New patch for Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has just been released. This patch is available now for immediate download.

The patch adds a new bonus game mode called ‘Arms Race Team Deathmath’ – Added a limited time game mode to the Bonus Playlist, the Arms Race Team Deathmatch variant awards players 150 score per kill. Let the Scorestreak wars begin.

The patch also adds a new post-match Connection Quality survey which will be shown to a sampling of players to allow Treyarch to assess the online connection quality.

Full patch notes:

Feature Improvements

  • Added a limited time game mode to the Bonus Playlist, the Arms Race Team Deathmatch variant awards players 150 score per kill. Let the Scorestreak wars begin.
  • Added a post-match Connection Quality survey which will be presented to a sampling of players to assess online gameplay connection quality.

Multiplayer Issues Addressed

  • Fixed an issue reported by the community where players could get infinite ammo for the Death Machine and War Machine.
  • Addressed an issue reported by the community where players may not die when getting stuck with a Crossbow Bolt.
  • Fixed an issue reported by the community where the Hunter Killer drones will float around slowly when they miss a target from a certain angle.
  • Addressed an issue reported by the community where the frame rate may drop for other players when the host changes their audio settings during a match.
  • Addressed multiple issues on Magma where players were able to fall or dive-to-prone in certain lava areas and survive.
  • Players can now enter the crouched position while sprinting with the Riot Shield equipped.
  • Care packages now appear in blue and orange on the map when Color Blind Assist is enabled.
  • Resolved an issue where players and turrets could survive the water rush when in certain areas on Hydro.
  • Resolved a UI issue with Tactical Insertion button prompt placement in Split Screen after a Host Migration.
  • Resolved an inconsistency with Max Number of Players being displayed incorrectly when backing out of a Public Match search while it is searching.
  • Addressed an issue with the Respawn Delay counter overlapping with other on-screen graphics in Split Screen.
  • Addressed an issue with League Teams appearing incorrectly when they view another player’s League Team in the Leaderboards.
  • Fixed a formatting issue in Leagues Season Final text where the date the player was placed was wrapping incorrectly.
  • Overkill challenges will now progress if the player is using an alternate select fire mode.
  • Bots will no longer attempt to capture and destroy the Headquarters from outside of the Alien Set Van or the Castle.
  • The upper metal plate of a planted Assault Shield now appears in the proper position during a Killcam.
  • Fix for the Hellstorm Missile not defaulting to the center of the Vertigo map when it flies in.
  • Equipment, Turrets and Guardians are now destroyed when they are thrown or placed into the lava in some areas on Magma.
  • Addressed an issue with the Custom and Private Match change team scoreboard not updating in real time when the overlay is on screen.
  • Addressed a rapid scrolling issue in the Preset Class Menu.
  • Chopper Hunter Field Specialist challenge updated to Aircraft Hunter with a description that reflects the aircrafts that need to be destroyed to complete the challenge.
  • Text displayed for “Enemies forfeiting…” increased on Split-Screen to make it more legible.
  • Fixed an issue with the last player alive defusing the bomb in Search & Destroy not receiving any defuse points.
  • Resolved an issue with signing in and out while a film in loading in Theater.
  • The icon to distinguish a Search & Destroy bomb location is now visible to a Codcaster who is spectating the defending team.
  • Resolved an issue with attempting to sign into a Twitch account with Dual Play enabled.
  • Fixed an issue in the Combat Record where the images would disappear when scrolling off of and on to the Combat Record.
  • Fixed an issue in Offline System Link when the host leaves a lobby.

Gameplay Balancing

  • Reverted global spawn influencer change from previous game update due to undesirable side effects.

Zombies Mob of the Dead Issues Addressed

  • Addressed an issue reported by the community where players would collide with each other and die while riding the gondola.
  • Players can now board the plane once it’s been built.
  • Fixed an issue in Grief Mode where the Wolf head would freeze after round 5.
  • Addressed various zombie pathing issues throughout the map.
  • Fixed an issue where character conversations would overlap with each other.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not unlock the Juggernog machine that was locked down by Brutus.
  • Addressed several exploits involving zombie pathing and the zombie shield.
  • Resolved an issue where the game would not end if killed by the Acid Splat.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck behind the Afterlife doors.
  • Resolved various pathing issues where zombies would not path to players behind open doors.
  • Addressed an issue with the electric chairs placing the players underneath the.
  • Addressed an issue where the prompt to build the plane would disappear while holding the Tomahawk.
  • Addressed an issue with the wins and loss data not updating in the Grief leaderboards.

