The second of four DLC packs for Black Ops 2, Uprising, is now available on PlayStation 3 and PC. Uprising delivers four new MP maps and a new Zombies map.

Multiplayer Maps:

  • Encore
  • Vertigo
  • Magma
  • Studio

Zombies Map:

  • Mob of the Dead

The DLC pack is available now for download for $14.99 on the PSN Store and Steam. If you own the Season Pass, remember to download via the in-game store.

There is also a new game update (patch) available for download the PC bringing playlist changes, improvements to matchmaking, and more. Patch notes available here.

Need more time to play Uprising? Let the Replacers help.

  • Finally……

  • Justin Frenzel

    wow modb of the dead sucks ass

    • *cough*…..

    • DanDustEmOff

      Maybe you just suck ass at Mob of the Dead.

  • mark

    what is the in game store i bought the seasoass buont know how to purchuse uprising