The official Call of Duty website has just been updated with their new viral marketing campaign for the rumored “Call of Duty Ghosts”.

The new viral site initially pointed to a mosaic that users would have to uncover by logging in, however experts were able to uncover the hidden image above through the mosaic’s source code. The file name is “feather_mask.png“.

UPDATE: @middleton979 uncovered a second image that has “The Ghosts are Real” over the original image:




UPDATE: The site has stopped taking new users for the mosaic. A high-res version of the mosaic:


SOURCE: Official Call of Duty Page

  • What i want

    Nice, you guys are really cool. This is the best site where you find call of duty news. thanks guys!

  • Arni

    You forgot a ” s ”

    for the rumored “Call of Duty Ghost”.

  • Chris Ilott

    Look alright I suppose; better not be Ghostbusters though 😉

  • The Guys Above Me Are Awesome

    Aww shiiitt 😀 Well, Wednsday better hurry up, cos the battles between CoD haters and fanboys will be hillarious

    • scott

      Actually, trailers get released on tuesdays.

      • yeah, but if you live in norway or another european cuntrey, you get it late tuesday/early wednsday

  • HenryDF

    I’m glad that IW are doing this – there’s always a far bigger feel of effort in their games rather than Treyarch’s, who don’t take risks and just engineer their MP maps around fast play. Treyarch also put far too much effort into Zombies, and when you compare the amount of people who play Zombies to the amount of people who play MP (about 10 times more people usually play MP), you realise that their effort is kinda pointless. Treyarch try to be clever and innovative and don’t always do a great job of that – IW do what they do best; make great CoD games.

    • Dean

      Wat. Pick 10 and the futuristic setting was pretty damn innovative and daring of 3arc.

    • Mitch

      If I would play MW2 or MW3 now, I would get noobtubed, quickscoped or killed by a deathstreak within a minute. Treyarch is the one here that tries to make good games.
      They put in new shit (Pick 10, Scorestreaks, Quickdraw etc. attachments, no deathstreaks), and if there’s an OP gun in a Treyarch game, it gets fixed.

      What did IW do in MW3 to balance the weapons (which they did in October)? They just made all guns have 0 recoil like the ACR and MP7. Look what happened in BO2. People complained the SMGs were to powerful, and now all guns seem fair. Of course, you can also keep tweaking, but BO2 is the first CoD game in a long time where no gun is 100% OP.

      And yes, zombies is played by less players, but a single game can last hours unlike MW3’s Spec Ops where you play every mission one time and never give a fuck about it anymore. Also, Spec Ops missions’ maps are straight copies from SP and MP levels, unlike Treyarch games where they BASE the levels around campaign or multiplayer.
      Also, Treyarch games always have a shit ton of new guns, a new setting and scorestreak rewards, unlike IW games where half of the guns and poinstreak rewards are straight copies from their previous game. IW finally goes into a new setting, and what do they do? Make a plot in the campaign so they can use all their shit weapons again.

      Here’s my prediction for Ghosts:
      Deathstreaks Return, Scorestreaks/Pointstreaks stack as much as gun kill towards next rewards like MW3. Return of an AR (ACR) with no recoil and SMG (MP7, UMP) with no recoil. No patches to fix OP guns, shit flag placement in Domination (triangle formation).

      • MeisseN

        AN-94 don’t forget this overpowered stuff…

        • I don’t see how AN-94 is OP? Almost never see people use it.

          • PuddingAuxRais1ns

            900 rounds for first two rounds and fairly manageable recoil. Easily the best weapon in the game. Maybe an increase in recoil would make the weapon balanced but for now, people tend to question your sexuality if they see you with this gun.

          • Blessdor

            c4 is the most OP thing in my opinion.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Flack jacket ftw

          • MeisseN

            Weird. Possibly we are on different platforms. I’m on PC and those guys with 5+ prestige all have AN-94 as most used weapon, and 90% players throw their first perma unlock token to AN-94. U should try that out man, that’s bloody strong

          • I main the U version, but I also play the 360 version here and there, and have had a taste of MP in the PS3 and PC versions, and every version seems to have a different dominant weapon…

            360: Peacekeeper
            PS3: Skorpion Evo
            U: PDW-57
            PC: AN-94

          • MeisseN

            PC, WiiU and 360’s dominant weapons are fairly understandable, AN-94 being steady, PDW having a huge damn mag and Peacekeeper… well KD-keeper you know what happens. But EVO WTFruitcake man… I thought “Manual kick-management” is only for PC players…

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        I agree 100%. Hopefully IW has learned from their mistakes from the past two cods they made, but i feel that IW will make the same dumb mistakes as they did with mw2 and mw3.

        • billybob

          did you just MW2 is bad?

          • billybob

            I meant did you just SAY MW2 was bad?

