Infinity Ward Executive Producer Mark Rubin and the Call of Duty: Ghosts development team discuss the all-new world, story and characters, and take you inside the new, next-gen engine.

Call of Duty: Ghosts releases globally on November 5, 2013.

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts delivers an all new engine, with new features such as: sliding, new character animation, gun animation, gun looks. 
  • Multiplayer: Dynamic Maps, and Character personalization
  • New, next generation engine built for the future
  • New characters, story mode – starts after a major event that took place in US

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  • The ghost

    Oh my


    OMG M4A1(4:17) AND THE UMP(2:40) ARE BACK !!!

  • TH059

    looks like Mw2 ump 2:44

  • Batman


  • What i want

    looks nice, make a weapon list!

  • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

    So their whole “post-event” storyline seems just an excuse to never use more than 2 new guns per game. Step it up.

  • Alpha Ghost

    Non of those guns will be in the final cut for the game. They re-use weapons and game characters from previous CoD as test for the game!!!

  • Baby lover

    Omg leaning, slideing , and the the guns. It’s like far cry 3,dayz and battlefield had a baby on top a Xbox One.