Activision and Microsoft has just announced that Call of Duty DLC will be available first on the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

 Activision and Microsoft also announced the renewal of their close partnership with all-new downloadable content debuting first and exclusively on the Xbox platform.

At the Xbox Reveal Event, Xbox President confirmed that all Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC will be coming “first on Xbox LIVE.”

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be available on November 5th; preorder now.


  • kirbaaaay



    They renewed their partnership.

    • with MW3 or BLOPS2, not sure

      • TAKANYAN

        For DLC Exclusiveness as usual.

  • FU fanboys

    Gay ass Microsoft..

  • What a suprise!!!!

  • Madara

    They should of went with Sony DLC first but if they did that Xbox kids would be gone.

  • Traptastix

    Sony do something ? 🙁

  • Dean

    Shafted yet again. :c

  • CrazyBullet919

    Seems like Playstation fans have another year to bitch. Shouldve gotten an xbox theyre so much better.

  • ccrows

    Meh, They should keep it 360 and One at the same time.

    I mean I’m gonna get Ghosts for the 360, not because I don’t have the cash, but the MP community is gonna have more 360 users.

    I’ll jump on next gen for BO3, since that will be around the first price drop and the community will have grown by then…

  • TachyonicPack


  • Technocentrix

    First xbox gets the dlc first then they get exclusive items just for the xbox. Come on FFS sony do something.

  • ed w

    i’ve used this month to determine whether or not to buy the dlc anymore, and thankfully i’ve stayed away from dlc for bo2. so i’m actually grateful that microsoft gets the dlc first, otherwise i’d probably just jump in with both feet when dlc came out and be pissed at myself for doing it.