          • PuddingAuxRais1ns

            Yes i did. While mw2 had the best lag comp, it has the worst balance out of any cod game. All i see when i hop into a game in mw2 is OMA noob tubes, ump45 with SP, deathstreaks, acr with SP, quickscopers, among various other balance issues with that game that i don’t even want to bring up.

        • MW3 was bad, but MW2 was great, only problem was the support bec thay got sued by Activision

      • smayo

        Even so, I still had more fun with mw3 then bo2, mw3 is not perfect no, but not far as bad as bo2, imo it is iw that hot fixed most of the complains, the lag was adressed multiple times, treyarch just denies there is a problem, gun balance in bo2 is a joke and the fixes make it even worse, spawns where adressed in December 2011 by iw, in bo2 it still the same after 6 months, I rather play mw3 again for a year then 1 week of bo2 the worse cod ever made

        • CrazyBullet919

          I think that your a little infinity ward fanboy that doesn’t understand what their saying. Maybe your connections shit 2.

          • smayo

            Just because I prefer iw games over those of treyarch I am a fanboy ? Oke so be it, but what makes those who prefers treyarch games ? I say blind and stupid, if you don’t see the ton of problems with bo2 that make the game unplayable for the last 6 months, you just have your head up your
            ass and by just denying those problems nothing gets done about it, but hey we have pick 10 and league play right ? So why complain about spaws, lag, etc etc

        • theTruth

          This site is very pro Black ops, its just not as addictive or enjoyable as mw games. i think the mw franchise is far
          superior in terms of playability. we had a clan of 100 memebers in mw3 all online all the time, i think about 5 of us now play black ops 2, big let down in my opinion.

      • DanDustEmOff

        I would agree with you but the real problem with Treyarch is that they can’t get the basics right they can innovative all they like but for some reason they can not make a game with decent netcode tbh if they just did a reskin on cod 4 and added some new guns I would be happy.

        Also there are as you would define op weapons in blops 2 r870, fal select fire, m8a1, svu as and many more but I don’t think mw3 had op weapons or blops 2 some guns are good some are bad, bad guns are for showing off and good guns are for when you can’t be arsed to try hard.

        • ringo

          i agree, its the actual gameplay that treyarch cant get right, one on one battles are 50/50 and just based on who hit fire in the rough direction first, where as all mw games you feel more in control of your player.

          • DanDustEmOff

            True Story

        • BlaziN_rT

          Thats what i be saying,cod 4 had basically everything balanced. If they took that same game and added

    • MeisseN

      Hmmm… Although BO2 has many stuffs to be scolded, Treyarch is trying to fix them, like SMGs no longer dominate the whole damn game. But now still tons of players equip themselves with FMG akimbo in MW3. It’s never actually fixed. But, meh, whatever, when Ghosts comes out, MW3 will be history. I just pray that IW is really devoting something into this title.

      • DanDustEmOff

        Yes but the main flaw is being ignored a netcode and matchmaking fix is badly needed

    • Idiotic IW Lovers

      Someone is retarded that they like copy and paste alot

      • delrepping

        FMGs have been fixed.

      • HenryDF

        I copy and paste? Someone is retarded because they don’t make sense…

    • “I’m glad IW are doing this – there’s always a far bigger feel of effort in their games rather than Treyarch’s”
      MW3 was the laziest attempt at a CoD game. BO2 had alot of promotion, and now alot of support, and at the end of the day, it’s a great game. IW’s lost alot of my trust while Treyarch’s gained alot. Ghosts will really have to be an ambitious project if I’m to trust IW again.

  • Guest

    Looking forward to this 😀

    • Vordb

      Dead Man’s Hand says “hi.”

      • DMH? Bitch, please. Dead Man’s Nuke for this game!

        • Shardlotte

          Looks like IW saw your comment and implemented it into the Predator hahaha.

  • AlterWK

    I can see me! 😀

  • MeisseN

    Hmm… Looks promising. Graphics and stuff are all secondary, the greatest concern should be Lag Comp and connectivity issues, then MW2 style map designs. No more arenas like Dome alright? I sincerely hope there are more tactics (even in TDM) and less reaction-arc competitions.
    And Ghosts ought not mean I’m laggin’ real bad I’m like shootin’ bloody ghosts, lol.

    • Mitch

      Yeah, I never want maps again like Dome, too small, just don’t work.

      • Captain Falcon

        So many unnecessary red barrels on that map..

    • Batman

      You´ve just said everything I´ve been saying for 3 years

      • MeisseN

        🙂 same here, I hope this is the last year we say so (although less unlikely…)

    • CrazyBullet919

      I think that some of these maps are good but they have a few to many of em. Honestly I like certain maps like this but that is just my opinion, Hell if you get a map you don’t like then you can just quit it.

