According to the press release by Microsoft on their new Xbox One, Activision and Microsoft has renewed their long term partnership, as noted earlier, bringing all DLC first on Xbox. But, the press release has also confirmed that the “Call of Duty: Championship”, presented by Xbox will be returning as well.

Activision and Microsoft also announced the renewal of their close partnership that will see both the return of the “Call of Duty® Championship,” presented by Xbox

Exact details on when it’ll be taking place is not yet announced.

SOURCE: Microsoft

  • SoTotallyXray

    Xbox One/360 pWN ps3/ps4

    • Vordb

      Nah. I don’t mean nah as I think PS3/PS4 is better, I mean nah as in you’re trying too hard to provoke/instigate a petty console war argument and you should know better.

    • Batman

      X360 is better than PS3
      PS4 is better than Xbox One

      • Alejandro

        Yes Xbox 360 has better graphics than PS3.

        but the graphic performance is not way better as to compensate for a machine which (at least in my country) is currently more expensive (considering units with HDD), comes without a blue-ray disc drive and over that, you need to pay to play online.

        • Batman

          Im not talking about graphics, Im talking about the overall console

  • Daniel

    PS4 Won, In Xbox One You Have To Pay A Fine To Play Used Games

    • Adam Nord

      Nothing about having to pay a fine to play used games was ever said in the press conference, so please take your false accusations somewhere else.

      • thetrepicz

        Look it up on sign or cvg, Microsoft said afterwards that you have to pay MRSP to play used games, he isn’t making false accusations

    • ccrows

      Really? OK So where did Microsoft say that?…

    • Batman

      PS4 won for another 100 reasons too

    • Scotty Le

      Deal with it, PC Users has been fine with it since 2003.

    • thejimmyj57

      i know thats so stupid. if people arnt stupid and buy xbox one then ps4 one this round of consoles

  • Tommy streets

    Hes right,microsft confirmed that if u install a game to your harddrive with your profile you must pay to use it on another account/profile at full MSRP.