In an interview with GamesBeat, Activision’s CEO, Eric Hirshberg, has confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts will integrate the new Kinect 2.0 voice commands feature. This is a first for a Call of Duty game. Black Ops 2 only works with Kinect’s camera to live stream – not with the voice commands.

I made a passing comment that you’re going to see voice integration, voice commands via Kinect, which is something that we haven’t done in the past with Call of Duty. We think the improvements to Kinect really excite us because of the level of responsiveness and detail. I thought that the demo they did with the voice commands on television, the instant changing between games and music, was really compelling. You’ll see more of this coming from us as we get closer to the launch.

Hirshberg also commented on how Call of Duty: Ghosts experience will vary by platforms by saying:

You heard us reference the fact that the downloadable content will be available first on Xbox, which is something that we’ve had in the past. I don’t have more announcements other than that except to say that we’ve had a great partnership with Microsoft. They’ve been incredibly supportive in helping us build this franchise. We look forward to continuing that.

Another interesting fact that Hirshberg revealed was that there are over 122 million search hits on Google for “Modern Warfare 4”. He said:

I typed “Modern Warfare 4” into Google and saw that there were 122 million search results for a sequel that doesn’t exist.

SOURCE: Read the full interview at GamesBeat via Pixel Enemy

  • Don’t care… going to get the PS4 anyways

    • A New Fallout

      and nothing of value was lost….

    • You have my respect and all the other real gamers out there. Sony all day

      • Scotty Le

        Real FPS Gamers get their thing done on PC. Not on consoles. I understand that you see too much influence that the Consoles did to the FPS Gaming Industry and MLG in general but let’s not forget about Counter Strike and Fnatic & SK Gaming, do we 🙂

        • DanDustEmOff

          Real gamers game. The platform makes no difference. I game on the PC and the Xbox hell I even break out my N64 every now and then for some 007 Golden Eye action.

          • Scotty Le

            Heh, agree, but c’mon, Mouse and Keyboard are better combo for FPS 🙂

          • DanDustEmOff

            Yeah but I don’t do CoD on PC. Haven’t done since WaW.

      • DanDustEmOff

        I have little respect for people that make ill informed ignorant choices. I have been gaming for 25 years and I will probably get the Xbox. Does that mean I’m not a real gamer? Why Xbox? Dedicated servers for all MP titles, thats why.

        • Batman

          Play something that its not CoD

          • DanDustEmOff

            I do on a regular basis I haven’t played Blops 2 in months. But your reply makes no sense.

  • Getting the PS4 Cause im a gamer. Don’t need no Big ugly black cable box in my room. Xbox One is shit, Omg we got skype and espn… So does my 6 year old Laptop….. Try to keep up Microsoft, ok?

    • You’re a dumbass

      Xbox one and PS4 have the same specs.. So why get a PS4 when it’s also like your 6 year old laptop

      • Gio

        I think you completely missed his point

      • Batman

        The PS4 is superior in the specs

    • DanDustEmOff

      It also has dedicated servers for all MP titles. I dont hear those bells ringing in the PS4 camp.

      • Batman

        Good luck paying for play online

        • DanDustEmOff

          I have a job I don’t mind paying 10p a day for countless hours of entertainment.

  • Console wars are pointless

    Anyone who has any opinion on the console wars is just a biased fanboy! We don’t know anything about the consoles, and specs don’t tell you everything. If one console looks better on paper it may have terrible software that makes the other better. Overall the consoles will be somewhat equal, with pros and cons for each. The only thing we know for sure that both will be far superior than the barely current-gen wii-u.

    • Hamza Shahid

      The nintendo dreamcast by atari is my choice definetly

    • Korflock

      “Anyone who has any opinion on the console wars is just a biased fanboy!”

      I think console wars are stupid.

      Does that make me a biased fanboy?


      Wii U is current Gen (8th gen).

    • Batman

      The PS4 specs are 15-20% more powerful than Xbox one.
      Xbox one will have much more exclusives than the X360 but not as much as the PS4.
      Xbox one will focus on multimedia stuff, like TV, while the PS4 is completely built for gaming.
      All of Xbox one features, like multitasking will be available for the PS4 too.

      GET OVER IT Im not a fanboy I love my X360 and I think its much better than the PS4, But its not a secret that the PS4 will be much better

    • ed

      it comes down to which console will have the better exclusives that interest you, individually. console wars are for the insecure.

  • lmc for a free copy of CoD Ghosts. No lie. When i get my pre ordered copy i’m giving it away

    • Jakosaur


  • Ascending Legend

    Ha look at these fools debating whether the ps4 or the xbox 1 is better. We all know that the Wii kicks ass!

    • MeisseN

      *facepalm* kiddin, dont take it seriously

      • Ascending Legend

        Nah it was just a joke. As if the original wii could be better than next gen consoles

  • MeisseN

    I.. well I won’t argue with you guys about which console I’m gonna get..

    I’ll get ’em both.

    • Batman

      Rich dude detected! lol just kidding

    • ed

      i would, but i don’t even have a place to put both the kinect 2 sensor and the ps4 one…. damn. guess i’ll just have to choose one or the other.

  • Ps4…I’m Xbox killer

    Ps4 and this guy said they have the same spec so why get ps4…why not

  • Batman

    The PS4 is something like 15-25% more powerful than Xbox one