UPDATE: Infinity Ward has confirmed that Raven Software and Neversoft are assisting in developing GhostS:


According to the Ghosts Fan Hub section of the Call of Duty YouTube page, it appears that Infinity Ward might not be developing Ghosts alone. The YouTube page has the logos of Neversoft and Raven Software alongside Infinity Ward’s logo.

Neversoft has stated that they are working on a Call of Duty game, but no information on their game has been announced. It seems likely that the game is Ghosts.

Raven Software was developing Call of Duty: Online for China, but they have been known to be involved in many of the previous Call of Duty games.

It is assumed that both Neversoft (about a mile away from Infinity Ward) and Raven Software(Wisconsin) might be helping them out..


SOURCE: Call of Duty YouTube Page via @subject15

  • Camo

    i hope not, that means a failure

    • Keshav Bhat

      How? More debs the better.

  • Batman


    • Keshav Bhat

      They are the “main developers.” As for every CoD game, Raven Software always assists. This time, Neversoft is also helping.

      • Batman

        IW must do this alone

        • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

          IW can no longer do this alone. Key IW members left causing IW to require help from Sledgehammer to make MW3 the worst COD to date. The same thing may happen with COD: Ghosts if not worse.

  • gumbie7

    The need to see what Treyarch has done and take a page out of that book. BO2 is seriously the best COD to date. Just my opinion.

    • gumbie7knowsNothing

      wrong opinion. Black ops games are terrible.

      • Blackops 2 is the best to date in every respect other than the LAGG

        • K

          Except the made up guns which are good like the pdw 57 and type 25 but I’d just rather guns what actually do exist

          • T’Jay Grimmie

            Except all of those guns do exist?…Every gun in a Call of Duty game exist, some are just named wrong. put in the wrong category or are only in Prototype. Eg; In ‘Modern Warfare 2’, the AUG is in the Light Machine Gun category… It is an Assault rifle. The PP-200 is Sub machine Gun, yet it’s in the Machine Pistol category? You see my point. Black Ops 2 weaponry is not made up…

            Everything in Black Ops 2, we have in Prototype production. As for the PDW-57….It stands for (Personal Defense Weapon). It is a new model of the P90 (Still in development). The Type 25 is a fully automatic Type 95 (Also in development). Just like the M9 Rafica is a Fully automatic M9, or the ACR 57 is a older model of the AR 57 The Commando is also fully automatic M16, the M40A1 Carbine is a newer model of the M4 Carbine…Also now Sniper Rifle…The ‘M40A5’.

            Do you understand my point? Call of Duty is legit, it’s just not accurate… If you know what I mean.

          • asfasdfas

            they are named after real guns but that’s about it

          • Lorhelm

            but most of those guns are real


      Yea except how they ruined sniping. It’s so op it’s ridiculous. All treyarch cares about is competitive. They suck

      • And what exactly does Infinity Ward care about? Unbalanced gameplay? Lack of innovation? Unsatisfying gameplay? At least Treyarch wants to make the franchise fun and not frustrating.

        • DanDustEmOff

          For real you think that a game with the worst lag to date is balanced, satisfying and not frustrating. Well enjoy then, as far as innovation goes people forget that they made the whole franchise nothing Treyarch have ever done can even come close to the amount of innovation IW has put into CoD
          Create a class, kill cams, perks, kill streaks, class specific ks, rewarding objectives, I could go on but I think you get my point.

        • Jacob Jones

          You’ll still buy it so stop hating.

        • Batman

          TREYARCH FTW!!
          However IW can be really good if they are inspired too

      • Super_Deluxe

        Treyarch didn’t ruin sniping, if you’re referring to quickscoping then it all started in MW2 which is an IW game. Snipers are meant to be a one shot kill and with aim assist still enabled for snipers, quickscoping won’t go anywhere. If we’re going to talk about OP guns in BO2 then I’d say LMGs, pistols, and shotguns. How is it possible to run around and dominate with a damn pistol? Only in BO2 I guess…

        • 123456789!!!

          because a pistol is worth the same amount as a primary

    • DanDustEmOff

      If they could do even a third rate job on the netcode then maybe but its so full of bs moments I can not accept that its even close to being one of the best, which is a shame because without the bad coding and bad maps it would be up there with CoD 4

  • Jerry D’Erasmo

    What Infinity Ward needs to do is NOT look at Treyarch. Black Ops 2 is the absolute worst Call of Duty ever developed. They can not possibly get any worse than BO2…if they do, this franchise is dead and buried

    • IW is for idiots

      Explain to me how its the “worst”?? Cause thats ugly coming from people like you and so many others. You guys like IW copy and paste skills? Go for it cause its sad that people dont realize Treyarch did alot of more work on there games.

