Well seven if you count the dog! For those that don’t know, there’s a special preorder poster that’s only available at certain retailers in Europe. The poster has the well known line, “We are all we’ve got“, along with profile images of six different soldiers. Presumably the same six soldiers shown briefly in the live action trailer. Before we get carried away, it’s very possible this could only be for marketing purposes and they went with the same six actors for the posters. But if not, we wanted to speculate on what it could mean.

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It should be noted that only 4 of the 6 soldiers appear to be wearing masks, while the other 2 chose to have a helmet and face paint instead. It could be possible they’re only showing 6 soldiers based on Call of Duty’s 6 vs 6 multiplayer, if so then it’s safe to assume they’re not changing the formula to large team battles like in Battlefield.

It could also mean more characters this time around. Past Call of Duty games only focused on 2-3 protagonist or main characters. Maybe each character on the team will have their own story and more screen time?


One thing is for sure, all these soldiers look bad-ass and you wouldn’t want to mess with them… Let us know what you think in the comments below…

  • What i want

    Oh it would be really cool if we are a squad with 6 soldiers! I got a question is this a modern shooter or futuristic?

    • We’ll know for sure on May 21st. Current rumor indicate Future with Modern Weapons… I would say closer to modern than future though 😉

      • What i want

        I like more modern shooters :p

      • falldruid37

        can i be moderator?

      • Delta kilo

        I think it the 6 men look like they are representing each call of duty past. 1. Cod4 2.waw with dog 3. Mw2 sniper and so on…. keep the updates coming

        • K


    • CJx1026

      futuristic with modern weapons

  • Michael

    Or we could get missions to start off where we play as each of them individually and then they group up, and then as we go through the campaign, we can choose who we want to be for each one.

    • Yeah thats what I was thinking! Im open to the idea of more iconic awesome characters.

      • Michael

        Yeah! And it would allow more options for them if they wanted to make a sequel of this game.

        • Specially since Infinity Ward likes to kill off their characters, maybe a few will survive??? LOL 😛

          • Michael

            And watch one of them be named shampoo!

          • CrazyBullet919

            I honestly hate them for this. You get attached to a few characters that kick ass, then they get the saddest deaths ever.

  • Mike

    In campaign CO-OP mode, wouldn’t if be insane if we could have 6 players so there can be one player for each character?


    • MeisseN

      “Based on an entirely new story……” The story has nothing to do with the MW series, as has been stated a thousand times

  • Reko

    i think the 6 soliders squad would be a nice thing 🙂

  • Reko

    and btw number 3 and 6 could be brothers if you ask me

  • James K

    Man do they look similar. They remind me of the four brothers from Defiance.

  • mike

    If there’s a stealthy mission and in the co-op mode, all six players have to split into 3 sets of 2 and each set has a given objective to complete to go towards the main objective! And if one set gets compromised then it might compromise the other sets but they have to get to the objective while shooting and getting past alerted enemies . Basically when they split up, one has to go this way and the others goes the other way to complete their given tasks in order to complete the main objective!
    An example would be, one set has to find the main keys for the main room that controls the plant, so they can see surveillance footage or open locked doors using buttons for the other sets to get through, the second set will have to find a bomb or something like a DSM that’s situated inside the plant, and the third set would have to retrieve intel from inside the plant that would help them know about their enemies ideas. That’s a bad example but you get the idea! Something like that would be cool!

  • LordPopo95

    Looks epic! I reckon it’ll be an epic oppertunity to dive into a greater story with focus on not just the one to 3 characters

  • Michael Benedict

    they said that ghost is not dead in mw2 and in mw3 they had no real reason for them saying that. a lot of shit was dug up from mw3 but nothing shows then there next title just happens to be ghosts. i have a feeling that he will play a part some how in this

    • Drift

      They never said Ghost wasn’t dead. They said “Ghost isn’t exactly dead, but you’ll see what I mean soon”. He was referring to the Ghost comic, and for some reason a bunch of 10 year olds thought he was talking about MW3 or something.

  • Based on the limited trailer and showing warriors of the past I would say it will establish in the future but events will take place in the past at significant events or eras of time ?? I guess we’ll find out soon enough @Robes_23

  • will

    the 2nd pic kind of reminds me of capt price.

  • Amro Amin

    or you can switch between them in a mission like future soilder

  • Kevboy22

    i know one or two of the best will die during the campaign and it will be sad as fuck

    • Batman

      One of them will die, in the next game another one will die……. on call of duty ghosts 5 it will end with just one of them

      • Lmao!!! CoD Ghosts-6 will then be called “Ghost” lol

        • falldruid37


    • PH03N1X

      If this game would be a rip off of MW2 I will never play COD again

  • Kevboy22

    oh and why doesnt your halo “charlieintel” work?