UPDATE: Treyarch has released a new Community Update video discussing this patch, and more. The video also features some information about Mob of the Dead.

SOURCE: Call of Duty Forums

  • Mitch

    Also Vahn tweeted this about the community play list:
    We may/may not be releasing an update early tomorrow morning/late
    tonight and we may/may not be releasing a community update video with

  • Ryan petley

    This patch sucks!

    • and why is that???

      • Super_Deluxe

        Because he sucks at the game and still can’t get high scorestreaks in AR TDM.

  • noah

    post match survey is gonna suck for whoever has to read them after we fill them out

  • Josh Reichman

    This mode looks fun. hopefully it wont go overboard with campers, spawn killers etc. Also I kind of want to see a kill chain in this. can only see the chaos that will arise from that…

  • Cameron Graham

    I like the new game mode.. it seems like a rage fest. Hardline makes Swarm a 10 kill streak!?!? Mental. – I have 75+ swarms on my account, and can see that number rising.


    Vahn said a community inspired playlist would be coming.. We ALL thought it was going to be either:

    Snipers only Moshpit.


    ONLY AR’s and SMG’s. Moshpit.

    I would have preffered either of those… Especially the AR/SMG one.. I would love that.

    • Cell

      I’d prefer Shotguns and Pistol only!! This may come intrinsic in next CoD’s.

      • Cameron Graham

        Yeah, I would enjoy that (Sarcasm or not) But I can’t stand having every gun in every playlist.. It doesn’t make anything balanced, it just means that there are 101 different and ridiculously more annoying ways to die….

  • Brandon

    It would’ve been extraordinary if they increased the score limit from 75 to maybe 150 it 200 to last longer. We only have 1 game mode in Black Ops 2 that is past 10 minutes long (Headquarters), but that game mode can also be really long or short, it depends. All in all it’s a cool game mode, easier to get kill streaks in, but from my understanding, he 150 points per kill is only a limited time.. or did I interpret that wrong?

    • Brandon

      Excuse my misspellings, I’m on a mobile device.

  • thebulky1cometh

    “Reverted global spawn influencer change from previous game update due to undesirable side effects.”

    -Nothing inspires confidence like a “fix” causing additional undesirable side effects-

  • Lorhelm

    Finally a game mode where i can actually get scorestreaks..i’m good at COD but it’s still a little hard to get higher scorestreaks with quickscopers now adays. Arms Race and Hardline here i come

  • Cameron Graham


    It’s still to 75 points! I was hoping it was unlimited score, for 10 minutes or something!

    Or if kill streaks don’t count or something!


  • still dont fix the lag in that game, and they wonder why people dont play it as much

  • It’s on PC as well.

  • MoRT
  • Justin

    Does this patch fix connection issues?

  • I’m disappointed by how Arms Race is only a “slightly” different version of TDM. And here I though Treyarch actually had developers with bright ideas. I would have rather liked to see Infected, Face-Off, and All or Nothing make an appearance.

    If you want Arms Race to work, it should replace normal TDM, WITH a 100 max score to win for 6v6, and a 125-135 score to win for 9v9.

  • incubusman421

    and NOW they do a connectivity “survey”……… this should have been in the FIRST patch… lol

  • Aphorism

    STILL no hardcore playlist additions?! you guys are such bitches. How about you listen to the ENTIRE community when making additions you twats.

  • Batman

    What they really need to do with this game is create a game mode for people who like a challenge. Yeah one would think hardcore would be that game mode but it’s not.. hardcore is one foot shot.. one kill. Headshot should be the only one shot kills in any shooter. A person can still survive if shot in the foot, arm or even the chest.. so setting a damage value to shot placement is the key here. This should require people to aim more and not just spray bullets and run around like retards.

  • Batman

    also fix this BS that is quickscope.. seriously why make a shooter if aiming is not even required to play it.

  • Batman

    also disallow players from using aim assist on modes like Hardcore..

  • teamdragon104

    Bring back arms race game mode in black ops 2!