Shortly after all the preorder pages started popping up, the official Call of Duty Ghosts Facebook Page went live confirming the title of the next Call of Duty and to expect more “soon”.

We’re still waiting for the official press release however Joystiq (article taken down) revealed that the first teaser trailer for Ghosts has no gameplay, only quick flashing images leading up to the title at the end. They also stated to expect more leading up to E3…

Engadget is also reporting that Ghosts is coming to next-gen consoles however they weren’t sure if it will release at the same time or a later date.

Both Joystig and Engadget are reporting that Ghosts is releasing November 6th (which makes no sense to us..)

UPDATE: Ghost has just received a proper unveiling via this TEASER TRAILER

SOURCE: @CallofDuty

  • Alterwk

    Goddamn it guys.
    You got me exicited.


    • Vikerii

      You are a marketer’s dream. Easily swept up in hype.

      • are you that moronic

      • Daniel

        I am excited, not for the game itself, but to see what the devs have done with the new engine. How they handle the engine will decide if I am excited or not.

  • CrownThePedro

    Pumped af right now!

  • itsjustPENOfromYT

    Lets Do This !!!!

  • aaa187


    • Daniel


  • I’m at school

    I’m at school

    • Split

      (CoD’s majority demographic is at school

      • Drift

        School could also mean High school, university or college.

        • Cell

          Don’t forget about the graduated ones!! They were at school.. haha

  • Lorhelm

    From now on i want like all the Posters from the COD games..i honestly want BO, MW3, and BOII posters as well XD.

    • Daniel

      I have a BO, MW3, and 2 BOII posters!:D

      • Lorhelm

        i got the ghosts poster :))))))

    • LiquidCourage311

      I have them too, and a MW2 one as well.

  • Batman


  • camo
    the reveal trailer website

  • LiquidCourage311

    They need to release COD’s on Fridays. I don’t like having to go to work the next day after it’s release lol.

    • Daniel

      It is extremely rare for physical media to release on fridays…

      • JungleBunny

        True but it does happen. And with a product as large as Call of Duty it wouldn’t be that far fetched.