EA’s lead product manager, Kevin Flynn, has left EA and has now joined Activision UK to be part of the Call of Duty team as the Senior Brand Manager.

Flynn was in charge of launching Battlefield 3 as well as launching the DLC and Premium service for BF3. Flynn joined Activision this month and will most likely be part of the launch plans for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

SOURCE: Joystiq

  • Korflock

    Dear God, help us.

  • Blankaa

    Woah there.

  • Yeahrr

    Awww shitt, well this means good things for Ghosts then!

  • hope 4 multiplayer u can use jets,tanks,and cars

    • fanjk

      pfffffffffffft, i don’t want no ‘in like flynn’ going on

    • Nick

      Play Battlefield.

    • InFamous ELiT3

      If they did that, they would have to make the stages bigger. Which would mean less action and more camping(Battlefield).

      • mechcell

        i play both and i see more camping in COD then BF.

        • InFamous ELiT3

          My main point was less action due to, searching for opponents, over significantly, larger maps ( Battlefield ). As oppose to a 5 or 20 yard dash, right into enemy territory. ( Call of Duty ) I’m not saying 1 is better than the other, just saying 1 has more action while the other is more realistic.

  • Super_Deluxe

    No dedicated servers means COD is on its way to death. So much lag, host migration, and match disconnections. I can’t even find matches anymore and it’s been goin on for a month now. Microsoft and my ISP have tried everything possible to fix this issue but nothing has worked. Every other game is working fine including MW2 and MW3. I have no idea if I got hacked and someone messed with my connection to the servers. If anyone knows how to fix this bs problem please let me know cuz I’m on the verge of giving up and selling this POS.

    • Nick

      Cod isn’t going to die soon if people keep buying & supporting it.

    • Batman

      MW2 & 3 Connections are awesome

      • Nigga

        MW3 connection is worse

        • Super_Deluxe

          Actually it isn’t. I have alot better in game connection than BO2. Rarely lags or migrates hosts. I’m starting to play it more now than BO2.

    • noah

      You are an idiot if you think cod is on its way to being finished when every year they break the previous years sales record over 40 million play cod

  • CoD Ghosts…….nice……

  • incubusman421

    I would have thought he signed a non compete clause… guess not! lol

  • j38ish

    the more, the better