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“Soldiers stand against their enemies.. but Ghosts hunt them.”

SOURCE: @LiamFTWinter

  • HeadshotMachine

    how does this look ,, next – gen ” ?

    • HenryDF

      It’s a trailer? Since when can you judge it when we don’t even see any actual gameplay? ffs

  • KoRnTuNeS

    cod:ghost trailer on gamespot commercial video link http://t.co/y8pMBX28oL

    • black burnt7

      i think this doesnt look that next-gen as i hoped…

  • Vordb

    That does look fucking awful. Same bland color palette we’ve seen since COD4/MW2, for one thing, and the character models look exactly the same. I am sure there are some subtleties we’re missing based on this little 360p stream or whatever, but I’m trying really hard to reserve judgement here, and it’s getting really hard to do.

    • HenryDF

      It’s a trailer? Go judge the entire series why don’t you…

      • Vordb

        Isn’t the point of the trailer to FUCKING JUDGE THE VIDEO GAME?! Christ.

        • HenryDF

          I believe the point of a trailer is to give people a short and basic preview the game and to big it up; not for being judged by retards like you. Why the fuck you you think that trailers are to judge the thing by? Wow… If we judged everything by the trailer…

          • Vordb

            I worded that poorly because I’m tired and grumpy. I understand that what we’ve seen now is not all the game has to offer. But it’s perfectly fine to form an initial impression based on what they have offered us so far.

            And to be honest, I am more impressed by the official stuff they’ve put out as of now, rather than…this.

  • Paradox

    That looks just like every other call of duty. I thought activision had a new game engine? wtf.

  • Uzair Chief

    Lets just wait for the HD trailer.

  • Rods

    Looks exactly the same to me.

    The “oh, let´s wait until they show some more” argument is stupid, because they had the chance to make a very good first impression and failed

  • WTF

    Fuck you, Activision, all this words about new-engine-so-awesome are bullshit. Damn! Good bye, dear call of duty series

    • wtf2

      good riddance

  • ray

    This is just fricken art work, they do this every year and release the same game that looks like COD4.