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A new teaser image on the official Call of Duty website has gone live. The image has two coordinates, 10.480891 -66.903698.

The coordinates take you to a location in Venezuela in Google Maps.

Here’s a recent picture from Caracas, Venezuela via Google Street view:

UPDATE: The other set of numbers, 183.84, appears to be the atomic mass of the chemical element Tungsten. As noted by MP1st, Tungsten is used currently in the weapons industry and in satellite experiments.

UPDATE 2: A new connection between Venezuela and the number 183.84 has been discovered: the ex-President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, died this year from a cancer known as ‘Rhabdomyosarcoma.’ A study has linked Tungsten to be one of the causes (with atomic mass of 183.84) of ‘Rhabdomyosarcoma.’ This could have led to the “Ghosts” having something to do with the death of Hugo Chavez, as recently there have been many conspiracy theories that the CIA intentionally killed Chavez. Some news reports state the Chavez was “injected” with cancer cells that caused him to deteriorate.  (via Irish_Spark86)

As of May 18th, the Call of Duty site updated again adding a “.” to the 183 84 numbers further backing that it is the atomic mass of Tungsten:


SOURCE: Call of Duty

  • Guest

    Far as I can tell, this could be the worst game that Infinity Ward could make in CoD.

    • Super_Deluxe

      They can’t make a game any worse than BO2. Treyarch set the bar pretty high already.

      • on less u can use car,jets,tanks,tht will destroy blackops 2

        • DanDustEmOff

          Comment removed by author

          • Matt

            he was meaning that if you put vehicles in CoD it will be worse than BO2 -.- idiot…

          • DanDustEmOff

            Yeah ur right, kinda miss read it the first time. Easily done though he didn’t write it very well.

            No need for the insult dude you could have just pointed it out, it was early when I wrote it.

      • Jaxon

        Why do you have the opinion that BO2 is the worst cod ever?

        • Super_Deluxe

          Horrible connection quality almost every game (lag, host migrations), overpowered guns, bad hit detection on snipers, target Finder, I can keep going all night but I’m sure you get the point.

          • coilover2005

            Yeah there is A TON of stuff Treyarch should have had fixed in this game already. There is the positive though. DLC is pretty good and Ghost isn’t OP. League Play is a nice option and there’s no Death Streaks like Infinity Wards throws at us. The Target Finder LMG combo is beyond frustrating. I don’t care how many counter class options they give us, it promotes CAMPING. I love the game overall but Treyarch has to know they made a mistake putting it in the final product!
            Looking forward to a new engine and hope IW gets this one right. MW3 was a piece of junk IMO.

          • Jaxon

            Wow i just mad everyone write a book.

          • coilover2005

            LMAO. Yeah just look below. you’ve started an EPIDEMIC my friend. Good job… =0

          • RdJokr

            So you’re judging based on multiplayer only? Oh yeah, just forget the fact that the game also comes with singleplayer and Zombies co-op as well.

          • Super_Deluxe

            Well I’m pretty sure most people including myself finish the campaign within the first week or two so yeah multilayer pretty much makes or breaks the game. For Call of Duty that is.

          • DanDustEmOff

            They ruined zombies with the connections and leader board not registering when someone gets dis connected.

            Campaign was the worst one I’ve ever played what was the point of the strike force missions I got CaC for RTS it
            doesn’t need to be in an fps.

          • lordpopo95

            OP guns? What weed have you been smoking? BO2 has less broken shit in it than any other CoD? Did you forget that they fixed sooo many problems with previous CoDs? Like, oh I don’t know, Ghost/Assassin, guns like FMG9 akimbo or guns with no flaws (MP7)? Every time, everyone complained about them. BO2 fixed that and did people thank them, no! You picked out any little, fucking thing that could be perceived as OP and went out and said “OH MY GOD! WORST. COD. EVERRRRRRRR!!!!1111!!!!”. Seriously, I’m done with this fucking “community”. If you don’t like playing it, DON’T FUCKING PLAY IT! No one is shoving a fucking gun down your throat, forcing you to play and them complain about it.
            God you people are depressing.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Dude calm down.
            OP guns
            M8a1 select fire
            Fal and SMR select fire or mod controller.

            Chicom CQB

            KSG range

            All lmgs with target finder.

