The entire staff here at Charlie INTEL HQ have been discussing Call of Duty Ghosts non-stop since it’s reveal this past Wednesday. We thought we’d open up the discussion to our readers to see what they think about what little is known on the next Call of Duty title.

Victor (Admin, Editor, Creator of C.I.)

Based on the teaser trailer and marketing images of a war torn urban enviroment, my best guess is that Ghosts is set in “post-apocalyptic” or a “post-lost war/occupation scenario”. Fans have been tossing around “Guerrilla Faction” which is what I believe the Ghosts are. They’re possibly a group of rebel or freedom fighters who wear masks as symbol to inspire hope in civilians and fear in their enemies.


My gut says it will have zero ties to the MW series for fear of people branding it MW4, however Infinity Ward’s Mark Ruben did describe it as “sub-brand” in the official press release which makes me think it’s branching from the MW series with possible cameos. Either way, we’re looking at a military shooter in a modern (or very near future) setting like MW was….

It sounds like Microsoft is still on board with marketing based on the timing of the full reveal. I think it’s a good bet that DLC is coming first to Microsoft consoles.

Keshav (Co-lead and writer)

Watching the teaser trailer, it comes to show that Infinity Ward is trying to revolve Call of Duty: Ghosts around a game based on “stealth.” As the title would presume, Ghosts would most likely be a game based upon stealth missions, and a team of people asked to do the dirty work for the government. The team could possibly be like the “Navy Seal 6” team that’s known for their operation with Bin Laden. This team is all about stealth with quick and fast missions to get the job done. I would think that Infinity Ward is trying to make this a futuristic game with the environment shown in the teaser, but it could also be a modern setting.

As they confirmed, Ghosts is running a “new-engine” and I hope that the engine is actually brand-new. All previous Call of Duty games have used the same engine, but slightly updated and been called “new.” Hopefully, Activision and Infinity Ward use a new “new” engine that completely changes how Call of Duty looks and feels to make it a better game.


Even though Call of Duty: Ghosts is coming to the PS4/PS3, we should all just expect everything shown from now till release to be on Xbox 360 or “the new-Xbox” gameplay. As the game is being revealed at the MS event, it again seems that ATVI/MS have renewed their contract between the two companies.

James (Bravo INTEL writer)

The biggest part of the Call of Duty: Ghosts teaser trailer that stood out to me was the dog, presumably a German Shepherd, over the center character’s left shoulder. From what little we saw, we can tell that the dog was wearing a tactical harness, and his handler was holding the leash. There’s alot of speculation running around as to what it might mean, but what we do know is that dogs have been featured as both non-playable assisting-role characters as well as the devastating Killstreak from Call of Duty: World at War.

Using the information we saw from the teaser trailer, we can translate it to real world scenarios. Many of you might not know that a dog by the name of “Cairo” was used during the Osama Bin Laden raid in Pakistan. Dogs have been used in combat for decades in a multitude of jobs such as Special Operations, EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) Tracking Teams, and SRT (Search and Rescue Teams).


What does this mean for Call of Duty: Ghosts though? Will we be seeing the return of a devastating dog-based Killstreak? Or does Infinity Ward have something special planned more on par with something like Dead to Rights: Retribution where you can actually control the dog and he helps you during combat? Nevertheless whatever Infinity Ward decides to do, we’re curious to see what the dog in the teaser trailer actually means for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Though many are disregarding the fact that in “Modern Warfare 2: Ghost” that tells the back story of Simon “Ghost” Riley as being relevant to Call of Duty: Ghosts, we cant rule out the fact that they described multiple “Ghosts” and not just one. This leads me to believe that Call of Duty: Ghosts is actually a prequel to the Modern Warfare series and that we may just in fact see the return of Simon “Ghost” Riley although Infinity Ward has stated that they will be using new characters. If I was a betting man, I would say we will see the return of “Ghost” in his pre-Modern Warfare days, maybe even before he actually became the “Ghost” we know him as.

Matthew (European Corespondent)

From the teaser trailer I got the idea that Ghosts would be based around a small group of Special Forces who are protecting their people. It seems the environment or setting for Ghosts will be dull with destruction creating the best possible scenario for both stealth and skill within a Call of Duty title yet.

It appears that the game doesn’t continue as a sequel to Modern Warfare 3 (although I actually wanted it to be), the reason being is that the current marketing and trailer did not link or reference it whats so ever and it’s obviously not part of the title. I get the feeling that its going to be something rather new and its going to be more focused on stealth and tactics as far as gameplay is concerned.


The media seems to be predicting that Black Ops 2 sales numbers couldn’t be beaten by any other game, but from the hype I saw the other day as the trailer was released I believe they’re wrong. With the strong positive vibe and attitudes shown from the community I’m hoping that both Infinity Ward and Activision will feed that back into the community by making the reveal very community based in a way that everyone can get involved (take the mosaic as an example).

Derek (C.I. Clan Leader)

The teaser trailer and marketing art we’ve received so far gives only enough to speculate on. I personally feel that while Ghosts is set to become a new sub-series (in line with Modern Warfare and Black Ops), it will pay homage to the character Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley in a subtle, yet significant way. It seems clear to me that the group of individuals at the end of the teaser are a band of revolutionary force (be it professional or not), and they’re on a mission to fix something.

