Infinity Ward’s Animation Lead, Zack Volker, recently sat down with the Official Playstation UK magazine and answered a bunch of questions regarding Call of Duty Ghosts. A lot is what we already know however its a good recap of the info released so far.


  • Takes place in America a few years from now.
  • A lot of battles and destruction have taken place already.
  • Things dont look good for America.
  • The “Ghosts Team”, no one knows who they are or where they came from.
  • Ghosts are salvation & hope.
  • Brothers grew up in this environment, idolize the Ghosts team. Were born shortly after event.
  • Story begins were brothers meet the Ghosts team.
  • Sub-brand clarified, start of new “story-arc”. NOT in MW or Black Ops universe, its own universe.
  • No relation to Ghost in Modern Warfare.


  • Could only talk a little bit about multiplayer.
  • Every map is interactive.
  • One map has a satellite that crashes in middle of map, might get a UAV if you access it.
  • Freedom to outfit character to reflect your personality.
  • Lots of characters skins brought over from singleplayer.


Call Of Duty Ghosts video interview – Infinity Ward explain the story


Call Of Duty Ghosts multiplayer video interview – new online details & info


Call of Duty Ghosts video interview – the engine & tech explained by Infinity Ward


SOURCE: Official PSmag YT Channel Via @Hou5eR

  • vOdkA

    So it’s the same engine, just modified for next gen. I hope that it will not “think in frames” like the last one did.

    • Batman

      No, its a new engine, but it will still feature some elements from the old engine, since it wasn´t built from the ground up.

      • AtomicFilms95

        It’s similar to the difference between each Frostbite Engine. While it’s a new engine, it’s still Frostbite. Same applies here.

        • Vordb

          I don’t expect that Infinity Ward, even with help from Raven and Neversoft, could build an entirely new game engine from scratch in two years, but the problem with the “CoD engine” (based on id Tech III) is that it will still retain so many of the old legacy problems like headglitching, guns shooting hitscans instead of actual projectiles with real projectile physics, and the whole “not being able to ‘think’ between frames” problem, too.

          • AtomicFilms95

            I’ve… Genuinely never experienced any of those “problems” :/

          • Batman

            The “old” COD engine was built on a heavily modified version of the QUAKE engine, not Id Tech III.

            And I agree with you. This game looks awesome, but its time to get rid of the hit scans

          • fleabag323


            ID Tech 3 = QUAKE 3 engine

          • Batman

            Sorry bro my mistake

          • Poopie

            Nerd cough cough

  • Crenshaw



    Why did PSMag interview them if PS always gets screwed over?

    • Vordb

      Waiting an extra month for DLC is hardly getting “screwed over.”

      • Batman

        The game itself its a port to PS not developed on PS

  • 4Aminute