UPDATE: Treyarch has officially announced, via the message of the day, that the Revolution DLC Free Trial will start Friday, May 24th at 1pm EST (10am PDT) and will end May 28th, at 10am PDT.


Original Story:

According to hidden html code (shown below) discovered by @LiamFTWinter in the Xbox Live Upload Registry, Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC will be available as a free trial on Xbox LIVE soon. The image that he sent shows that the trial will expire on May 28th at 10am PDT.


This is the first time a Call of Duty DLC will be offered as a free trial. No word yet if this will be available to PS3/PC fans.

Also, there’s been some rumors/speculation going around about DLC 3 / 4. Some rumors point to a July 2nd launch for DLC 3, and an August 27th launch for DLC 4. No information has been confirmed yet about this, but we’ll keep you updated.

  • Batman

    ITS REAL! Black ops 1 map pack 3 Annihilation was launched at june 28th

    • StraightEdgeAtheist

      That was two years ago and that also does not mean anything.

      • Guest

        Actually do. The Black Ops II DLC has followed similar time frames

        • StraightEdgeAtheist

          No it does not. By for the sake of argument here, if we are going by the DLC dates from two years ago here how it will go:

          BO1 DLC 2/1/11 – BO2 DLC 1 1/29/13

          BO1 DLC 2 5/3/11 – BO2 DLC 2 4/16/13

          BO1 DLC 3 6/28/11 – BO2 DLC 3 6/18/13

          BO1 DLC 4 8/23/11 – BO2 DLC 4 8/13/13

          • The Flash

            i was hoping and expecting a june 18th release

      • MrHawkeye1996

        He is Batman, i believe him. lol.

  • Ascending Legend

    i doubt the fourth dlc would come out a month after the third dlc. maybe September or October the for the 4th dlc

    • Batman

      The distance between map packs on Black ops 1 was very short

    • The Flash

      no way too long between plus too close to ghosts, i was expecting a june release for dlc 3 but no, and its kinda 2 months

  • Thwere is no way that dlc 4 is coming out in august

    • Batman

      Yes, Black Ops 1 final DLC Rezurrection came out on August 23rd on Xbox 360.
      Black ops 2 DLCs are coming even earlier

  • Saxzor

    Can you get the achievements on Die Rise, if you only download the trial?