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In the “Behind-the-Scenes” video for Call of Duty Ghosts, Infinity Ward gave a very quick preview of Ghost’s new multiplayer along with some big changes to expect.

According to Mark Rubin, “You can choose the heads, body, helmets, gear, connect to who you are as a player“. This sounds very similar to China’s free-to-play COD: Online that was developed by Raven Software. And since Raven is helping out with Ghosts, it’s fair to say we might see something similar.. which is AWESOME.

So theres no confusion, Ghosts is a retail game, we’re sure gear will be unlocked via XP. COD Online is free in China, which is why you pay real currency for gear over there. Take a look at some of the videos below to see how in-depth you can go with not only character customization, but weapon customization too. Let us know what you think in the comments below..


Custom “Helmets”:

Custom “Heads”:

Call of Duty: Online Character Customization:

Call of Duty: Online Weapon Customization:

More Gameplay:

Watch live video from diduknowipwn on TwitchTV

  • Mitch

    Since this is also about CoD Online, am I the only one hoping an English version will launch with the releases of the Xbox One and PS4?
    EDIT: In CoD online, do you also need to make a character for each faction?

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      Hell yeah. When I saw the trailer for COD online I wanted to play it. I miss playing those old maps and it seems they took the best of COD4, MW2 and MW3 and rolled into one game for China. Thats sucks because as a loyal COD fan this is something I definately would of paid for to play! But Activision probably doesn’t want to take away from their new games they put out every year. And it definately would take people away!! Just sayin’!!

    • MeisseN

      Yep you do, but considering that there are only 2 factions, namely Task Force 141 and Shadow Company, it’s not a big deal to create two sets of appearance.
      Anyways CODOL has worse graphics than MW2 and certainly won’t hit next-gen consoles, and the possibility for it to be introduced into Western market is small, as players from those countries have an easier access to a genuine CoD game.
      In my country (China) we use around ยฅ300 to buy a game like CoD or BF, as it’s not introduced, and that cost is somewhat higher than a typical family can endure (I mean, they can afford it, surely, but they won’t use a portion of their income for “unnecessary” gaming). So, like Activision once said, it is specially designed for Chinese market, in which they get little profit.

  • RdJokr

    Here’s hoping they don’t pull off a “Modern Warfare skin DLC” and add in Price, Soap and all the MW characters as customizable characters for multiplayer…

    • Im sorry to say but I think thats something I would purchase LOL ๐Ÿ˜›

    • lolwut

      Oh it most definitely will enable this kind of DLC.

      Fine by me though so long as there is a reasonable amount of customisation on disc.

      It doesn’t affect gameplay and not mandatory, so.

    • Fading Lee

      yeah if you think activision was fishing for money on blops2’s microtransactions just wait until they can charge you for a hat XD

      • GabeN


    • Shardlotte

      Wait, would that mean I’d be able to play as MacMillan?

      10 PLEASE.

    • SwegMonkey

      I think we all know that everyone wants Ghost…

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    Yup, this is probably what its going to look like. Waste of resources to customize your character. You can’t even see it because the game is in first person. Remember Treyarch played around with this in BO and they even determined it was useless because you can’t see yourself(only in kill cam views or theater mode). People will use this in the beginning but will be quickly forgotten. Putting emblems ,clan tags and camos on your weapon is where its at. Thats the only customization you need to have. Ooooo I can put a beret on a ski mask. AWESOME!! (sarcasm)

    • Caine Thomas Fiala

      You do realize Halo has had customization like this since the 3rd game and it’s always praised as a good feature, right?

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        I’m not talking about halo. You have to sell me on why this is a good idea. The problem I have with them putting it in ghosts is that it came at the expense of cutting corners with other stuff that is more important like adding ground war or improving the graphics. All I’m saying is that character customization is useless in the grand scheme of the game. We shouldn’t have to buy next gen machines to get the game to play how it was suppose to.

        • Caine Thomas Fiala

          The game plays fine, though? And character customization is usually a good feature that most people love because they like giving the character they’re running around as a bit more of a personal touch. They like making them look how they want them to. It’s much better then the auto created models from before, and adds more variety. You don’t see the exact same model 6 times in the same match.

          And we’re not exactly talking about “the grand scheme of game” or whatever, you claimed that no one would care about it after the beginning, but that’s highly unlikely. Going by the fact that Halo makes it bigger and better every year and they get praise for it, people will care about it for a long time.

          • Baldmanz_RAGE

            I think it comes down to personal preference and I’m sure there are a lot of people that like this type of thing but for me I could care less about what my character looks like for the simple fact you can’t see yourself while playing. Treyarch got it right with putting a unique emblem and clan tags on your gun. That you see all the time and is truely customizable. I’m not saying you are wrong it is just my opinion. IW wouldn’t of put it in if people didn’t want it in the game.

  • jbhood

    I’m a sucker for customization, personally I love this idea.