      • NuckChorris

        The problem with Treyarch Is lag, broken camera angles and camping tools like target finders, shock charges etc. The target finder basically makes Lmg’s full auto Sniper rifles. They have no sway. People show up at an unlimited range and still have the mini map while targeting. The connection is atrocious no matter how good your Internet is. Cod4 & Mw2 run 10x smoother. And that’s sad that an 4-5 yr old game runs better than a new one.

        • DanDustEmOff

          This guy knows what he is talking about.

        • Jerry D’Erasmo

          BTW…copy & paste? Why don’t you tell Slayer that after 20 years who went on to be one of the most influential bands in heavy metal…same thing after 20 years and STILL better than anyone in 2013 at the style of music

        • No, the target finder literally doesnt help. 99.9999 percent of the time you se the guy faster than it highlights them. Its an ilusion of helpfulness.

        • Joe JD Apsey

          shock charges are not that bad, target finder is gay but you have to live with it and stop hating on devs they work there asses of for a whole 365 days a year to try and make the best possible game they can and i would like to see you do better than BO2

          • Argy

            A friend of mine works for Activision and he said testing a Treyarch game was like being handed a bag of glitches… His inside description of the company was “sloppy, unstructured workflow closer related to a bunch of kids at play than developers” I personally have no comment.

      • bobbyPain

        yeah they had to do more work on them cos there so bad. IW developed the best cod, COD4, so whats wrong with a little copy and paste and a few tweaks, if aint broke dont try fix it!

        • Argy

          I agree, CoD4 is the best still… and I’m including the fact that its currently filled with glitchers, hackers, etc…

      • XLKILLA

        Treyarch only cares about competitive side of cod. So clearly your a retard. They do nothing for pub players fuck them.

        • theTruth

          not the competitive side cos pro gamers hate BlackOps, the hti detecection is just random! black ops are gamers than are not very good at modern warefare.

          • WhatsPleb

            And IW games haven’t got random hit detection

          • smayo

            Go play mw1 or mw2 hell even mw3 and see the difference, I am not saying there is none but its way better then bo2’s

          • DanDustEmOff

            Yes even with
            hardly anyone playing the game it still plays better than blops2

        • Standard time

          That’s not the problem you idiot. It’s the fact that its a lagfest.

      • The person above me is a fag

        Actually iw made it so u can have 100 xp not 5 xp and they made it so u can have different killstreaks

        • nope

          XP amount doesn’t matter. If a game gave you 10000 XP for a kill it doesn’t make it a better game…

      • DanDustEmOff

        Enjoy your lag fest mate I would rather they cut and paste and spent the time getting the game to play without all the bs moments.

        • Camo

          im ultra laggy in treyarch’s games,

          however in iw games its better, O.o
          MY OPINION

      • smayo

        Treyarch changed a lot indeed, they made a fun game into a frustrating lag fest

      • Jerry D’Erasmo

        I don’t even need to explain anything to you. NuckChorris just explained it to you in the best possible way. Play Black Ops 2 and then MW3 back to back…Black Ops 2 is the worst FPS shooter multiplayer experience ever. The people who say its the best obviously have no knowledge and are obvious Treyarch fanboys. Black Ops 1 NEVER ran this bad. NEVER. I shoot my gun in Black Ops 1 and kill. I shoot an entire clip of any gun in Black Ops 2 and I get killed. I pay for the the best internet service in NYC and I can’t play one match in which I have an even advantage against my opponents. As soon as the Ghosts multiplayer trailer is revealed, Black Ops 2 has one foot in the grave

        • Batman

          PLAY BO2
          GO BACK TO MW3

          Treyarch games are much much better, but they have much much more lag which completely ruins it

      • Rev

        Have to agree that bo2 is the worst multiplayer experience…This is competitive gaming some are going to be better than others but its clear that they are trying to make it balanced. Nurfing good players by slowing down drop shots, delaying c4 and skill based matchmaking is just going to piss off good players. Not to mention that the lag makes this game unplayable. Worst cod hands down. Its about pleasing the masses and big profit not at all skill based…sad

    • DanDustEmOff

      Its not the worst it just has the worst netcode if it had a better code and some better maps then it would be a great game.

