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According to one of our sources, a new weapon camo will be go on sale for Black Ops 2 based upon fan votes. Starting May 23rd, there will be an option to vote for two of four camos via the message of the day in Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360. The two camos with the most number of votes will go on sale starting May 29th.

The four camos that can be voted upon will be:

  • Comic Book
  • Cyborg
  • Dragon
  • Paladin

Our source has sent us the full press release that will be put up for this:

New Personalization Packs are coming to Call of Duty®: Black Ops II first on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace, and it’s up to you to decide which ones make the cut! Beginning on May 23rd through May 28th, Xbox 360® players can vote on their favorite Weapon Camo out of a group of four through the Call of Duty®: Black Ops II in-game Message of the Day. The two Weapon Camos with the most votes will become available for purchase as new Personalization Packs via the in-game store and on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace on May 29th.

The voting will start on May 23rd and it will end on May 28th. The camo should be going up on sale starting May 29th. The two winning camos will be sold as a Personalization Pack which costs 160 MSP. Each of the packs will contain the camo, 3 reticles, and 1 new Calling Card; similar to the current packs they offer.

The source has not said anything about when this will be coming to PS3/PC.

UPDATE: Acitivision’s Community Manager, OneofSwords, has officially announced the four camos with the information we provided. The camos will go up for voting starting May 23rd. We’ve added new images from OneOfSwords to our gallery.

  • Vasidius

    The top right one is the coolest camo I have ever seen.

  • BW tK

    Comic book is as sick as Benjamins, paladin is prob my fav though

  • Roxas3510

    I’m voting for comic book and cyborg.

  • mw

    Comic book and dragon

  • Comic Book and cyborg.

  • Jacol

    I’ve made some custom ones (as concepts), you can view them here http://community.callofduty.com/message/414429732#414429732

    • lolwut

      nice concepts!

    • Rick

      Tiger, Leopard, and Numbers look awesome!

    • falldruid37


      • LAKingsFan

        As well as afterburn

    • David Morgan

      Oh my goodness, the numbers is the best camo I’ve ever seen.

    • your fan

      afterburn, navy, marpat and tiger are all sick

    • Jacol

      Haha, thank you guys for the feedback. Maybe we could send a petition to the 3arc? 😀

    • jamesthatplays

      A Nyan Cat one would be hilarious xD

    • 9410besi

      Very well done concepts!!! I loved Afterburn, Bloodprints, Spidernet, Tiger and Numbers!!! These camo’s are better than the ones that 3Arch makes… Send them in!!! 😀

    • Raphael Slivca

      treyarch should use your camos instead of the shit camos they make

    • Devin Wolfe

      gives redirect error

    • Tyler Mcmillan

      NUMBERS!!! Sweet idea, looks great. I’d vote on that if they ever used your stuff. Great job.

    • george


    • steve

      money money activition takes us for wholesale as pigeons but have have
      to choose and I do not have a choice and I vote comic book cyborg

    • steve

      money money activition takes us for wholesale as pigeons but have have
      to choose and I do not have a choice and I vote comic book cyborg bloodpaint

  • Fetterlein

    why not release all of them ? srsly.

    • coilover2005

      Agreed. You’d think they would want to make as much $ as possible. I’m sure the other camo packs sold more then expected. Maybe if we’re lucky they have some freebie camos in store for us. I highly doubt it but hey… ya never know.

      • Super_Deluxe

        They’ll probably include them in the next DLC.

    • fsdgasdg


  • i choose comic and paladin 🙂

    • look at this fag

      • coilover2005

        This isn’t YouTube son! Have a little RESPECT huh!

      • DanDustEmOff

        People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

        • i know him thats why i said it

          • DanDustEmOff

            I stand by my comment.

          • i stand by my comment of people who have pools shouldnt drown themselves

          • DanDustEmOff

            Are you limited? Shouldn’t your care worker be stopping you from writing things on the internet? 1 you have to make the comment before you can stand by it and 2 refering to people as fags is offensive. Its also ironic that you are critising someone on their apperance when you look like a handycaped child on a day trip.

  • mike

    all of them should go on sale i will buy them all

  • Alex

    Cyborg is what the Collector’s Edition camo should have looked like :/

    • Mazthoril

      Totally agree, I hope it will be chosen !

  • bat

    1 and 2

  • Blah

    Blah they always put gay ass camo.. Need real life camos

    • Devin Wolfe

      only 4 camos IRL Digital,Jungle,Winter,Desert

  • ElieSaysHi

    What about PS3/PC users? Do they get to vote?

