Two more images have been added to the official Call of Duty site.

The first new image appears to show an interstate located in California. There is also an interstate 405 in Washington and Oregon:


The second image appears to be a image of a dog’s face with the letter ‘H’:


SOURCE: Call of Duty

  • The 405 is a highway in calafornia

    • Tom

      As well as Washington & Oregon.

    • That’s kinda what the article says


    The second image is 2 dogs, maybe they actually have an important role since they were in the “teaser” trailer.

    • What do you think the ‘H’ Stands for?

      • David Morgan

        Hounds possibly?

      • Batman

        Man of steel movie LMFAO

      • DanDustEmOff

        Hooch and Tom Hanks plays the lead role of Turner.

      • petr


    • Legit420

      Pretty sure Tmartn discussed the dogs’ role in Ghosts:

      • L2 get facts

        That was also just speculation. Because no one really knows at this time.

      • DannYM

        On the dog it says HH. Hell Hound mabey?

      • Markdg23

        Ohh boy Tmart said what the doggy does in Ghost so I believe him since ol’ Tvirgin gets all the information straight from charlie intel… Dirtass

  • “We are all we’ve got”

    • LegitCryptic

      some christian will be like but god is always with you

  • LegitCryptic

    it’d be funny if IW uses the BO2 release trailer its just woods with a mask on this time and menedez is shepard or some shit

  • 4Aminute

    unlikely but I think it’s not a dog but rather the golden gate bridge

    • it’s a dog tard

      hahahaha wtf
      bet you feel retarded now

  • Justin Frenzel

    call of duty can suck my dick all you noobs who play call of duty why dont you get a job and get some girls in your rooom and tap that

    • RdJokr

      Nice avatar you got there, faggot.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Coming from the guy with a picture of COD Ghosts as their avatar…

  • DukDodger

    it could possibly be a way safe houses are marked in the game, “DOG HOUSE” or just a coded image

  • my input

    the 2nd to me looks like tickets h standing for hound or something? dog tracks near the interstate maybe?maybe if the other are linked to the assassination that’s the location it was done?

  • The dog tickets reminded me of Hostel, weird I know, but remember the underground bad guys all had dog tattoos and business cards.