The teaser hints at how masks are used to stick up for one’s beliefs, to invoke fear into the enemy, and to protect us all. These “Ghosts” seem to be some sort of rebellious group looking to cause change. I would equate them and their skull balaclavas to the modern-day hacktivists Anonymous and their Guy Fawkes masks.


Drift0r gave us the interesting concept of being forced to revert to previous weaponry (our current-gen weaponry, presumably M4s, AK-47s, etc.). If we’re forced to revert to such equipment which require no electricity or power (in comparison with BO2’s near-future style equipment), I can only wonder what would cause us to revert. The only thing that comes to mind is an EMP or something equally destructive of technology. The teaser was set in ruins.

With Ghosts being revealed at the Xbox Event on May 21st, I can only assume that Microsoft is yet again going to have the upper hand on Call of Duty this year. I’m pretty glad the whole storyline hasn’t been leaked this year (yet) as it actually gives me a reason to look forward to a reveal.

Let us know in the comments below if you agree on anything or just to share your thoughts too…


    I agree with EMP and the freedom fighters.

  • lol

    Victor, Call of Duty is the brand and Ghosts is the sub-brand.

    Just as Modern Warfare and Black Ops are sub-brands.

    Ghosts being a sub-brand does not suggest in any way a relation to MW.

    • Actually I think you’re right… so it seems absolutely no relation to MW then? Do you think thats good or bad??

      • lol

        I think it is good that IW isn’t just thinking ‘let’s just make another MW’ and actually trying to progress the game.

  • thetrepicz

    I hope its a sequel with ghost (showing us that he survived) and plenty of flashbacks, but unfortunately it would be too predictable for iw, just don’t see them doing this 🙁

    • I agree, I love the character “Ghost” but I think too many people will rage if they bring him back and they might think it’s MW4 :-/

      • Crazybullet919

        Sadly enough they may make a few more bucks if they do bring him back.

  • TheAcidHammer

    Victor what is your opinion on the DLC Exclusive deal?

    • It’s noted in my part. Its my OPINION that it’s returning..

      • Batman

        I think he mean, what is your opinion, good or bad?

        • Ooohh… Ive never been a fan of console exclusives. However, I do most of my Call of Duty gaming on Xbox 360 so Im not to bothered by it. I feel bad for PS3/PC fans though..

  • Brazilian Guy

    I agree with Victor is that Ghosts is set in post-apocalyptic or a post-lost war/occupation scenario

  • R4VEN

    Charlie Intel rulez! 🙂

  • Cyber-Ninja

    Great insights fella’s, I’m glad that I’m not the only one thinking along these plot lines, as I commented on here on the 1/5. ;O)

    “of thisCyber-Ninja • 3 days ago−

    Dudes look closer at the final image. The building looks bombed, so maybe it’s in a post apocalypse setting? There’s 6 soldiers plus a dog, maybe summat to do with Seal team 6? The dog has a back pack, so maybe there’s a mission with just him and we play as a K9?

    There’s also a Druganov, MK14, AK47, M4 with Grenade launcher and a Shotgun. We may also get custom masks for our avatars? The graphics also look amazing and very realistic too. So there’s plenty to talk about until we get another trailer or more leaked info!!! ;O)”

    Love the dog angle too, I sooooooooo hope we get to play a mission as the dog? That would be so much cooler than a crappy spider for-sure! And would be a welcome return of the K9, as first seen in CoD4’s Hunter mission. Maybe the dogs name is Ghost??? ;O)

    I also hope that most of the missions and some MP maps are set at night time as well. This setting will add to the stealth approach and they may give us night vision back too? Having a CoD4 feel with dark maps like Bog and Wet work, would make for a great MP experience. A “post-apocalyptic” setting would seem the obvious choice, perhaps a post alien invasion? And this dark scenario would deliver the dark & deadly backdrop for the rebels and great cover for stealthy covert missions – CoD4 styleeee!!!

    I lastly feel that running on an updated engine, (rather than the all new engine) would be a major mistake. And a waste of the technology next-gen consoles will deliver, so the “All new engine” is a must. If rumors are true then the rolling whilst prone will be cool. And hopefully sliding on our butts not knees, would add tons of fun too. CoD needs a major refresh and a new direction to keep it the No#1 FPS game. So adding new features to deliver a new game-play experience is what the devs have to aim for, as already stated by Mark Rubin. Hopefully the ‘New engine’ will deliver all this???


    #CODGhosts #TheGhostsAreReal #CallofDuty

    • Jay Zero

      just to let you know that was a live action trailer not actual graphics in game or rendered footage 🙂

      • Cyber-Ninja

        LOL I am aware of that and what the difference is between the two, but thanks for pointing it out!!! ;O)

      • Joe JD Apsey

        yeah because everyone in the community was screaming oh what amazing gameplay.

