Four personalization packs are set to go up for vote, tomorrow, May 23rd on Xbox 360. The top two camos will be released as a pack on May 29th. Full details on that can be found here.

Treyarch has posted a video showing the new camos in Black Ops 2’s CODtv Feature on Xbox 360. The video has been re-uploaded to YouTube by ScouseSG, which can be viewed here [UPDATE: Activision has officially uploaded the trailer:]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is letting you decide the next Personalization Packs! From May 23 to 28, Xbox 360 players will be able to vote for one of four Personalization Packs on the in-game Message of the Day screen. The two Personalization Packs that receive the most votes will then be made available through the in-game store on May 29.

  • Crenshaw

    Cyborg and the graffit looking one looks the best…Cyborg looks beast as hell tho

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      you mean cyborg and comics… graffiti already came out

  • Brodizzleee

    cyborg and comics look amazeballs, follwed by dragon, not really feeling paladin but we’ll obviously be getting the other 2 at a later date

  • DD5

    OMG Cyborg.. black with glowing stripes. NEED

  • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

    I want cyborg and dragon 🙂

  • Billy

    Comics, and then Cyborg.
    Though Dragon was close to my second because it reminded me of PAP camo.
    I’m not too crazy about the other one though

  • allen

    cyborg and comics are my favorites in that order. although i bet all of them will eventually up to buy notice the wording at the end, never says the other two wont be sold too.

  • Ohhhhhhh yeahhh……..First on Xbox 360 =D

  • Seriously should have done a Nyan cat one XD

    • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

      but wait file suits.. lol

  • Comics and Cyborg, though Dragon had the coolest targets…

  • BoQuan Ondatpsn

    Cyborg And Dragon I Only Like Paladin Reticles The Camo is like rusty gold with less Color And Comic is Like Graffiti But with different Colors

  • MazeMatik

    What about just releasing them all?

    • Super_Deluxe

      They’ll probably just throw the other two in the next DLC maps. Typical Treyarch move.

      • LegitCryptic

        The DLC is made by treyarch but when and how its released is up to activision just think of treyarch as activisions little bitch

        • Kevin Anthony Seepersad

          i think of IW and Treyarch as asian children who do great and activision as the big mean asian father

  • sss

    black ops 2 by far have the best camos in any call of duty

    • Nick

      lol Call of Duty: Camo Ops II.

  • Larry Hryb is a Hryb

    Comic Playercard is Dynamic and changes that is hott

  • MazeMatik

    I’d go with Cyborg and Dragon

  • HerpDerp

    Cyborg FTW!

  • CloudFlash

    Comic Book and Cyborg. I want to like Dragon especially, -and- Paladin, but the camos are so F’ING ugly when they apply that gross burnt-looking texture to the grip, stock, mag etc. Just put it on the furniture, like the original camos! The entire outline of the gun becomes a gross blob when you put it on the whole thing. Also, Jacol’s custom camos are far better than anything 3Arc has put out. FAR better. Mostly because they avoid the above issue.

  • Jesse

    Cyborgh looks like a pack a punch camo, i want it!!

  • Fujioka

    Cyborg and Dragon

  • Technocentrix

    Hopefully we can get this too on ps3 and pc right?

  • Ascending Legend

    That cyborg camo makes my anus so moist

  • Devon Mclean

    Cyborg and Dragon!

  • 😛

  • coilover2005

    Cyborg is a diamond in the rough! Look 1,000 x’s better in game! That and Dragon really surprised me.

  • Children Buying Camos

    Errrrrr…. I’ll stick with Gold and Diamond….

    Something earned is twice as sweet as something Mum bought.

  • eli


  • CivicFrame

    CyBORG and comic

  • Oner Saker

    Cyborg , Comics !!!!!!

  • Jake

    Cyborg + Comics!

  • Batman


  • Cryptic Soldier

    All the calling cards are animated.

    Paladin is very hard to see, but lightening cracks across it.

    Dragon has fire burning under its eye.

    Cyborg pulsates orange.

    Comic has a page that flips and says pow pow pow.

    You’ll have to watch the trailer closely, maybe even frame by frame in HD to see it.

    Cryptic Soldier – NextGenUpdate

  • Batman

    The rest whatever

  • wawa