    • Keshav Bhat

      We closed that site down, unfortunately.

      • Kevboy22


  • Batman

    Maybe we can switch between them during a mission. Like in GTA V?

    • Batman



    What stores are doing the preorder poster in europe ?

  • CODER007YA

    hopefully its something good

  • 9410besi

    If you have read the comics about Ghost (Character from MW2) You get to know his past and the horrible things that happened to him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_Warfare_2:_Ghost It’s possible that the story mode will tell the different characters story and how the became a part of the squad. Then there’ll be a mission to execute.

  • GasMask

    with a new engine they may have big teams (and maps) in multiplayer …maybe?

  • Argy

    I hope they leave the RTS out of this game and spend more time focusing on how they can make enemy AI smarter and SP maps more about choices than ‘Go down this hallway, repeat’. That was what killed BO1 story for me and made me stop playing BO2 story…

  • Campaign

    It would be cool if it could be a 1-6 player co-op campaign.

  • Assof

    6 Soldiers, it’s a new team ? It will be cool if we can play with the 6 guys online.

  • Your Dad

    This is probably gonna turn out to be the most badass and emotional campaign of Call of Duty! BRING IT ON NOVEMBER!

  • Vectorist

    notice how ghosts is spaced out like G H O S T S, maybe each letter stands for each of the 6 soldiers …

    • AimFull

      So G might be Gaz aka ghost from mw2 and cod 4 hmm interesting
      Ghost isn’t dead anyway

      • CrazyBullet919

        I noticed none of the masks are pulled all the way down, anyone else wonder why? Could one of them possibly belong to Simon “Ghost” Riley. What are these mysterious soldiers the last of, and where do they come from?

        • LordPopo95

          God I’m tired of repeating this. It has nothing to do with Modern Warfare! God! Are people stupid? This is a new series completely separate from any of the previous CoDs

          • CJx1026

            It could however be that the cause they represent decided to wear ghost masks and conceal they’re faces to honor their fallen soldier Simon “Ghost”Riley

          • Gangstagonzo3

            Actually, it’s been leaked that CoD: Ghosts will be branching out of the Modern Warfare story, so it will be related.

          • LordPopo95

            No. Then that leak is false. Not related. It wouldn’t suprise me however if their were references to the MW series but it’s not a squeal and it’s not a prequel. You can see that the background of the teaser is like ruined so my best bet that their is some kind of unruly activity happening (possibly a tyrant?) to which these 6 guys are trying to reclaim freedom for them and the people.

          • CrazyBullet919

            How many times have these companies lied about stuff like that? Now why don’t you quit being a jackass about people trying to see what everyone else thinks.

          • CSI Boffin

            But how do you know if there isn’t any info yet an multiple sources point to it being a MW4, plus it could also be a spin off featuring Ghost before the events of MW2????

    • bob barker

      the S could be Simon “Ghost” Riley

  • i like the one 4th from the left

  • LegitCryptic

    new killestreak RC-K9 remote controlled dogs 9 killstreak oh i also think the last of this series you play as a dog thirsty to kill the antagonist (knowing IW he is probably russian of latino maybe african

    • RandomOpinion

      “Oooo, a well trained German Shepard, maybe the last within a 5 mile radius. Well, better strap it with a bomb instead of having it help us further.”

  • Lorhelm

    If you notice. Number 6 has a Dragunov which means it may take place during just after or right before Black Ops..or maybe they are still using Dragunov’s…it just stood out to me 🙂

  • StevenC1

    I’m not sure everyone knows about this, but November 13th -> January 29th is 77 days, and January 29th -> April 16th is also 77 days.. Coincidence? I just really wanted to see if the next mappack date could be July 2nd. You guys agree? I just really wanted to get this out there.

  • Z0M3IE_SLAYA_115

    i thought of some names let me know what you think

    phantom,ghost,spirit,spectre,rook(the newbie) and shade

  • IGN

    Reports show that the reason why it is called Ghosts is there is more then 1 Ghost if it was 1 it would be Call of Duty Ghost

  • If this turns out to be like MOH Warfighter, then I’m officially done with the COD series.

  • SupaMan

    If you look at the past Infinity Ward COD’s you’ll notice that they usually have 3 or 4 men in a known squad such as Metal team and Soap, Gaz, and Captain Price. If there are 6 in the squad then they will most likely switch them out for different types of missions.

  • Benji

    Ummm 7? What about the dog in the trailer? Maybe he is like an important character to the series? Nah but be fun though. It’s like the dog eats the main villain in this.

  • PH03N1X

    I heard they’re replacing spec-ops missions with co-op missions, it will be awesome if we could play these missions with 5 other friends.