      • smayo

        I sincerely hope they don’t follow the path treyarch took regarding to the maps, there is literally not a single map i like in bo2.

        • DanDustEmOff

          I like cargo and studio but studio should have been free and outside the season pass. Mob of the Dead is pretty fun too

          • smayo

            I like mob of the dead too, but purely mp ? No I don’t like any of them, studio don’t fit in this game and the rest of the maps are all too small, a bit of variety would be nice, compare it to bo1 easily the game with the best maps for all playstyles, hope the new cod follows the line of bo1/mw3 regarding to the map design

          • DanDustEmOff

            I dont think its that map size thats the issue MW3 had pretty small maps its just that they are rubbish

          • smayos

            The smaller the maps the worst the spawn positions will be, also a big issue with bo2

          • DanDustEmOff

            Not really shipment was the smallest map ever done and the spawns worked well for such a tiny map the were not perfect but good in comparison.

          • Joe JD Apsey

            i like 90% of BO2 Maps

        • Argy

          My friend solved the Treyarch map making formula that they’ve used on EVERY map. 3 paths with the center path most likely the largest. At least 2 middle crossovers in the middle. Stamp it and call it good.

          Now go back and think about that…

          • Batman

            Yep I realize that too.
            Treyarch recycles their maps with a new skin.
            3 paths and one in the center.
            This is a great design, but it sucks on small maps.
            MW3 maps were better
            The only maps in BO2 who will enter for history is Studio and Hijacked and maybe some other DLC ones.

      • Argy

        I think you forgot that they still have the worst spawn system…

        But then again, I’m not saying MW3 was better, it was also bad…

        In fact, every game has been like watching a boat sink…

        • DanDustEmOff

          Thats down to the map design they are just bad in general

          • Argy

            That’s not entirely true though, because I’ve been on med-big maps and the spawn system says “REVENGE SPAWN” 90% of the time. TBH they need to completely remove Revenge Spawns because its unfair to both players.

            Similar to that spawn system, they also did this weird mechanic where it will push your spawn 15% to a direction based on the enemies position… except 15% to a direction is usually the second worse place to spawn if the worst place is the middle of the map. Usually those positions offer very few paths to run that aren’t narrow and long, and it usually is more open than the original back-of-base spawn.

            Basically, I agree that spawns are partially bad map design… but they also need to be programmed to not fuck you 100% of the time. Seriously played a game of nuketown where they were in our house firing into the spawn continuously and we were still spawning on that side of the map. That’s just bad logic on top of a map thats too fucking small.

          • DanDustEmOff

            f that bring on the revenge spawn another kill to the tally I only play ffa so i am used to the revenge spawns ala dome and hijacked and if anything it made me a better player having to deal with the BS as long as it doesnt spawn me in plain sight with no cover im good.

        • Batman

          BO2 spawns are 1000% better than MW3 spawns.
          But MW3 maps were better

    • Batman

      The only thing wrong with Black ops 2(besides the lag and hit detection) is that BO2 is not like BO1 at all! Just small maps for frenetic gameplay

  • Glitterynip

    awwww crap, to many hands in the pot mess up the receipt

  • DanDustEmOff

    As long as they leave them to do all the menial tasks like wall textures and getting the coffee thats ok with me. All I will say is no servers no purchase enough is enough they have exhausted all the excuses under the sun for why it can not be done, they can no longer blame money or the engine its time to give this series what it deserves.

  • Dirk Murks

    As long as IW has the main control over the game, I guess I’m okay with this. Obviously, it is not the same IW that made MW1 or MW2, but I’m interested to see how this team can do in a game they create by themselves.

  • imXieli

    I would prefer for them to do it alone, but if neversoft is doing MP, im 99% sure sledgehammer did mw3 multiplayer which was complete shit, so hopefully neversoft does better.