      • MeisseN

        Yeah, but bigger maps like Mission and Village are rather to my taste (although Village has some partly stupid designs).

        • Eyjafjallajokull

          Yet for some reason, people butt-fuck the hell out of nuketown 2025 on black ops 2 and hate maps like mission on mw3 or even more hated, array on BO yet to everyone i know who plays cod, they all prefer the larger maps

          I suspect the 10-13 yr olds are the ones for nuketown i suppose…

          • MeisseN

            Sometimes when i’m bored i hit Hijacked or Nuketown 2025, but i’m never a big fan of the map

    • Scotty Le

      Nah, we need some of small maps like that so we can just chill the F out sometime, lol. That is why people love Dome 24/7 so much (just when people stop caring and say Fuck it) 🙂
      I still hope they can put back Killhouse from CoD 4, oh good lord that map was tight and fun.

      • MeisseN

        Small tight maps are sure to be welcomed, but if the game has nothing other than small maps.. people will curse it eh. Treyarch has done a nice job introducing Pick 10, which generally respects every playstyle, but BO2 maps are all too crowded, filled with narrow passages, even the biggest, Turbine. I wish some nice MW2 style maps would make an appearance in Ghosts, like Highrise

  • Dirk Murks

    We’d like to announce a Call of Duty 4 throwback weekend event in “honor” of the leaking and eventual announcement of Call of Duty Ghosts on May 10-12. Please thumbs up and spread the word!

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    Call Of Duty: GHOSTS … Really? I mean REALLY!? Couldn’t think of a better name than that? IW is going down faster than a Peregrine Falcon lol. Might have to stick with BO2 for another year, wouldn’t mind that at all since there is no actual bullshit put purposefully into the game such as Deathstreaks and OP guns.

    • MeisseN

      Just a name bro, chill.

    • RdJokr

      ‘Cause the name really matters more than the gameplay.
      DAT LOGIC.

    • Adam Nord

      Would you rather Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4? besides, it sounds interesting especially since it’s a whole new story line with all new characters.

    • You just suck

      No one cares what you think of the name you douche stick to black ops 2 for another year if you’ve got that much of a problem with the name GHOSTS

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        The main problem is not the fact it’s called Ghosts I just hope that name sinks in before release.. I like how no one denied the point about the purposeful bullshit they put in the game, I just hope they don’t make a return in COD: Ghosts otherwise…

  • BananaNZO3

    Does anyone know how if their is a shortcut to finding yourself or do you have to manually do it?

  • youssef badeeb

    i bet that there will be new game type that involves ghosts.

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    I hate that people don`t give IW credit, they just bash them for their mistakes. Sure, 3arc made the pick 10 system, yet IW started to reward players for playing the objective (even if in BO2 it was taken to the next level, which is great). They made the MOAB (an improvement over the MW2 nuke), strike packages like the specialist and assault (they did need to fix the support strike package though). The gun balancing wasn`t as bad as people say (though it was pretty noticeable), they came up with the basic version of elite, had some pretty good maps (mission, overwatch, etc). And, they did answer the community mostly. They adressed spawns and picking matches multiple times, they brought back terminal, and last, the hit detection was better than in BO2. Not to bash BO2, it does have its fair share of innovation and good things, mixed along with the bullshit one expects in a COD game (MW3 did have plenty of that).

    • Batman

      NUKE FTW!!!

      • StalkerDellaNote


        • Jay Zero

          nuke and moab suck, nuclear FTW

        • Batman

          The MOAB its something very hard and rare to get, and when you get the enemies just kill themselves, the game ends or other bullshit can happen.

          With the nuke even if the game ends, you still kill your teammates and gets tons of points

    • ll3

      I think you’re right. its just that a lot of people thought gameplay and stuff in mw3 was the same as the others, which was true, but I have to hand it to them that they did make an awesome campaign, like always. the mw3 multiplayer was the only reason why infinity ward is hated, but really it wasn’t too bad.

      • Batman

        It has too much bulllshit on it. Like getting killed with one bullet from an AR OR get spawn killed OR the LMS from the enemy team kills you from across the map

  • Batman


  • Batman

    Bring back Overwatch MP map please!

    • MeisseN

      SnD on Overwatch sucks, but Domination and TDM and such are fun. Yeah I found what I missed in my post! Verticality! Yes man, have players fight in multi-layered maps, then UAV spotting would be confusing, and players are offered a larger area.

  • Juan Antonio


    • MeisseN

      If you read earlier leaked info (which looks pretty legit now) you will find that this title has nothing to do with MW series, instead it will offer entire new stories and settings and such. Which means there will be no Simon Riley, and probably no Craig Fairbrass.

  • LordPopo95


  • Isaac Dimler

    Damn, well it’s true the ghosts are coming for us!!!!!!

  • Ascending Legend

    Its going to be funny if when the picture is complete its just the troll face