  • Tiger

    I want all! Can’t wait to put some of these on my guns.


    i vote they make jacol’s camo patterns the ones we use instead.. they’re way nicer than this crap treyarch keeps burping up..

  • David Morgan

    Comic and cyborg are clearly superior.

  • Ascending Legend

    It would help if the camos had a name under them, so i could tell which is which.

  • comic book and cyborg

  • Joshwoocool

    Comic Book and cyborg.

  • Repleteorb2

    comic book

  • uhjk

    Comic Book

  • Lani

    These look like shit! The Cyborg camo looks a lot like the MW3 elite camo :/
    They should have made a black/yellow Wasp camo..

  • Colton

    Comic book and cyborg

  • Super_Deluxe

    On sale? When are they gonna finally start giving back to their customers especially the loyal ones. Always take and never give back….

  • Ascending Legend

    I want the Mob of the dead pack a punch camo

    • MeisseN

      Same here 🙂

  • DanDustEmOff

    Pure rip off I can’t believe people buy these and get excited about them, but hey its your money.

  • Eric

    Comic book and cyborg

  • ReZ

    Dragon and paladin looks sick as hell I love all the different textures on it. To be honest cyborg just look like orange lines on a black gun. I think I know how they will do this for ps3 and PC. Whatever camos that lose go to ps3.

  • thetrepicz

    They should make camos like the calling cards of countries flags

  • henrik

    Cyborg and dragon

  • Elli3

    People are sooo stupid to by this type of content… :/

  • WitlesHydra

  • zack9zack9

    KYR SP33DY CAMO !!!

  • awesome

    dragon and paladin

  • TachyonicPack

    I would vote for the 4th one.

  • Joe

    If we don’t get paladin im going to FreakOUt!!! MW: Ghosts ftWzzzz…….almost 4000 1shot1killz BlopsII…… ….. …….

  • Joshwoocool

    Id like all 4 pap camos



  • Brian

    Paladin looks like shit. Literally. It looks like poop camo.

  • remy

    i love cyborg

  • How about commenting what camo you would like and the votes could be how many people like that comment?…or something like that.

  • Luis

    Will it be out for ps3

    • Roxas3510

      Most likely next month like all the DLC

  • mixed

    they better create some animated camos like they made for mob of the dead.

  • ccrows

    Cyborg and Dragon…

  • Bloxman50

    Cyborg and comic

  • steve

    comic book and cyborg

  • curtis jackson

    money money activition takes us for wholesale as pigeons but have have to choose and I do not have a choice and I vote comic book cyborg

  • Dean Sutton

    first two comic and cyborg

  • Dean Sutton

    youtuber camo

  • DMclean

    Paladin and Cyborg

  • david

    yo kiero el cyborggggggg

  • DMclean

    Please change this so We can buy all 4 camos i will 10000% these are the best camos in the history of CoD

  • stagz

    treyarch should bring the zombies camo onto multiplayer that would be pretty cool

  • Freedestroy

    cyborg and dragon

  • comic book y cyborg

    • Blake

      yup I been waiting for a long time for this yes send those cameo.

  • Lorhelm

    cyborg and dragon

  • Gamer2170

    Dragon BITCH sex with me

  • Gamer2170


  • Joe Buckley

    idk about u guys but i need an in game view before i vote

  • just fuck the bullshit let us make a custom camo online and name it and everything and if your really proud of your work put it up for download on fileshare and everyone is happy

  • shane


  • Nfs player

    Dragon and paladin

  • How about a shattered glass one?
    or Nyan cat?…..

  • Simon

    Cyborg and Dragon

  • Gilmar Mancia


  • PrivateplayHD

    With This Be For Ps3?

  • Esaias Herrera

    how about splatter colors

  • Kuna

    What time do they come out im waiting i paid for them and downloaded them at the dashboard but i cant use them pls help

  • Im Bustyy

    Im on right now , and I dont see them , is there a specific time that they come out ?

  • jumjumiofficial

    when do u get to vote for ps3?

  • sascha

    does they ever com for ps3?

  • Carl Sharpe


  • rascal420

    Jacol dude those r seriously sweet I would like to see and underwater themed one and maybe even a sons of anarchy skin but u have some really awesome ones 10x better than the ones u buy from black ops 2 they r shit yours are the shit

  • Genesis

    Comic Book all the way.