    • Batman

      I think IW did MW3´s MP, because they wouldn´t give “the world´s greatest franchise” to a developer that was created in 2009 and had no experience at all

  • smayo

    I hope that game description on nowgamer is faker then fake, maps with traps ??!! Come on eh…

  • Disappoint

    Well, in my opinion they can’t do anything to help this series, give it a few years and it will be dead. They ran out of ideas in Black ops 1, now they are just trying to make stuff that looks cool so people will buy it, but once you get it and play it you will realize it is basically the same as all of the others. And the multiplayer is just a joke, I mean why even worry about it? Its just going to be fair for the first week and then all people use are the OP things, and no one plays for fun anymore. The community is also now filled with preteens and shit talkers. There’s no point to even have a mic anymore because all you will hear is some Mexican guy trying to talk trash to you. I’m done, and i wish call of duty was too.

  • ccrows

    I gotta disagree with some of you guys saying that MW3’s DLC was bad.

    With the exception of Liberation, I enjoyed all the DLC maps in MW3…

    • Argy

      I thought the last one was the only one worth getting… it had Boardwalk (decent) and Gultch (Also decent)… I think what pissed me off is that they made so much Co-Op when its not as played as Multiplayer is…And I think they should have made a few, but the overwhelming numbers that should have been dev time for more maps saddened me

    • Batman

      With the exception of the maps in collection 4, all MW3 maps were good

  • Phantom

    I think it’s silly to put neversoft because they made guitar hero not fps games and I think putting more developers would take away much of IWs creativity as proven in MW3

  • T’Jay Grimmie

    Guys, seriously… Both Treyarch & Infinity Ward are to different companies… Therefore different style of game play etc.. Yes, I.W changed it up from World War into ‘Modern Warfare’ (Current warfare)..Which is Call of Duties biggest selling point…But Treyarch also took a big risk with Future Warfare! I mean look at Biowares Dragon Age serious..They took a huge risk changing up DA2 from DAO as much as they did…But they learnt by there mistakes & were Inspired by Bethesda’s ‘The Elder Srolls V: SKyrim’.

    I study World War 1, 2 & the Cold War….Even Medieval Warfare.(Fascinates me no end!) Hence why World at War is still my favorite Call of Duty to date ‘Off Topic’… & I love the Fantasy/medieval genre… But I enjoy the other Call of Duty titles. Each company have there Pro’s & Con’s…Every game has there flaws.

    The lag compensation is a problem in every Call of Duty title… Unless they implement dedicated servers like Battlefield or you are running Fiber Optic through a Cat 5e/6 cable YOU WILL HAVE LAG! Just deal with it. Treyarch give you the choice to search for Local games in your region/area…. I suggest you do it. It may take longer to find a match but it’s worth it. Call of Duty searches by Ping… Ping is sh*t, but it’s quick. That’s what Call of Duty is about..Fast pace gameplay, & getting you into matches quickly.

    As for QuickScoping/Trickshotting… It started in Modern Warfare 2, then went back to COD 4…& has been in every Call of Duty title since. Alot of people (Including myself hate it no end)…But there are others that love/enjoy it..There for it stays in Call of Duty…But even though Treyarch keep it in the games, they try not to give the “QuickScopers’ as much of an advantage… I mean go back to the Sniping in Black Ops 1… It was near impossible to quickscope… Then they release patch after patch, due to countless complaints. Every call of Duty title has flaws…but there are way of dealing/solving them.

    As for Treyarch being competitive…Gaming has become a Sport now…Treyach are trying to Influence it!…No problem there.

    As for Raven Software * Sledge Hammer Games, both Companies helped Infinity Ward development there latest title Modern Warfare 3…Which is the biggest selling game in Call of Duty History….Sledge Hammer are also working on there own project at the moment. Also Call of Duty doesn’t change much each year because Activision go by a formula…Don’t fix what isn’t broken!… (Thought I might throw that in there, Haha).

    It’s as simple as 1 2 3… If you don’t like Call of Duty, stop your bickering & don’t play the game. I enjoy Call of Duty, therefore I buy it each year & will be getting Call of Duty Ghosts… (Hope it’s based around stealth).

    I’m a Halo Veteran… & even I don’t complain about Call of Duty like you guys are now.

    • Batman

      I think they need to start from the ground up. Take out the perks, deathstreaks and killstreaks and start a whole new system