            Scavenger, engineer
            Flack Jacket
            Tac mask
            But all that doesnt bother me the worst thing about Blops 2 is the matchmaking, lag, broken cameras and zombie leader boards.

            I know people
            dont have to play it but the game is in a poor state and with a few simple fixes it could have been remebered as one of the best CoDs to date.

          • fsdgasdg

            m8a1 select fire is shit.
            Mod controller isnt fixable.
            an94 is good.. not op.
            PDW IS SHIT
            peacekeeper is ok
            scorpion is op if you know how to use it.
            Chicom? are you kidding me?
            r870 without long barrel is shit.
            KSG is a sniper
            lmg op yes.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Mod controllers are fixable ever try playing zombies with one? The M8a1 sf is awesome pal, chicom takes people out at stupid ranges with one or two bursts max. PDW has 50 rounds and it kills in 3-4 bullets combined with the slower fr means its possible to get ten kills without reloading.
            R870 kicks ass even without long barrel and laser put them on and its deffo op. The AN has a silly fr for the first two bullets. I know the KSG
            is buck shot but the range and accuracy at range is a joke.

            The comments you have made
            make me question your skill and knowledge of the game.

          • David Morgan

            You’ve GOT to be joking.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Nope, you can add kap 40 and the b23r to that list too.

          • Jonn

            At this point you are just listing every single gun you have been killed by…. Also you might as well list every single perk, equipment, and tactical because haven’t you been killed by them too? My real question is why are you on this site if all you do is bash the game this website is entirely dedicated to? Either you just turned 11 or someone here needs to find a new hobby.

          • DanDustEmOff

            No pal, try reading the whole comment and its context. I’m not bothered about what people deem as OP weapons I was replying to someone stating that this has less broken stuff in the game. I was just pointing out that there are major flaws with this title. The most balanced CoD was Blops 1 except the Fammas and Ghost.

            Again read the comment properly. “I know people
            dont have to play it but the game is in a poor state and with a few simple fixes it could have been remebered as one of the best CoDs to date.”

            I dont hate on this game, I make criticism because I am disappointed with Treyarch’s refusal to do anything to improve the connectivity in this game. I purchased the game and the season pass. I like the multiplayer but there are too many WTF moments in this game. I keep coming to this site to see patch notes and info on the next title. I also think I have a right to air my opinion in a comment section.
            Oh also I’m 31 year old electrical engineer with 4 kids and an active life, I have plenty of things in my world other than gaming. If I need advice with what to do with my time, I wouldn’t ask someone that doesn’t even take the time to read before jumping straight into keyboard warrior mode.

          • xx420xx

            lag comp
            u only enjoy the game because u get advantage

        • Batman

          BO2 is the 4th best COD ever, only losing for BO1 MW2 and COD 4

      • Michael

        If you don’t like the game than take it back and get on with your life. No need to bash a game, especially one that we haven’t even see gamplay for. The devs try their very best to make a game that people will enjoy. They know they can’t please everyone, but they try to make one that majority of the fan base enjoy. So please complain to yourself.

    • RdJokr

      We have nearly zero information on the game, and yet you already know it could be the worst…
      DAT LOGIC.

      • Guest

        What I ment to say was it was my opinion since I wrote “could”, and sure we may have zero information on this but who knows? It may or maybe not be the worst CoD game but Infinity Ward made MW3 look horrible and basically this is like a “CoD Cycle” to me since it’s going to be the same thing all over again like the community, multiplayer, co-op and campaign, what kind of a title is “Ghosts” anyway? Sounds stupid to me but the other titles were okay, but with this one? Im not too sure about it.

  • Anybody live near by that can check it out?? lol

    • venezuela

      I do

    • toamastar15

      very nice research mate, i love it when these companies like activision and treyarch make you use your brain abit 🙂 its interesting!

  • 4Aminute

    I think that is going to be a better game than the others one of the reasons being the new engine which to me is a big deal lets not forget that

    • DanDustEmOff

      It would be an even bigger deal if it has servers too.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Hmm coordinates to a random city, now I gotta go look for that hidden COD Ghosts copy in that city.

    • Epicsand

      Ha, ha. Good luck!

    • Dread_Vzla

      Random city? Dude im from Caracas, Venezuela. You guys should know i little bit more about your cocuntry and learn that we provide more than 80% of the oil you consume, so… definitely not a random city.

