The official Call of Duty site has been updated with two more clues about Call of Duty: Ghosts. The first one is hinting at something on June 15th: “Dia de la Ferderación El 15 de Junio”. We’re still not sure if it’s teasing to an event or reveal on Saturday June 15th but it should be noted thats 2 days after E3 ends (the last day of E3 is June 13th). Also, when you click on each image on the site it zooms in and allows you to share the new “message” via Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets.

So far, the only connection we can find between Venezuela (the coordinates) and June 15th is “Decreto de Guerra a Muerte“, also known as “Decree of War to the Death” (via @MyBananasBigger).


“You start to forget…. The things you should remember”


SOURCE: Call of Duty

  • Greenfur05

    Day of federation on June 15

  • xboxgamer

    if you translate the message to venezualas main language (spanish) it says “day of the Federation on June 15”

  • Batman

    Im not spanish but I still being able to tell that this says day of federation june 15th

  • Guest

    Another super villain of spanish origin like black ops 2 Menendez causes nuclear disaster? instead of cyber attack?..

  • lol


  • Oh No!, OH NO!, Oh no……

    • DanDustEmOff

      Oh yeah

  • MeisseN

    Day of Federation is a public holiday in Venezuela (and it confirms the string of numbers revealed yesterday being coordinates) but one thing weird is that the holiday is celebrated on Feb. 20 instead of Jun. 15.

  • Potato

    I think that 15th June is going to be the new Day of Federation, since the world seems to be after a major world war in this game

  • Matrix

    If you go Google
    and translate it it means day of the Federation on June 15

  • Matrix

    Another interesting thing which was on June 15th

  • random dude

    Menendez is from nicaragua.
    Clues are from venezuela
    Im from southamerica so im happy

  • Razr stahp

    i think that the 183.84 it’s the last part of an IP adress, probably european

  • Andrew

    I did some research on United States diplomatic ties with Venezuela as well as important dates in Venezuela corresponding with June 15th. “El dia de la federacion” translates to “Day of the Federation”. Venezuela is a federation. We know that the image on reflects that of Venezuela because the red, blue, and yellow is the same national colors or Venezuela.

    “Venezuela relations have traditionally been close,
    characterized by an important trade and investment relationship and
    cooperation in combating the production and transit of illegal drugs. Recently, there has been tension between the two countries since the election of Presidents Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and George W. Bush
    of the United States and strong criticism of US politics and military
    activity; Fifth Republic Movement/United Socialist Party was the only
    group which condemned the killing of Osama Bin Laden.” –

    I am guessing that this game will take place in the near future, the socialist party has been in control of Venezuela for the last 10 years or so. It is a strong possibility that this may play a role in the game.

    We know that Hugo Chavez is more than likely to play an important role in the game. He has been the president in Venezuela for 10 years now before passing, and the game started development for the president’s death in March of 2013. I found an exclusive BBC HARDtalk interview with the Venezuelan president which aired on June 15th 2010. A description from the BBC News Channel website is posted below:

    “In an exclusive for BBC HARDtalk, Stephen Sackur talks to the President
    of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. During the interview the President delivers
    an uncompromising message, accusing the Obama administration of
    ‘imperialist pretensions’. He rejects accusations that he incarcerated
    opponents and defends his friendship with the President of Iran.” –

    On another note, on June 15th, 2012, Venezuela became public about building its first drones. –

    Don’t know exactly if this has anything to do with the new Call of Duty.