Microsoft has just announced their next generation console, called the new ‘Xbox One’. The ‘all in one system’.


  • Xbox One features a brand new, Kinect system with voice control.
  • New, updated Home screen with Trending feature
  • Instant, new experience
  • Snap Mode
  • You can now Skype on the Xbox One
  • ESPN and Microsoft have reached an agreement to bring some NBA features to Xbox One
  • 8 GM RAM, Blu Ray, 500 GB, 8 Core GPU
  • Kinect 2.0 announced – updated sensor, 1080p wider ‘filled view, captures your world’
  • Controller ‘designed by gamers, for the gamers’
  • The new Xbox LIVE: same membership, 300,000 servers to go live, content is stored in cloud, brings Skype, dedicated game DVR, and you can multitask.


  • JKB98

    Yay! Windows 8 BS!

  • Jack

    I really don’t mind the name and design, what do you guys think


      Name kinda sucks, Infinity sounds better.

      • HenryDF

        Meh…Xbox One seems a bit…basic

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      The name is okay. The console looks like a tivo set-top box.

  • Cole

    Not all that impressed so far

  • Nobody

    What if someone hits puberty?

  • galactic

    Crappy console deisgn, but so far looks pretty cool

  • kirbaaaay

    they are the 1%

  • HenryDF

    It’s a bit…chunky. Big shame they’ve decided to use Windows 8, I’ve never liked it (although, the current OS isn’t that dissimilar). The new PS4 home screen looks so much better. Multitasking is good, Skype is brilliant! Voice control…meh. It’s gonna be like Siri – a good utility, but ultimately you just won’t use it. And wow, Blu-Ray? I’ve NEVER seen that on any other console before… As for the name…meh, it’s not brilliant. It doesn’t have a good ring to it…

    I’m impressed, but I was expecting more. It doesn’t seem that much better than the PS4 actually – I’ll be interested to see which comes out on top when the PS4 has a proper reveal and when they’re both finally released.

  • Tripin

    u ppl dont seem to understand that they called it Xbox ONE because its the ONLY thing you will need for your entertainment experience, the ONE thing u will need. I think the name is brilliant. Kids these days….

    And everything else looks great so far, PS4 doesn’t seem like it will be as immersible as the Xbox ONE. But i guess E3 will shed some light on what console will meet my needs, but so far based on what I have seen, the Xbox ONE will be my choice.

  • ok

    there’s no such thing as 8 core !GPU!

  • meh……

  • lordpopo95

    Well this is shit.
    Not focusing on the gamer, all this Kinect shit, Kinect HAS to be connected for the system to work (what if it breaks MS? Will I have to give another $100 so I can just play my fucking game that doesn’t even involve kinect?), used game fee, still charging me for Live? You have got to be shitting me. Fuck off MS!
    What’s funny is that Sony and Nintendo’s stock went up after XboxOne’s announcement. Do you want to know why? Because anyone with half a brain cell won’t buy. Sadly some will and they will be 12 year old CoD and Halo fans who nagged there mum into buying it. Unless you have MS’s dick shoved in your ear then you will not buy this piece of shit excuse for a console. Sorry MS but you fucked yourself pretty hard and lost hundreds of thousands of customers. I am not alone. Go to any message board (maybe not this one since it’s filled with MS fanboys who want their DLC first) everyone agrees and are migrating either to PS4, Wii U and PC. .

    • Hi

      Wii U? HA, You’re funny! XD

      • lordpopo95

        Super smash bros = my (and a lot of others) childhood 😀 I’d buy it just or that 🙂

  • That one guy

    I want to see more. Certainly cool, but so far I’d rather go with the PS4. What is shown at E3 will be the deciding factor for me.