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“Nuketown 2013” is a paintball event/field that was sponsored by Tippmann (manufactures of Paintball gear) which opened this weekend at Paintball Explosion, a paintball field located in East Dundee, Illinois. The event turned out to be a big hit with paintball fans. Which begs the question, what other maps would you like to see recreated in real life?


SOURCE: Tippmann Facebook via @TheGeekIntel

  • 9410besi

    Very Cool but some things are missplaced…

  • Lorhelm

    This looks FRIGGIN BEAST!!! The semi could have been better and the car could have been farther back…i wish i was in Illinois 🙁

  • Almog Acco

    I want them to recreate Express from Black ops 2 .and yes, with the moving trains!
    Or hijacked . and yes, i want to see it on a yacht!
    Or maybe Drone, and yes i want to see it in a jungle in the middle of the U.S.
    oh! i have this AWESOME idea!!!! maybe they’ll recreate Hydro, and yes, with the flushing water!
    Awe and what about Cargo? and yes with the Levers that moves the containers!

    tell them i’m coming next week i wanna see what i asked for as soon as i get there!!!
    (oh and by the way.. i’m a good tipper ;P)

  • They should make firing range from the first black ops. That would be an amazing field

    • dizzyuluru

      yea they should

  • Guest

    Very nice. Would be cool to se Black Ops 1 Firing Range.

    • guest

      how about rust

  • PH03N1X

    I think firing range is way better than nuketown

    • BossB02


  • DanDustEmOff

    Shipment…… that is all

  • incubusman421

    I actually thought about this for airsoft… people laughed at the idea…..

    • Track25

      cause its airsoft…

      • incubusman421

        yes but airsoft guns actually look real… 😛 From what I see, there are some more realistic paintball guns out there but they will cost you.

        • Phrozen06

          Opposite actually. In paintball the more realistic looking gun are typically lower in quality, build and lacking features. There is really only one company, MilSig, that produced high quality realistic looking paintball markers. For us, paintballers, the realistic look isn’t what we are really looking for

          • Nick

            You’re so elite.

          • Phrozen06


    • Phrozen06

      There are a lot of very creative fields that run airsoft games already. Look up Paintball Explosion’s website as well as SC Village and Hollywood Sports.

    • BossB02

      but thats a boss idea

  • kevin k.

    Very nice.pipe line from mwf or shipment, vacant would be good maps also.keep up the good work.

  • Highjacked. Just go to some random cruise ship

    • Alex Chavez

      and hijack the boat

  • hr


  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    they should do magma!!

  • BFplayer

    So where is the nuke’s explosion at the end?

  • Guest

    here’s how it plays and looks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Yy9o-7QTSk

  • Good & Cool about content !

  • Guest
  • Phrozen06

    Now its time to see how many gamers can play in real life.

  • Pool_player68

    I would LOVE to see something like this in Arizona…

  • Kelly Chavers Muller

    Here’s an article on the game http://socialpaintball.com/2013/05/16/paintball-explosions-call-of-duty-nuketown-field-opens/
    And thank you so much for leaving my watermark on the one picture :–) (Pistol Photography)

  • coilover2005


  • Jack

    Make the map ‘standoff’, tht would be the coolest.

  • Laurence

    CoD4’s KillHouse

  • scm47

    they should make carrier, rush as well as a real life origins zombies

  • Mike

    Wow this is amazing! Nuketown is my favorite COD map by far. Would’ve loved to have been a part of this!

  • nicholas

    how old do you have to be to play at nucktown

  • mr black ops

    Must make standoff and grind for paintball omg that would be awesome!

  • Richard Turk

    someone in england need to make this asap

  • Tippmann did a damn good job on that setup. I’m impressed.

  • Daylyn

    They should make something like dome on mw3 or something like hijacked or rush on black ops 2

  • julian

    Don’t make other maps. Bring this one to other areas. I live in riverside?

  • Mikey

    Love this map! Makes it easy for me to get kills with my sniper

  • Bob


  • Gman

    Yemen. I think it would be easy-ish to make if the drops are taken out

  • super kitty kitty

    you know what I noticed is that the music was from cod ghosts

  • Ryland

    Nice but others stuff missing

  • Dat Real Nigga Gus

    this is fucking sick!!!!!

  • Taylor Pearson

    Are they still open?

  • Aimee Lawson

    scrap yard for sure!