Twitter user @unluckynumber11 has spotted this week’s Best Buy ad which includes “Call of Duty Ghosts”. The ad is similar to last weeks leaked Target ad which revealed the November 5th 2013 release date for the next Call of Duty. Pre-orders are expected to start tomorrow worldwide.


SOURCE: @unluckynumber11 Via @LiamFTWinter

  • Super_Deluxe

    Won’t preorder till I get more info and gameplay like always.

    • DABOMB

      I would just like to mention though that there is no point of pre ordering. First of all you dont know what the game is going to be like until release day or if they release a beta (which i highly doubt) secondly just buy it on the day or next one where you have seen some reviews

      • thebulky1cometh

        Yes, you possess logic and and self control.

      • Super_Deluxe

        I only preorder if there is an incentive. Thought nuketown 2025 was gonna be a good map on BO2 but unfortunately it’s not, iit’s just too fast paced for sucha small and open map. Its not easy to keep track of enemies on every corner when your gun battling another and on top of that all the OP guns. Its just too much. Anyways if there is no incentive on ordering COD Ghosts then there is no point like you said.

      • JonB

        I’ve pre-ordered games based on the incentive before. I’ve also enjoyed all of IW’s Modern Warfare games from CoD4 through to MW3.
        I also tend to get the game a lot cheaper when I pre-order than buying on the day of release or a few weeks later.
        If I am disappointed by the next iteration of the game then I’ll wait for the reviews of the one after.
        For example I don’t buy FIFA or Tiger Woods every year because I was disappointed by previous games.
        Same with Madden.
        And I loved these games.
        I will continue to buy a new release of a game that continues to give me enjoyment.
        So far on MW3 I’ve got over 100 hours. I spent 50 bucks on it. That’s some serious enjoyment compared to any other form of entertainment.

  • Cameron Graham

    I know that Activision has always made a point of making it’s biggest titles available on all platforms.. But i really wish this was Next Gen / PC only……

    The 360 is just about dead. – Trying to accept invites and party chat and all that dashboard stuff.. Whilst in game, is ridiculously slow.

    I really enjoyed Black Ops II.. Especially on LAN.. And i will definitely buy Ghosts.. But I can’t help but think.. If this new game retains some of the existing problems of Black Ops II, and Mw3.. I might stop buying this games.. Or at least, stop getting my hopes up.

    I think Ghosts is probably COD’s last chance for me.

    Well.. no.. Actually I love what Treyarch did this year.. So if the call of duty game that comes out in 2014 isn’t innovative.. THEN i’ll stop..

    Who am I kidding.. I’m a COD junkie. I need help.


      Works fine for me. Try clearing your hdd cache or formatting your hdd

    • It will be for next gen dude. Their still waiting on the new xbox to be released so they can release it for the next gen

      • Cameron Graham

        I know it will be.. There is going to be a COD reveal on may 21st at the xbox event. So hopefully we’ll know then weather or not there will be a release date for the 360, + a release date for the new xbox at a later date.

        Hey.. the xbox might come out before then.

  • They had the opportunity to release on 11/12/13 and didn’t take it?? WTH?

    • tha_online_gamertz

      where I live it would be 12/11/13 anyway :/

    • Keshav Bhat

      Why are we complaining if it is coming earlier?

    • Aaron The Creator

      Because fireworks night is way more awesome. Let the game release with a bang!

      – Well, if you live in the UK…

    • Lewis

      They always release on the first tuesday of november, it would be a bit random to release it a month later