sometime

    • The guy above me sucks balls

      Why would a ballistic knife and tomohawk being in a infinity ward game when it’s usually throwing knifes with them

    • MeisseN

      You got it. More damn ammo and more armor/health. CoD needs to slow down its pace, even for a little bit. I hope for bigger maps, not the sandbox ones like them in BF series, mere MW2 standard maps will suffice. Less stupid flanking routes and more direct crossfire areas, that’s what MW3 & BO2 maps lack, the maps in these two games are like arenas, with always a way to go, and hostiles come out from all directions, which is stupid.

      • Batman

        True story BIGGER MAPS FTW!!!

        • MeisseN

          Yeah, but bigger maps = more time devoted into the development of mopping, and IW lacks that sort of devotion!

      • Markdg23

        Maps in all CoDs previous to MW3 were awesome, MW3 came out and all shit broke loose for map design nothing but head glitches acrossed the map. They need to stop catering to competitive CoD there are more general players then there will ever be sweaty kids wearing under armour skull caps and sweatbands to keep from dripping on their controllers.

        • MeisseN

          I think they can be inspired from BF3, that a bigger map is used for normal playing, but smaller ones for competitive gaming. Remember how Treyarch did with Wager match variants of maps back in BO1? That’s genius. And Ground War should not be a standalone mode, but the default for TDMs.

      • DanDustEmOff

        To do that cod would have to change too much, it would cease to be a fast paced twitch shooter. Me I like small complex maps it reduces camping and increases the pace of the game and one of the things that cod does well is smooth fast paced action. There are plenty of good tactical shooters out there to play but leave cod to be cod.

        • MeisseN

          You got the point, but not any smaller… Or we’ll be playing 12p face off.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Agreed 6v6 face off was pretty crazy though if it had a higher score ceiling then it would have been a fun game mode, but i wouldnt want the entire game to be like that, it would be horrible. Edit: come to think about it the glitch may have been 9v9

  • Captain Falcon

    If the Wii U version has DLC, I might actually pick it up…

    • incubusman421

      DLC for the WiiU? What have you been smoking? lol

      • DanDustEmOff

        Wtf is a wii u

    • incubusman421

      I think Nintendo and Activision have bad blood… they could release DLC for the WiiU for BO2 but they haven’t…

  • MeisseN

    Although 4 sites have already leaked the title banner and/or cover art, one even with some description, I’m still highly skeptical about this… Might be that there have been too many fake leaks and I’ve become quite weary and wary all the same. Yet this looks most alike real, so even if it’s fake it is a nice artwork, lol. Anyways 3 more days to the reveal, and all speculations end then

  • Johan

    Intertoys weer he, prutsers..


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