A new message of the day on Black Ops 2 has confirmed that there will be double weapon XP for all platforms starting May 17th at 10am PDT and ending May 20th at 10am PDT.

This is to celebrate Uprising release on PS3/PC on May 16th.

SOURCE: Black Ops 2

  • adam


    • lordpopo95

      It’s weapon XP. Not regular XP. It’s just for ranking up guns not the player

      • adam

        realized that immediately after i posted this

        • lordpopo95


  • Super_Deluxe

    What happens if you prestige your weapons? Do you lose you diamond camos and completed gun challenges or does it just prestige the weapon xp?

    • Helpful larry

      no or else nobody would do it

    • CobraG7

      it just resets the weapon attachments and allows you to earn more XP with the weapon challenges. it lets you have a clan tag or emblem on your weapon. no loss of diamond camos or challenges. it just prestiges the weapon XP.

  • aadarsh

    so is it free on steam aswell?

    • MeisseN

      It has been free last week. You missed it bro

  • ElseAndrew

    Leveling guns in this game is fast anyway, as if anyone needs double XP to do it…

  • Michael

    🙁 No Nuketown 24/7

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    *Cough* I have seasickness.

  • mm use my picture but don’t credit me………