We have just confirmed with Infinity Ward that Microsoft’s Xbox event on Tuesday will ONLY feature a “Trailer”. Previously there had been rumors that a live demo would be shown so we wanted to get some clarification. This shouldn’t be a surprise though because Call of Duty has always been revealed first via a 2-3 minute reveal trailer with a live demo shown a couple weeks later.

So as expected, we should be seeing a campaign trailer that’s shows off the next-gen Call of Duty engine in all of it’s glory. As far as a demo, it’s our guess that we might see a live demo of a singleplayer campaign mission at Microsoft’s E3 event on June 10th like previous years.

Make sure you come back here on Tuesday as we’ll have all the news, video footage, and screenshots from the event minutes after it airs. The Microsoft Xbox event will be starting at 1pm ET (6pm UK, 10am PT) and will be live streamed and televised via Spike TV in the US.


  • iDanTheGunner

    To be expected, really. Not gonna lie, this should be awesome!

  • Wounded

  • Driftyy

    I have high hopes for this game.

    • Roxas3510

      I wish I could say the same, but having said it for the past few years and being disappointed, I can’t help but expect nothing much this year around.

    • Jerry D’Erasmo

      LOL we all said that about Black Ops 2. After what Vonderhaar came out and did it was easy to get excited. Everything he did was lie and I don’t mean a little white lie…he lied on everything Black Ops 2 was. Not falling for it this time. Ghosts is the last chance for the franchise to gained back the respect lost from Treyarch. If not, more and more people will continue to turn away from Call of Duty

      • lordpopo95

        What did he lie about?

        • Jerry D’Erasmo

          Spawns. Flak Jacket protecting against Hunter Killer’s and RCXD’s. Matchmaking. Balanced game, when clearly it isn’t. Should I go on…?

          • David Morgan

            Black ops 2 is easily one of the most balanced cods to date. And they actually fix things, buff/nerf weapons. Remember the PDW? They realized it was an overpowered weapon and they nerfed it. That’s just one example, as for the rest of your claims I didn’t hear about any of that so I cant really comment on if you’re right or wrong.

      • MeisseN


      • Black Ops 2 is not bad at all, they don’t fuck up their game like IW did with MW3, Assult-killstreaks in the Supportpackage, Deathstreaks (rememer Robert Troll said: Fuck you last stand and we got dead mans hand and final stand), most of the maps sucks the game looks gray and terrible, Unbalansed guns. Also Spec OPs sucked (not chaos mode). The only problem i have with BO2 is the op kap40 and sometimes the connections (but it is worse in MW3). I also didn’t like the singelplayer but they took the right move and added different endings. And BO2 has Zombies witch is awsome (except Green Run/Tranzit). In BO2 they also have scorestreaks that works and pick 10 system…

      • And COD-series is not dying, is growing and they sold more copies of it than any other COD game before and BO2 is the COD with highest player activity so GTFO

        • Jerry D’Erasmo

          Highest player activity? LMAO. On what planet. This time last year MW3 had 900,00 people on nightly. Black Ops 2 doesn’t even average 350,000. Get your facts straight. I could put dirty socks in the package and label it Call Of Duty and it would be the biggest selling game of all time. Those numbers mean nothing. It’s dying. It’s not dying to people like you because your so far up Treyarch’s behind to even rationally think about whats going on. Open your eyes

  • Batman

    Call of Duty + New engine?


  • DanDustEmOff

    Server’s needed desperately for this game, give it what it deserves.

  • Super_Deluxe

    No dedicated servers not going to get my hopes up. BO2 has good graphics which lured me into buying it and server problems is what made me not like it anymore. But then again based on my experience with IW’s multiplayer connection quality, it’s far better than Treyarch’s and alot more tolerable.

  • Bioforce

    while the multiplayer is highly debatable, in my opinion BO2 had the best campaign of any COD to date, primarily because of the diverging story paths and the customizable loadouts with the unlockables tied to challenges in the levels. While i fully trust IW to make an awesome multiplayer, i hope they have the brainpower to use the same approach to the campaign that was used in BO2

    • lordpopo95


  • MeisseN

    Sort of asshole voted all comments down.

  • ChunkyMonkey

    Infinity ward is a much better developer than Treyarch so I know it will be a great game….

  • adama49

    when does the trailer come out