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Multiple people have indicated receiving an email to possibly attend a Call of Duty Playtest or focus group on Monday May 20th OR Tuesday May 21st. The event is only open to residents of Los Angeles, and only through a special invite through ELiTE. According to the survey, the playtest will last 2 to 2.5 hours and will pay the lucky participants $60 for attending. The original email indicates the focus group is to “help improve and shape the future of Call of Duty“.

No other info is known about the event. No word on if its singleplayer or multiplayer and no word on how many will actually be invited or where it will be held. Judging by the timing and wording of the email, it’s a good bet that a lucky few will get their hands on Call of Duty Ghosts soon. And it appears a few will even see it a day before the reveal…

  • Pucked

    They should atleast get some skilled players to go or get some players with knowledge about what would help shape the game better. I hate watching the demos at E3 or some sort of event and the person playing the game is terrrrrrible. 😛

    • Mitch

      I can see them invite some pro players.

    • Tyler Mcmillan

      Infinity ward doesn’t appeal to skilled players. They’re the ones who made that game Modern Warfare 3 where you could get a stealth bomber that kills everything in the line of its flight by going negative.

      • Markdg23

        Sad but true! Even more sad you go play MW3 and theirs max level prestige people using support killstreaks: EMP and Stealth Bombers, pathedic.

      • lolnah

        Except you still had to do something to accomplish it. So if you’re in Dom capping flags, you should be rewarded.

        Support package was a good idea. I would like to see it return.

        I would however have placed the Stealth Bomber higher, probably the highest reward and drop the two assists = 1 point on Hardline, cos that was just too much, I would run Hardline and get 3 EMP/Escort Airdrops in one Dom game.

  • Super_Deluxe

    I got invited!!

    • StalkerDellaNote

      How? What made you special? I’m in LA County.. been playin’ CoD for ages & I absolutely believe I can give them great input.. I know you don’t care, but you know.. I’m 17, I’m studying to be a writer, i hope to have a website like Charlieintel one day and I think I could give them some good feedback solely on that information, on top of the fact that I’m a fairly good player that plays a lot of Call of Duty, and who has been for a long time..

      I guess I’m just.. jealous!
      Tell me how it goes!

      • fsdgasdg


    • David Morgan

      Congratulations, have fun!

  • Quoasis

    Looking at the timing, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just to watch, and give feedback on, different cuts of the reveal footage. Just like Hollywood does before the premiere of a big movie. Get feedback from people likely to watch it first, then it can be improved based on the feedback to get maximum positivity on release.

    • lolyep

      Why would the session last 2 and a half hours if they are just showing them reveal footage?

      In any event this is a playtest and a playtest is an industry term for when you give the game or a level in a game to some people to play through.

      You then observe how they play the game and get their feedback on it.

      The idea being that you may have crafted the game to be played in a certain way but actually find that people go and play it in another way or a cool new feature you’ve added is just way too complex and needs altering – things of that nature.

      User Acceptance Testing, basically.

  • sagejoe

    This would have been cool and awesome if i was invited to go test the new game, i live in LA c’mon 🙂

  • LAKingsFan

    I got an invite but im 14,can I still participate?

    • fsdgasdg

      Nope.. game is rated mature… you wont be able to play

    • coilover2005

      Isn’t verification of age on COD ELiTE something that’s mandatory? Not sure how you would get one if your age is restricted to play the game but hey… run with it! Good luck. I was hoping for one since I’m about an hour from LA but no luck.

  • LA Wilson

    I think ghosts will be better because they got a new director. I mean if the old one was still there we’d be talking MW4.

  • itay

    how can i get into the beta on pc?

  • meep

    they should honestly put some effects with the c4 like once its blown up it should make damage to the map and if a shock charge is thrown on cars it should blow up because the shock charge could put out the car and then BOOM and they should maake new attackmants like fast-extended mag