  • DidUknowiPwn

    Thanks for putting my stream link Victor or whoever. It means a lot to me even lol, I’ll be starting another stream somewhat later (ETA 4PM PST). I’ll be getting some recording of it as well (or pull off the stream I don’t know). If anyone wants me to show off a specific part of Call of Duty: Online write to me on twitter @CookiesAreLaw

    • Neighbor2972

      Been watching the livestream!

  • Neighbor2972

    I was watching a guy livestream cod online and I thought this exact same thing when he showed the customization

  • Plokijuh1229

    This was my first thought when they introduced the new feature.

  • MeisseN

    Well as some of you might’ve known, I’m from China and I got my hands on the latest closed beta called Operation Predator. Here are my thoughts.
    Character Customization, as it’s never before seen in a CoD game (not counting the facepaint in BO), appeals to me at first. In CODOL there are only two factions: Task Force 141 and Shadow Company, both of them from MW2. So even though customization for both factions are separate, it isn’t a big pain in the ass to do so. Much easier than creating 10×10 CaCs in BO2 ๐Ÿ˜€
    Character heads and body mods are free for now, since the game’s only in the beta stage. Yet in the final version it might cost GP (the in-game currency, earned by combat), some “premium” ones like Ghost head will probably cost actual money.
    I think in Ghosts gears will be unlocked as one level up, some might even be unlocked using Prestige Tokens earned by prestiging (totally guessing), and I hope there will not be micro transactions for some rather appealing customizations. Don’t do what Treyarch did. It certainly gives us less fun than unlocking them with devotion.

    Something aside from customizations for those who want to try this out:
    Connection issues are serious. Players using CMCC and players using China Unicom are like people from different planets. I mean, the lag between gamers of the two service providers is driving people mad. I hope it’ll get fixed before it’s released.
    Leveling up is slow. Unlike Black Ops II, in which you can get a level-up in less than 3 rounds, in CODOL you need at least 10 rounds to level up from, for example, lvl12 to 13. It takes so long to hit another level and excitement is kinda lost in the progression.
    As if there aren’t enough stuffs to unlock through lvl1 to lvl50 (max level), they even set Class slots and Killstreak slots as level-up unlocks. So players find them in the situation that when they start playing, it’s rather tough for them, as they only have 1 Custom Class slot and 1 Killstreak slot. Too careless for starters.
    Speaking of killstreaks, there is RC-XD from Black Ops. Maps are from CoD4 and MW2. Perks are from MW2, Black Ops and MW3, and when you get a headshot or revenge kill, you will find Black Ops II medals. So it’s pretty much a combination, albeit in a clumsy way (pictures for perks remain the same).
    Raven modified all the models of weapons, and they all look shitty compared to what they used to look like… Vector now have a G36 type of iron sight that limits your view, and Intervention looks pretty strange, etc…
    They’ve even added something called SLAP rounds for shotguns that increase damage when tackling hostile vehicles… Wait what the hell? You mean you’re gonna shoot choppers with your shotgun? This ain’t Battlefield 3 and in no damn way I can shoot something flying with my shotgun. There’s even an attachment for sniper rifles that disables your victim’s killcam, which means that the player you killed with that sniper rifle won’t get to see how you killed him. Wow they are changing the game mechanics with attachments.

    I have so much to say but I have to stop here. For those who expects the game, I would advise you to expect Ghosts. CODOL is for the audience in China that has never once played CoD MP, and it’s heavily modified in the way of an Online game, instead of a Multiplayer game. For gamers who play crap like Crossfire before CODOL is introduced, the game might be a fresh experience for them. For me, having played Multiplayer of previous CoD titles, CODOL = more disappointment than enjoyment.

  • Driftyy

    I just can’t wait to see all the naked soldiers made by 12 year old kids… -_-

  • “So theres no confusion, Ghosts is a retail game, weโ€™re sure gear will be unlocked via XP”

    I disagree… From a series know to give unlocks in the form of completing challenges, I could completely see giving gear to change your appearance for that. In other words “Congrats, you beat a hard challenge and now you get these gloves to prove you did it.” And beyond that, with micro-transactions and Activision at the top, I definitely see purchases for certain gear on the horizon.

    With that said, I don’t really care about customizing my guys stuff and that was one of the reasons I loved CoD4. Oh, I can hop into a game and it loads in the best outfit for the surroundings/weapon. For me, that made it more about what mattered in the game, IE picking a load-out to hunt my enemies down, then what I saw as a waste of time. And like Treyarch said, and one of the few things I agree with, if you can’t see it yourself on your character, its not as great as what you can see. SO I’d rather have more time spent on custom camos for my gun that I can showoff or reticles I get to pick through. Not to mention that outside of HUGE character customization changes, most of my enemies die before I think “I wonder what he’s wearing”…

  • david

    I hope they carry the 3d modelsof the guns over with a custom camo editor I bet they wont though as they cannot charge for camos anymore