    • Crazybullet919

      I hope we can shoot while sliding, that would be epic, and rolling fucking amazing. I hope it is post-apocalyptic warfare. If it is then call of duty is gonna have a campaign i love, black ops 2 had an ok campaign, but i want one to have missions using stealth to the max. I think it would be sweet to have customization with masks in multiplayer, maybe be able to have like a gold mask or mask with a custom emblem on. Great post though, and sorry if im ranting.

  • Tate B

    I think It could be really cool if it was a prequel to MW so that they could show the team he was in…possibly they make a few games titled Ghosts and then at some point Simon Ghost Riley is the only one that survives from his team and then the team from MW saves him…..that’s kinda out there ik but it would be really cool to have a prequel.

    • Mr. Thuggins

      Prequels are done as a last resort because there’s nowhere to advance the story. I hope this has absolutely nothing to do with the MW series so everybody can move on. The saying “know when to quit” comes to mind when I think of IW and the MW series.

  • K

    In a way I am glad it’s nothing to do with Ghost from MW2 because even though he was a popular character the MW series was starting to die out, I’m glad they’re starting a brand new story and when better to do it then the release of the new console it’s like a new era for CoD and consoles

  • Guest

    He called it a Sub-brand because that is the secondary branding for the game.
    Call of duty is the brand. It’s sub-brand in this case is Ghosts.
    Modern warfare was a sub-brand.
    Black ops was a sub-brand.

    • Yeah youre right :-/

    • Batman

      *MW IS a sub brand
      *BO IS a sub brand

  • Maverick

    I know the Ghost prequel idea goes back before even MW3, I’m sure it could be interesting but I feel it would be too limiting. My own thoughts were that it was going to be post MW3 with a special ops team called the Ghosts using the mask in honor of Ghost.

    If I were betting now though… I wouldn’t exactly call it post apocalyptic, but maybe a future war torn area where the Ghosts are fighting for their people against a new oppressive government. Eastern European and post Soviet Russia type places come to mind. The movie Behind Enemy Lines really sticks out to me. This could also explain the “future setting but current weapons” rumor. Future does not always have to mean high-tech, and the Ghosts could be relying on old weapon stockpiles. I don’t think the game would be built around stealth, but instead lean towards night time and stealth type missions more than of all out daytime combat.

  • braeden

    As long as the freedom fighter story plays out better than homefront was good but way to linear and scripted I bet call of duty can do it better.

  • OMG


    • Tyler Mcmillan

      Just play MoH warfighter if you want that.

  • My thoughts: Won’t Ubisoft come knocking (angrily) if these soldiers are also called “Ghosts?”

    • Not at all, Ghost Recon was 4 soldiers, Call of Duty is 6 soldiers. No similarities at all… 😛

      • Batman

        Just because of 2 soldiers the game has nothing to do with another?

        • You see, Batman, our friend Victor here, whether you like or not, happens to be a class A troll 🙂

          • Batman

            Yup, we should work at treyarch

  • Ascending Legend

    From watching the trailer all I learnt was that infinity ward forgot to put Darth Vader in there.

  • noah

    I hope they bring back the night vision goggles that were on CoD4 multiplayer

  • Stefan

    I honestly believe that Ghost main plot is about a group of soldier that are thought dead after a lost war/fight/whatever and now can only count on themselves to return home or save something. They’ll probably act in the shadow, maybe it will be more of a splinter-cell fast paced shooter. Weird thing lolol

  • Markdg23

    Ghosts Wishlist: (1) Good hit detection, (2) bring back all previous IW weaponry and maybe add some new ones that are current gen, (3) basic map designs more along the lines of MW1-MW2, (4) Good hit detection once again, and last but not least absolutely no death streaks along with kill-streaks that are harder to obtain.

    • Batman

      I agree with everything except the killstreaks.
      They need to do just some simple streaks that only support you and your team and are easy to obtain like the ones in Black ops 1

      • Markdg23

        I did not explain my kill streak statement, so I completely agree with you about having easier BUT less lethal kill streaks. Lodestar type kill streaks just make people leave the game and increase lag during game. As well as induce camping in order to obtain high streaks like these, I’m saying most people who use this streak camp to get it not everyone but most. They should just take crap like this out of the game so people would rather run around and have fun smashing people with their GUN and not relying on their streaks to carry them. Not saying the game should be Barebones style but get rid of the silly streaks, or make them all 15+ kills to obtain. Some sort of MOAB type streak should be earned between 25-30 kills as well just to reward those who have a good game using non lethal’s.

    • bubby

      No deathstreak? I mean i hated them, but i mean Deathstreaks like revenge, juiced, (and if you nerfed it alittle) painkillers. Deathstreaks help you not get completely effed over, but they really need to get rid of final/last/second stand or whatever, and martydom

      • Markdg23

        Death streaks are for Nubz

  • FOX

    Victor, please please please;
    if you go to IW HQ please tell them that they should use awesome music and soundtracks in Ghosts just like musics and soundtracks that they used in MW2.

  • YoGramGram

    I think it will most likely show how ghost came to be in MW2. It probably shows him with his original squad, throughout the game, members of that squad get picked off. Almost sort of like Halo: Reach. You probably play as ghost as it shows him saving the world like all the other games do. But really, I’m only getting this game to see if Gaz is Ghost… I’m going to get so much flak for that.