Call of Duty: Ghosts takes the critically-acclaimed franchise into the next generation. New world. New story. New, next-gen engine.

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  • Running on a brand new, next-generation Call of Duty engine.
  • Ghosts delivers an all-new story, all-new characters, and an all-new Call of Duty world.
  • There’s a cast of characters that “you will feel emotionally attached too”
  • Story begins with a mass event – America’s crippled – government’s in disarray, military forces crippled
  • We, as players, fight back against the superior forces
  • Ghosts are a super elite fighting force
  • Addition to squad: Dogs – it’s a squad member; you care about the dog’s actions;

New Engine Features:

  • Next-generation weapons, never seen before in Call of Duty game
  • Running quickly – hit a wall – get a “boom” effect before jumping over it. Animation of jumping over it is also brand new
  • Brand new ‘lean’ feature – can lean out and see what’s happening
  • New sliding feature
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Interactive smoke
  • New AI system – fish move out of the way when you go close to them
  • Brand new lighting tech – “level makes you feel like you are there”


  • Revamped Multiplayer completely
  • Dynamic Maps (earth quakes, flooding, player driven actions, doors, explosive traps)
  • Character Customization – choose heads, bodies, helmet, and gear


  • Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC launches first on Xbox LIVE 
  • Captain Falcon

    The dog dies.

    • Assof


    • LegitCryptic

      Peta will have a field day with that 1

    • jordanxbrookes

      You wish.

  • only dogs?

    Call of Dogs

  • ElseAndrew

    Wasn’t really impressed with the trailer to be honest, inb4 Ali-A makes a video saying how awesome it was though.

    • HenryDF

      Yeah…it’s not amazing like the BO2 trailer, but we can’t judge the game yet. We haven’t seen any gameplay.

    • David Morgan

      Out of curiosity, you aren’t impressed with the trailer itself or the game so far?

      • ElseAndrew

        The trailer, didn’t seem very interesting – the graphics were amazing I have to to say the new engine looks killer. Looking forward to some game play.

        • David Morgan

          I agree with you, I was really hoping for hands on gameplay, like someone at the event actually playing it.

          • ElseAndrew

            Yeah me to, maybe that is why I’m disappointing? I was expecting to see some game play not a cinematic trailer, maybe at E3 🙂

    • xx420xx

      inb4 le new meme

  • Rods

    If they wanted to make a good impression with the new engine, well, they failed.

    Look exactly the same to me

    • Well, let me ask you something… Do your screen have the shape and functions of a toaster?

    • Batman

      the engine itself is totally different and new, the guns look the same

      • What i want

        I think the multiplayer isnt finished yet, they said we will be talking in the summer. So they are still working on the campaign…

    • HenryDF

      It’s a TRAILER. We don’t see any gameplay, you’re arrogant if you think you can judge it.

    • Uzair Chief

      If your not convinced with the trailer, then just wait a few more weeks till E3. They will present a mission gameplay there.

  • Unfortunately

    The Soundtrack and the setting is the only good thing

  • OMG Looks sooooooooo good!!

  • pick-a-name

    How can people hate this? The trailer was somewhat dissapointing imo, but I still enjoyed it. I will make my pre-order soon enough! Hopefully they release how it will look like on PS3 / Xbox 360.

  • Scotty Le

    People now will say it is the same thing just because they are using Soap, Yuri, Price, Sandman as well as some old guns model in the development video.
    If you are saying the game look (again) *just the same thing*, i am here to say that you are not a game developer and you don’t know how to develop game.
    Despite it is made based from the XBOX One, but IW never fails to make the game look extra better on PC, which i will be getting.

  • Batman

    This is a good trailer, not the normal bullshit with explosions and a background music that makes “prrrr” every single second

  • Batman

    What comes after COD Ghosts?


  • BFplayer

    jumping off the building scene reminds me of batman.

  • What i want

    looks really nice! those graphics looks really different!

  • Markdg23

    Just show us some hit detection from multiplayer for F*#$ sake that’s all we care about, does the new engine register as soon as you shoot someone since dedicated servers are out of the question

  • Xbox720-719

    I can’t see this being as good as the Mordern Warfare series (campaign wise before you all hate on MW3’s multi). I actually just facepalmed while laughing when they went on about the story having a dog as a team member

  • LegitCryptic

    if the dog dies peta will have a field day

    • A

      We get it. Now shut the fuck up

      • LegitCryptic

        you seem to be angry for no reason…Oh my bad forgot your on your period

  • bob

    does the guy at 0:40 look like Foley from mw2 to anyone?

    • Andeh

      I actually thought that.

  • David Morgan

    A lot of this is overdue, but better late then never. This is exactly what I was hoping to see, everything re-done. I have high hopes, but that’s just my take on it.

  • James

    I love how they portrayed the story and event happening more than the violence and warfare.


  • Silent

    “emotionally attached too”?


  • Irish_Spark

    Excerpt from the Wired article, and curious how this will apply to CoD: Ghosts

    “dedicated servers for every multiplayer game rather than the notoriously fragile practice of hosting matches on one participant’s console; even multiplayer matches that can grow to 64, even 128 participants, rather than the usual limit of 16 or 32.”

  • Markdg23

    Trailer wasn’t to impressive but in the respect that they got a new engine and revamped some multiplayer aspects I really have a good feeling about this game turning the franchise from downhill and sloppy, to getting us back to what we loved about earlier cods simplicity, repeat play-ability, and as always FUN! I know alot of people have given up on CoD because of the ridiculous antics involved in the game but hopefully this one becomes the new hallmark in their series so we all can just enjoy the game and not have to come online and complain about “another broken CoD.”