Here are the double sides posters that GameStop will be handing out tomorrow when the Call of Duty Ghosts preorder campaign begins.

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“We are all we’ve got”



UPDATE: Earlier today, we received this exclusive image that should pop up on the web site soon..



UPDATE 2: IGN obtained a new marketing sign which confirms the November 5th 2013 release date:



UPDATE 3: Via the official Call of Duty Instagram account



UPDATE 4: GameStop Employee shirts:



UPDATE 5: New preorder poster via


  • Mos

    There has to be a trailer today!

  • Cooooooollll 😀

  • Mitch

    Hopefully the trailer will air at a good time for Europe, don’t want to get out of my bed again at 2 in the morning.

    • MeisseN

      I’m in China and have been staying up late for 3 Reveals, since the Black Ops reveal…

  • ghosthunter12349


  • Batman


  • CrazyBullet919

    I wonder if “The Ghosts are real” means that there is an elite group called ghosts that nobody has confirmed till the time the game is set in.

    • MeisseN

      Or… It simply means that ghost is not that supernatural as common belief, meaning there will be covert operatives in the title, referred to as Ghosts.

  • Technocentrix

    Probably”Ghosts” may be a group in the game that were inspired by ghost.

  • Crenshaw

    i wonder do we preorder for xbox360 or the new console?

    • Batman

      On the PS4 it will be much better

      • noooot

      • shard

        Enjoy your month long dlc delay then.

        • Batman

          Enjoy beating God of war on your xbox them

          • smayo

            If he wanted to play god of war, he would’ve bought a PlayStation don’t you think ?

  • JoeyDigBikWonka

    “The Ghosts are real and they’re gay.”

    • Uzair Chief

      Why did you even post…

  • Johnny

    Ghost recon + COD?

  • is it possible to make a hd wallpaper out of these posters?

  • Cyber-Ninja

    Maybe there’s a TV advert during tonight’s NBA playoff game??? ;O) … #CoDGhosts #TheGhostsAreReal #Soon

  • AndrewSanghera

    Can I still preorder on May 1st if the game hasn’t “officially” been anounced?

    • kyle

      Yes, as Gamestop said pre-orders begin May 1st (today)

  • thebulky1cometh

    Say no to preorders!

  • ManInBlack

    I get this from Italian retailer

  • FactualNews

    Breaking news: Call of Duty: Ghosts will be co- developed by Infinity Ward and Treyarch, in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Call of Duty

    • YayItDrops


      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        He is chatting bull crap, no where at the bottom of any images does it have Treyarch and Infinity Ward logo side by side. It’s just Infinity Wards logo but I believe they’ve had help from Neversoft and Sledgehammer.

  • maybe there air the trailer at 12pm like always

  • 9410besi

    Damn it… This makes me kind of excited… And I’m pretty sure the series is going downhill from here… But I still want it 😛

  • Lorhelm

    will there be something new instead of survival and missions or will there still be survival and missions?