Earlier today, “hardcore fans” (celebrities) were given a sneak peak at the Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer and were recorded on video, you can watch their reactions in the video below. Based on what they said it looks like we’re in for a treat tomorrow..

“That’s scary…’
“That’s intense..’
“That’s amazing quality..”
“The graphics are just that much better”
“That detail’s incredible”

James Horwill, Karmichael Hunt, Seth Sentry, Merrick Watts, Golden Era Records Aussie hip hop rising stars Trials, Vents, K21 and Aussie magician and mentalist Matt Tarrant were all treated to a sneak peak of the most highly anticipated video game release of 2013 – Call of Duty: Ghosts – and their reactions were captured on film.

SOURCE: Xbox Austraila Via MP1st

  • Guest

    “That detail’s incredible”. This sounds good.

  • potato

  • JKB98

    “The graphics are just that much better”
    “That detail’s incredible”

    This new engine sounds pretty good.

    • TarzoEzio

      Yes it should be pretty good, If Infinity Ward get their shit up, it might be a good game. They can obviously make a good game, we seen that.

  • GibsonD90

    Sounds good, but these comments sound kinda canned about any new game. Like hearing people talk about Madden, even though it looks the same haha. I’m hoping it is jaw dropping tomorrow though.

  • Ascending Legend

    Great to see Aussies getting attention

  • Super_Deluxe

    Lol good acting?

    • Epicsand

      Possibly, but we’ll just have to find out on Wednesday. Today.

  • Mike

    My fav quote was ‘Is that is?’

    It’s gonna be some bullshit short teaser trailer! Not a ‘reveal’.

    • MeisseN

      Mentally ignoring what others said. You fail, Mike.

    • Adam Nord

      No, Its just so good, they didn’t want it to end. They wanted to see more and more.

  • DanDustEmOff

    Yeah yeah are we getting servers or not?

    • MeisseN

      Not that unranked shit in MW3 tho……

  • Ascending Legend

    Im pretty annoyed i have to wait till 2 in the morning on WEDNESDAY to watch a trailer that is supposed to come out today. Come on America hurry up!

    • MeisseN

      Do you have a certain time of the reveal?

      Cool, for us Chinese we need only to wait till midnight 😀

      Hold on a sec… Are you guys running on DST now? If so, that would be 11PM today for me :DDD

  • Josh Reichman

    While I’m extremely excited would they even show any negative comments towards it?

    • RdJokr

      Obviously not, no way would Activision let a commercial get away with negative comments about COD.