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Infinity Ward has given the first official sneak peak of Ghosts via the Call of Duty Vine account. The video begins by showing off an environment that is in Ghosts, then shows a character’s head. Next the video shows two soldiers kneeling side by side, followed by a sniper in prone. The video continues by showing a character walking through a forest, and finishes with the Ghosts logo.

Check back May 21st for the full reveal of Ghosts at the Xbox Reveal Event.

UPDATE: Two of the guns partially shown looked awfully familiar to us so we went and checked our MW3 archives and came up with this:

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You can watch it here.

SOURCE: Call of Duty on Vine

  • looks kinda current gen ..

    • godammit

      this, this is why I’m disappointed in this community. enough with caring so much about how it looks. care about what makes the gameplay next gen…

      • Luke

        We cant just stick with the same shitty graphics forever though…

      • Vordb

        I disagree. Graphics are part of the equation. Not just graphical fidelity (or photorealism), but smooth animations, classy, unique art direction, etc. Part of what sucked about MW3 is that almost everything was built on the same bland, brown and tan color palette. And in multiplayer, there was such little contrast between environments and character models. Treyarch did a much better job with detailed, colorful environments and color contrast in Black Ops II.

        But yeah, graphics are a part of it. Gameplay is a part of it. Both are important.

        • Roxas3510

          As long as it runs at 60fps I won’t complain.

        • kirbyyy

          Why do graphics need to be a part of whether or not someone buys a game? I understand how good eye candy can be a very positive thing but so many older games are better than today’s games and they’re a lot worse visually.

          Sure, I say, “man this game looks pretty, I wonder if it will be good” but I don’t buy games only if they look pretty, and I really don’t make a decision with the graphics being a part of the decision. It’s just an extra.

          • Vordb

            You’re clearly missing the point. Graphics are about more than looking really pretty for the sake of looking pretty. Do you not get that?

          • stfu

            When these games are running at, like, 600p you can’t see fuck all because of how small the resolution actually is.

        • fjksdl

          that’s primarily art style

          • Vordb

            I know. I don’t mean to argue over semantics here. It’s just that I tend to lump “art style” in with “graphics.” For instance, people say that Minecraft is popular even though it doesn’t have “good graphics.” But…it DOES. Does it have photorealistic graphics? No. But it’s low-res, retro look is what makes it stand out compared to most contemporary games.

    • Batman

      COD Graphics sucks

  • Batman

    Im dissapointed

    • Devin Wolfe

      by what WIP polygons with no color contrast or smoothing?

      You sir are an idiot.

  • kieran

    I hate cod as much as the next guy but how can people say this looks bad. Its a bunch of white in progress pictures. If the game actually looks like this then u should be dissapointed

    • TOROi3

      The next guy doesn’t hate cod. this game is gonna sell a fuckton, which as you know, is slightly more than a shitoad.

    • Batman

      I can clearly see the polygons and their shape forming the same image from the old COD engine dude

      • Joris Woltman

        If you compare it with the CoD Graphics from the PC version, yes.
        But you are only seeing poly’s, i’m more the guy that wants higher textures then poly’s for CoD…

      • Devin Wolfe

        explain yourself

        • Batman

          I can see the final image just by looking at the concept and it won´t look so different from COD MW3

          • Devin Wolfe

            i don’t see how you can do that

          • DanDustEmOff

            Crystal ball

      • DanDustEmOff

        Are you special? Current CoD games run on the ID tech engine, this is built on unreal 4. Polygons are just the frame that the textures are layed over. Until you see the textures you will have no clue what this game will look like.

  • Roxas3510

    It’s not even in it’s final form lol how can you judge the graphics already?

    • Krystal

      ^^^ This ^^^

    • Batman

      I can easily see the final product, and it sucks

      • Guest

        ^^^ Dumb ass ^^^

        • Batman

          Im Batman your argument is invalid.

          You gotta be a 10-14 year old noob that think that this COD will be the “best COD ever”

          • Le monkey face

            >I’m batman!!!!!
            Back to tumblr with you

          • xx420xx

            >meme arrows

          • MeisseN

            Dat logic

      • Devin Wolfe

        how so explain yourself

      • Matt

        You just coming here to say that this game sucks makes you a giant asshole, good job i guess?
        Let people enjoy CoD, we dont tell you the games you get suck dick, so kindly go fuck off.

      • MeisseN

        Batman fuck off

    • TarzoEzio

      No this is the final product, it gonna have all those wire.

  • Jacob Jones

    Whoever judges this game right now from what’s above is a total idiot, and this is coming from a developer who makes video games. They’re showing the shapres that make up the model polygons and such not the actual texture map, normal, diffuse maps etc. They don’t want you to see the actual graphics because that’s what the reveal is for! From the looks of it though, those are some mid to high poly models which are nice 😀

  • xx420xx

    spelt peek wrong

  • well then……congrats……..

  • Some Guy

    This has been recorded in some shitty quality and nothing has been rendered with no textures but shows only white lines and lots of geometry. So shut up idiots who assume this is the final product.

  • mrsacred

    the second image looks like its says poland or scotland, maybe a possible location

  • SierraAlpha

    is it me or does one of the icon on the taskbar look awfully similar to IW5M icon

  • Scotty Le

    easy. In MW3 Trailer Reveal , Sandman was still using the World Model of the MW2 M4A1, but in E3, they got it all sorted out.
    World Models of Weapons usually the last thing the devs do because they are just some low-poly model which is easy to put in.

  • Joe

    this isnt even my final form