Sorry for the delay in posting this, to be honest I thought it was fake and someone just hacked the files in Black Ops 2 and made their own camos but now Im not so sure. Lots of web sites are reporting this now so we decided to post it for you guys. A YouTuber by the name of “TheJaRniBoi” claims to have found (10) camos hidden in files in the PS3 version of Black Ops 2. Take a look and let us know what you think..






Blue Tiger




Zombies Pap


Ice Blue











  • 4Aminute

    what are they going to sell these 2 ?

  • Colin


    • 4Aminute

      the mob of the dead ones are sexy but normal ones look like guns coming from sewers

      • Colin

        I know, I would tend to agree with you but still, either PaP camo is good because they’re still both awesome to me…

  • AhoyPC

    That are fake all that camos are from medal of honor warfighter

    • Penis enlarger


    • regidice

      Even pack a punch?

  • StraightEdgeAtheist

    TIGER CAMO? Seriously? Treyarch should bring that camo back!

    • Batman

      10000% AGREED. they have that camo on campaign but not in MP? WTF 3arc?

  • Revisawesome

    Some of these are already in the game files via campaign mode…

  • Coqui

    These camos are real and you can use them. They’re just place holders so probably we will never be able to use them for public matches. Some of them were removed when the micro transactions where introduced.

  • They are fake, the guy as edited the video using greenscreen and colour camos from warfighter


      Some of the camos are in the BO2 campaign.

    • Batman

      Shut up, some camos are even in the campaign mode like tiger

  • yourmazzter

    In all honesty I would buy the electric camo

  • SwegMonkey

    Most of these camos are kind of shit… like the pack a punch one looks amazing but the rest look horrible so I have a feeling they made these but they didn’t like them so they aren’t adding them

    • FullForceGamer

      what about electric and color changing? electric is an animated camo!

      • SkiiBoSkii

        In reality call of duty shouldn’t be about these camos, at first most of the newer ones were cool but seriously, its a war game. Now their changing their maps to random places that arent battlefields and giving rainbow like camoflauge…

        • bvgjb f

          if you want realism your looking in the wrong place…video games aren’t meant to be realistic but fun experiences and cod isn’t about real battlefields and real life warfare, it’s not a simulator

    • Batman

      Stfu tiger from black ops 1 is perfect!

  • FullForceGamer

    i want all the cool ones. i know everyone who sees this comment will know what im talking about.

  • Repleteorb2

    They need to put them out or sell them

  • Jesse

    the most of these camos are from the bo2 campaign

  • iAmBlubley

    Well, Treyarch are making a new Camo Pack, anyone get the message when you go into multiplayer to vote for your favourite camo idea they came up with? Yeh. But I think it’ll only be one camo. And some of these camos are in the game files already via the campaign mode.

  • Batman


  • Fearny1998

    Personally, i think they should offer these as a special DLC pack for those players of Black ops 1 who want the classic BO1 camos back on your guns. So please treyarch please, just offer these camos as like a special DLC for those who played BO1 and really liked those camos

  • LAKingsFan

    how can you view the camo? can someone help, i went to the channel and found no videos and the ones on here are copyright

  • Lorhelm

    Man!! the videos got copyrighted already? that sucks

  • Danteeziee

    removed by activision…awwww sheeeit

  • Good job Activsion Publishing. That was quick.

  • Derek

    LOL. Activision took down all the videos but the blue tiger one.

  • RelytLlessur

    I would love to see the developer camo and electric camo added in black ops 2 via personalization packs because we have seen they have the tool to do animated stuff such as the cyborg and dragon camos and calling cards

  • Mike

    Videos no longer available 😉

  • DarkLordLink

    I want Tron camo
    Shiny black with those cool light blue or orange lines

  • incubusman421

    Apparently it was legit cause activision killed those videos…

  • anthc5

    can someone pm me a tutorial or something. i just want these in custom games idc bout pubs even

  • Michael

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  • Benediktpaul

    Where can i download them ? O_o