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Amazon has accidentally revealed the Black Ops 2 “Game of the Year” edition a tad bit early. The new Black Ops 2 edition will have the same current retail price of $59.99, however it will come bundled with the Revolution Map Pack DLC (a $15 value). This previously leaked earlier and had a release date of May 21st before the listing was removed, the listing came back with a May 29th release date (which is today) and has now been taken down a second time. We’ll let you know once Activision officially announces it.



  • Cloaker

    lol…..bf3 ultimate edition has premium + all map packs for the same price

    • Alejandro

      Following your line of thought super mario bros for the nes came with all the levels at no extra charge 😛

    • Freppy

      “It’s all about the money, money, money..” Now sing it!

  • RdJokr

    How is this a GOTY edition when only 1 DLC pack is included? Shame on you, Activision.

    • Shardlotte

      Imagine all the Season Pass owner’s reactions when they would find out that all the map packs were included.

  • Lampa_CZ

    Shits cant deserve GOTY edition….

  • dtssoft

    Amazon is a loser service with my last 3 shopping experiences.. In one, item delivered was broken and had deal with their help-desk to return it back.. In my last shopping experience, they claim that item (Order 404-4524779-1660327) was delivered, even though I didn’t receive it.. Delivery is made to someone “Noor Ahmaed”. I filed claim multiple times, but every time it has been turned down.. Very very disappointing..