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The voting for the two new camos has ended! The two winning camos are ‘Cyborg‘ and ‘Dragon‘. Both of these are now available for download via the in game store and via the Xbox Marketplace for 160 MSP.

Each comes with the camo, an animated calling card, and 3 reticles.

The voting option should come to the PS3/PC soon. Stay tuned for more information on that.

UPDATE: It appears the camos are available for purchase, however, you cant use the camos in-game until the next hot-fix which should be in a couple of hours. Microsoft may have jumped the gun early..

UPDATE 2: The winning camo has been officially revealed and is now available for purchase and use in-game.


New Cyborg Camo All Weapons


New Dragon Camo All Weapons

  • Cveta


  • Guest

    what the fuck i have the camo purchased but i cant use it come om gay arch just do something right

  • Guest

    come on Gayarch just do something right i have the camo purchased but icant use it F U DV

    • Guest

      Geez calm down, Treyarch’s studio is in Los Angeles and they just woke up and probably just got to work…i think they will have a hot fix coming out soon 🙂

      • Guest

        they have studio in UK genius 🙂

  • Tep

    WHAT?! Really? The comic book one was much more interesting! The Cyborg one looks crap!!

  • David Morgan

    I wonder if the other two will pop in DLC or something later…..there is no way they animated the calling cards, designed reticles, and created camos and then proceeded to code them into the game without any intention of using them, aint no body got time fo dat. I have a strong feeling we’ll be seeing the other two at some point in the future. If they were just concept art that’d be one thing…

  • Bornitalian69

    No kidding, I switched to Xbox to get the camos and they weren’t in game but they were in the marketplace wtf trey arch

  • David Morgan

    Also, why is everyone getting their knickers in a twist because the camos aren’t in yet, it doesn’t happen magically and everybody makes mistakes.

  • Vahn

    How did Dragon beat out Comic?!?!?! Whats wrong with the X Box folk. You have one job!

    • George Longfellow

      Dude comic book sucks its like its for nerds or some 5 year old

      • StraightEdgeAtheist

        and dragons are totally something ‘nerds’ would not like, right?

    • David Morgan

      My perfect setup would have been dragon and comic, ah well

    • Roxas3510

      The dragon camo has texture and is slightly animated. The comic camo is just flat comics on the gun. Reminds me of the comic camo on GoW:J

      • Hmmmm…

        Wait a minute…. Camos aren’t meant to move, was is this? The future!?

        • Ol’ Warrior

          Back in my days we had guns, ’nuff said.
          Also what not was*, kids these days….

        • Roxas3510

          The fact that the camo is animated may have played a role in why it got voted for more than Comic, thought that was clear in the first comment.

    • JKB98

      I think I know why. It was a poor voting system in my opinion because I don’t know about you guys, but when I voted for Cyborg it automatically voted for dragon as well. I think this might have happened to a lot of users.

    • Batman

      All of them except paladin was for nerds like us.
      Im proud of being such a geek

  • HunTar

    where do i buy the camo, i can’t in-game, there isn’t a choice.]

  • Super_Deluxe

    I’m not at home now, are the camos separate or together for 160 MP?

    • HunTar


  • MazeMatik

    Ok… camos are cool and sometimes they make really good looking ones BUT is that how Treyarch is gonna feed us (along with DLC maps) until the release of the last pack? Some gun camos here and there between map packs and that’s it?

    There are things far more important in my opinion than camos and calling cards! If we talk about content and content only: I would like really like to see things like ELiTE clan rewards:

    – clan calling cards

    – clan emblems

    – option to use your ELiTE clan page emblem in the game

    – ability for clan leader to change in-game clan tag color

    – Double XP and Weapon Double XP time for all clan members

    – permanent unlock (like the prestige tocken in MW3)

    – while we’re at it, exclusive clan camos

    – ability to customize members clan tags to distinguish leaders and co-leaders from regular members and so on (ie: colors, lowercase letter acting as a prefix tag within or outside the clan tag)

    What do you guys think?

    • InFamous ELiT3

      I agree, I don’t give a fluff about these wack ash camos. I just want to see my clan emblem displayed on capture the flag, and domination. I would also like to be able to use custom calling cards or clan emblems as reticle. Last but not least, it would be nice to have an incentive, like the 1st five clans to reach level 50, receives half off on the next Call Of Duty Game, or MLG T-shirts with your clan emblem. No Offence treyarch, but let us make our own camos and reticles.

  • George Longfellow

    I found out that there going to release the 2 other camos near November,if you ask how I know,I know 2 people that work with treyarch so yes that’s it lol see ya

  • Nebby G

    I brought this only to find that it did not appear in game. The option for the calling cards was present and unable to be selected while the camo and reticules were nowhere to be seen.

    I then checked the marketplace to find that the option to download them was completely gone. Will I have to purchase them again? >:I

  • Fetterlein

    am i the only one who thought the paladin was good?

    • yes

    • fulzee

      I loved it, I would’ve rather had that than dragon

    • Batman

      Me too

  • Batman

    What about a “no lag” customization pack trollarch?

  • StraightEdgeAtheist

    I wonder if Treyarch is going to release the Comic Book camo some down the line..

  • Young Hernz

    I just wish they Choose Comic, but instead they have to go with the Camos that has glowing textures and calling card animation, it’s not fair, it would be fair if every prestige calling card has animation like they did on Black Ops fro 15th prestige calling card <__<

    beside Cyborg looks cool but is like glow in dark Tiger Camo , but the orange color doesn't impress me,and Dragon looks aright, but it looks like it's made for Skyrim fans, to be honest

  • Kamikaze_Kid

    Are you kidding me!? Dragons over comic book!?

  • Lorhelm

    cyborg does kind of look like the PaP guns from Mob of the Dead right?