      • DanDustEmOff

        If your government had a ny sense then you would keep the oil for yourself.

        • Dread_Vzla

          If my government keep the oil to ourselves then you would eat your own shit dude, thats a seriously a ignorant comment. You figth in Irak for oil, you are the biggest consumer of oil in the whole world, you just cant survive without Venezuela´s oil… read a book bro

          • DanDustEmOff

            I’m not American mate. Don’t make assumptions Bro. Its also not ignorant, how can your country ever be a major player? Once America have sucked your oil reserves dry how will you fuel your cars, power your homes, fuel your military?

            Your oil supply is not unlimited. Once that runs out, so will the money your country recieves from America. Then what will you do? It will be your fellow countrymen eating your own shit, while America are milking some other country dry. Don’t be ignorant Bro.

          • Ángel Eduardo Santorelli

            Although you are right about it to some point, 96% of the whole Venezuelan income comes form selling Oil. If we stoped to sell oil, we would get so broke, we would start to hunt rats to eat.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Your logic is flawed. At some point you will run out of oil to sell. Then you will have no money and no oil. It would be much more logical to develop agriculture and industry, like so many of the wealthiest countries already do. The best use for the natural resources you have are to use them for yourselves.

          • Ángel Eduardo Santorelli

            I totally agree with you, but the goverment have broken the whole production system, From industry to agriculture, we import almost everything now. What you said is something a venezuelan writer called “sembrar el petroleo” something like “plating or harvesting the oil”, the point of it is to use the money from oil sells to develope every other parts of economy and eventually be undependant of oil revenues. But it wont happen soon, probably not ever. Our economy sucks hard.

          • DanDustEmOff

            I feel bad for you and the people of your country. I hope yor people remove your government and vote in someone who can make a real difference to you and your fellow country men.

      • HenryDF

        Know your facts buddy, no one in the world other than you Venezuelans uses 80% of your oil. And plus, does it even matter that we might get oil from you? What do you want? A prize? A medal? No one seems to give a fuck apart from you.

  • venezuela

    Live in venezuela

  • guest101

    did anyone try 18384 Avenida Roosevelt, Caracas, Caracas Metropolitan District, Venezuela? the other number that was on the page with the cords?

  • troop

    F*ck treyarch! Have always liked IW over TA and I still play MW3… If mw2wasn’t full of hackers I’d still be playing that game! That was the best! Nice OP shit, noob tubing 🙂

    • Batman

      Treyarch is much better. But IW games have better connection XD

      • DanDustEmOff

        Not in my opinion. Treyarch games are fundamentally flawed, thus any improvements they make on the previous
        title are out weighed by their lack of competence.

        • Batman

          Your not totally right, but you are in some points

  • a

    Los Teques its a prison .-.

  • TOROi3

    don’t forget about the other numbers 183 84 is atomic mass of tungsten which is used to make bullets and stuff.

  • David Morgan

    No one’s done this yet? Alright, I’ll do it. THE NUMBERS MASON! WHAT DO THEY MEAN?!

    • Batman

      True story.


    • chris

      dude wrong company that’s treyarch this game is infinity ward also if you actually play bo1 then you find out what they mean.

      • Batman

        You didn´t understand HE WAS JOKING, your “ph”ucking idiot who thinks you are smart and likes your own commentary

  • jamesthatplays

    Done some research on the Tungsten hunch seems that it was first used by the USA in 1999 to make bullets. This was as a result of led bullets causing harm to the environment and people who came into contact with them very often. Although i was unable to find a reliable connection between this and Venezuela, although i did find that in 2010 a bullet manufacturing plant opened in Aruga (a region of Venezuela) p.s. i do not know if that’s how to spell aruga right?

    • damian

      Is Aragua 😉

  • MeisseN

    Stupid ass people discussing what’s broken in BO2 under a post that should raise speculations of CoD Ghosts Singleplayer settings.

    Stupid ass me read all that freaking nonsense.

  • Hamad

    on live makkah 8:00

  • Saudi arabia on live cod 10 ghosts 8:00 o’clock

    • Aogaess

      what are you talking about

  • Greenfur05

    The translation is on the teaser image is: day of federation on June 15

  • Pedro

    I study in UCV about a block from the exact gps location… not much in there its just Las Acasias