Yaron Levi (aka LoneWolf3D) is a 2D\3D freelancer artist who specializes in “hard surface modeling and texturing mainly for games/cinematics”. He also happen to design a couple of the weapons in MW3. @Luis_Someguy came across his online resume the other day and noticed a page titled “M4 Call of Duty Ghost“..

*Disclaimer: It should be noted that according to his resume, he lives in Israel and appears he is no longer with Infinity Ward or doing contract work with them…This is NOT a leak, just concept images.

Although it’s interesting that the page is titled “Project Ghost”. It could be a mere coincidence since there are couple references to Simon “Ghost” Riley on the images.

The M4 along with the MW3 guns seem like they were designed in super high resolution and in a high poly count, clearly these guns look better than their current-gen counter parts. Maybe this is a sign of whats to come?

Let us know what you think in the comments below…

[nggallery id=486]



SOURCE: Via LoneWolf3D @Luis_Someguy

  • Assof

    Holy shit

  • Cyber-Ninja

    WOW, they look awesome! I can’t wait to fire that bad boy!!! ;O)

  • david

    Awsome gun porn

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      makes up for the MAYsterbation month

  • Hunter

    Damn, they look sexy as fuck!

  • Uzair Chief

    Very detailed!

    • Uzairs Daddy

      SHUT UP

      • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

        SHUT DOWN BIATCH !!!!

  • Nikzvby

    I made a video about it earlier today before anyone knew about it! Check it if you want to! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUZ1YQBjLTM

    • Only problem is that it’s **NOT A LEAK**… Just how good the guns COULD look for next-gen.

      • Nikzvby

        I spoke to Drift0r about it and he says he cant say anything about the images. Or he’s not allowed to.

    • Uzair’s mother

      You must feel like a right bell end no one even said they was leaked you turd

      • Nikzvby

        Oh look at you, you daft cunt, calling people names, you think you’re cool? Piss off.

  • Gabriel

    Soon TmarTn will make a video about it with no added info


    • Hoytoy1006

      What would he add info about?

    • Batman

      He just copy Charlie intel´s info and don´t give credit for them, and call himself as the 1st source for COD news

      • Daniel

        Actually he finally did say he got it on CharlieIntel.

      • yomama

        he always give credit in the description dick
        now move ur ass and go to his channel and look at the description of the videos then talk dickhead

    • Foyez

      Don’t forget AliA

  • Batman

    This looks better than BF4´s M4 carbine. WTF happened to COD?

    • ORB1T4L

      Devs are growing up 😉 I can’t wait to see their new engine 😀

  • Reko

    wow nice

  • CrazyBullet919

    Well guys I see small problem here, look at some of the guns scopes. With all the other Call Of Duty you can only select to put a single scope on your gun. Some of them appear to have two. You can also see the lens cover to one of the scopes leading into the area they meet.

    • Batman

      This is a pre alpha concept on a scope that is already on MW3

      • CrazyBullet919

        I forgot bout that weird thing, thanks for clearing that up.

  • Adam

    The modern warfare era is getting as old as the WW2 era now.

    • Batman

      Hopefully this will refresh it

  • Hey Crazy Bullet thats normal no problem with that lol

  • The reason it was called Ghost is because his fav char from MW2 was Ghost. It really was that simple.

  • DanTheMan

    I’d like to see how many polygons this actually is. . . . lets see an Xbox or Ps3/4 start throwing out a 50k poly model of a gun. . . not gonna happen broskis!

    • MeisseN

      Xbox 360 and PS3 no, but Xbox 720 and PS4? Possible. 10500 polygons are pretty too much (but can be used in some gallery mode or something, like in MOHW), when it’s used in game, devs can cut the number to half, yet 5000 will still be pretty impressive, still 10K times better that that BF3 gun crap lol.

  • Warning!!

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      i knew it… it will never be as detailed and its made from a fan…

    • Assof

      Some rumors says that there will be some MW2 maps and MW2 weapons on COD Ghost…

      • anony mouse

        I sure hope so!!! and MW1 stuff, that had the best

        • guest

          i hope it isnt copy paste though, like nuketown2025 and terminal, with its still abusive spawns.

  • Robby

    LOOK AT HIS PAGE YOU BUNCH OF NOOBIES, This isn’t related to COD in anyway.

  • Kevboy22

    so ghost ir returning? YES.

    • Kevboy22


      • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

        shoot down the grammar nazi !!!

  • Cell

    The pictures are impressive!

  • 9410besi

    This is very plausible. If you look at the teaser you can see Ghost carrying some sort of M4 weapon. This could very much be that weapon 🙂

    • Cameron Graham

      Every military shooter within 10 years of this time period has some sort of M4…….

      • 9410besi

        I was referring to the part that this could very well be Ghost weapon. Specialized for him.

        • Cameron Graham

          Even then… There’s nothing on this gun that hasn’t been in either Battlefield, or a previous COD..

          Apart from the angular front grip. Haven’t seen that before. But even then. Even if a gun identical to this is in the game… It was almost a certainty that there was going to be an M4.

  • fritsbom

    images from 2011 posted on a site polycount in 2011 so not the weapon images of the new COD

  • MeisseN

    So the title should be changed, heh.

  • Scotty Le

    High Detailed Model … Counter Strike Source players and modders have been familiar with it for a long long time…

  • Stefan

    I see blood on some of the handles, that detail is fucking sick!

  • CGKillZ

    How cares about cod now. It’s the same thing every year, But tweaked every year. All you get is new guns and maps, And the annoying 12 year olds. I’ll go buy destiny this year, Won’t pre-order this game. If it’s as good as cod4 and mw2 then maybe if not then i’m not getting it.

  • Lorhelm

    I really want to know what program he used. Also the slanted stock and the scopes look epic!

  • Lorhelm

    What is that little box that has 3 different angle shots on it?

  • Nate

    This is fake this is fake! its not for CoD Ghosts! go to the source and click on the supposedly “Ghosts” weapons or go here http://www.lonewolf3d.com/images/M4/M4.html

    • Lorhelm

      ?? are you saying these weapons aren’t real but the ones on that website are? if so then your dumb..if not then i don’t understand

  • hazard0us

    at the top of the page, if you look at the page of the guns says, and i quote “This M4 is not part of the new ‘call of duty-ghosts’ it was made as a fan art inspired by COD MW2 this is not in any way a ‘Cod-Ghosts’ weapon”

  • johntrollinski

    All those fake big youtubers do that

  • Jpcraque

    i am from the future 2017 and the game was shit